Everyone Ignores me! Do You ? |God Message Today For You |God Tells You| God helps|Jesus Affirmation

beloved Son of mine my tears fall

silently as I observe the world I’ve

created amidst the crowd I find myself

here clamoring for your attention others

will ignore allow me to share with you a

Divine message that will shake your soul

and lead you to a profound Awakening in

every corner of creation my infinite

love unfolds in unimaginable ways yet so

many hearts remain insensitive submerged

in indifference and ignorance do you not

see the signs I have arranged before you

do you not perceive the echo of my voice

resonating in Every Beat of your being

this Divine message is a call to

Transcendence to elevate your

Consciousness Beyond worldly concerns it

is a call to awaken from spiritual

lethargy and to recognize your purpose

in this existence do not settle for an

empty and superficial life when you have

the potential to live a full and

meaningful one my words seek to touch

the deepest fi fibers of your being

shaking off the layers of apathy that

surround you it is time to awaken from

the sleep of mediocrity and embrace the

greatness already latent within you do

not let your days pass without meaning

without connection to the Divinity that

resides within you my Divine message is

a reminder that you are loved

unconditionally you are a magnificent

creation endowed with unique talents and

Gifts do not let fear or doubt prevent

you from manifesting your true potential

there is a Divine Purpose waiting to be

fulfilled through you open your eyes

beloved Son of mine and behold the

beauty that surrounds you from the

Majesty of a sunrise to The Whisper Of

The Wind in the trees every element of

creation speaks of my love do not close

your heart to this truth open your arms

and allow my grace to envelop you do not

evade this Divine message that I have

given you with love do not miss the

opportunity to transform your life and

find a purpose greater than yourself

listen to the call deep within your

being and allow me to guide your steps

towards a life full of meaning and

fulfillment God weeps dear son because I

long for your connection and your love

do not stray from my Divine Embrace do

not ignore the message I have sent to

you allow me to be your guide your

companion on this journey of life

together we can transcend limitations

and attain the fullness your soul yearns


listen to my call beloved Son Of Mine

allow this Divine message to shake your

soul and lead you to live a life full of

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