“Every Day, a Grieving Pup Finds Solace in Paying Respects at Their Beloved Owner’s Final Resting Place.”.3mthanh


The passing of his owner left this loyal dog deeply mourning. He lost his appetite and was consistently absent from his home, his actions shrouded in mystery.

This tale unfolds in Turkey, where Oztuk Ismail discovered a stray dog on the streets and welcomed him into his home, naming him Zozo. The bond between Oztuk and Zozo was strong, and they spent cherished moments together.

Tragedy struck on February 10, 2014, when Oztuk Ismail passed away, leaving his family in shock. Among the grieving family members, Zozo was the one who seemed to bear the most profound sorrow, experiencing a sense of emptiness for the past two years. The loss of his devoted master weighed heavily on the dog.

Oftentimes, the dog would mysteriously disappear from the house, as noted by Oztuk’s widow and children. However, by day’s end, he would always return, though his whereabouts remained a mystery.

It was Oztuk Zafer, the son of Oztuk Ismail, who decided to visit his father’s grave one day and noticed an animal resting nearby. As he approached, he realized it was Zozo. For two years, Zozo had been visiting the grave daily, his eyes often welled up with tears. It became evident to Oztuk Zafer just how much Zozo missed his father.

According to the son, he was the one who initially took Zozo to his father’s grave. Little did anyone expect that Zozo would faithfully visit his friend every day, regardless of the weather, at the cemetery just outside the village.

Though unable to articulate his feelings in words, Zozo consistently demonstrates his affection for his owner through his actions and gestures.

The previous owner, who must have been an exceptional individual, undoubtedly deserved the unwavering love and devotion of his faithful companion.

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