Door of blessing are open for you | Gods Meaasge today | God’s blessing

my beloved child have faith in my timing

it is impeccable have faith in my

strategy it’s well thought out and

intended to bring you

Prosperity I notice that you’re tired

and that you need to sleep you can put

your worries on me since I’m here to

help take comfort in my company and let

me revive your soul I Am The God Who

strengthens the tired and gives the weak

more Vigor you will regain Vigor Like an

Eagle while you wait upon me you will

soar on wings like to Eagles Sprint

without tiring and walk without losing

Consciousness I am aware of how intense

your desire is and how heavy your

burdens are I know exactly what goes

through your mind and heart give your

things to me instead of carrying them by

yourself because my yoke is light and my

burden is easy open your heart to me put

your cares at my feet and give me

control over your concerns I am here to

support you at difficult times to Bear

your load and to be your strength when

you are weak remember that I am always

here to support you even on the most

difficult of days you can always count

on me to be there for you when you’re by

yourself pray to me and allow the

incomprehensible peace of Christ Jesus

to keep your heart and mind safe I hold

you in the palm of my hand because you

are so dear to me never give up for I

have plans to prosper you rather than

hurt you plans to provide you with a

future and hope please maintain your

unwavering faith in me since I am

dependable and honor my word I promise

you my love and grace rest in that know

that I am here for you and push aside

any doubts that might try to invade your

thoughts who could oppose you put your

faith in my unwavering love and step

forth with Assurance into the destiny I

have planned for you as the god of

breakthrough I will provide a path path

where none appears to exist Joy is to be

had for the Breakthrough is near and you

will get an abundance of favors from me

indeed my child rely on me for support

and shielding I will meet all of your

needs come close to me with a heart full

of praise and thanksgiving for when you

recognize my goodness a Cascade of

blessings opens up for you give your

troubles and worries over to me and I’ll

replace them with an unfathomable

Serenity have faith in my love my child

for it is unfailing and my words are

sincere indeed urge them to commit

themselves fully to walking in my

footsteps as doing so will lead to a

happy and meaningful life when their

will is in harmony with my and they

follow my commands they will be showered

with blessings beyond their

comprehension tell them that I love them

in ways that are incomprehensible

unchanging Ing and Beyond Comprehension

tell them that I am always there to

assist those who call on my name and

that I am always willing to lend a

helping hand when

necessary reassure them that their

sincere requests expressed in the

privacy of their hearts are heard for I

hear them all lead them to the comfort

of my word where they will find Joy

abundant in any situation and a peace

that surpasses all

comprehension urge them to wait

patiently for the Fulfillment of my

promises and to have faith in my perfect

timing for their life let them know that

I am their Assurance in times of Doubt

as well as their support in times of

weakness tell them that they are formed

in my image fearfully and wonderfully

capable of greatness tell them that

their days are recorded in my book

before any of them came to be and that I

have a special plan and purpose for each

of their lives urge them to pursue my

will in everything and walk in the light

of my Truth for in doing so they will

discover the path of righteousness and

encounter the fullness of life in me you

may be sure that many hearts will be

lifted and their faith will be

reinforced as you share these words of

Hope and encouragement with others allow

the message of my grace and love to find

a home in their hearts bringing them

closer to me indeed

but tell them that in order to receive

this favor they must make a commitment

to walking in my footsteps and keeping

my Commandments let them know that my

grace is a catalyst for change rather

than a pass for laziness urge them to

seek my guidance Be watchful in prayer

and give up their lives to me they may

tackle obstacles with unshakable faith

and overcome every hurdle thanks to the

power of my spirit encourage them to

firmly establish themselves in my word

which serves as both a lighthouse and a

lamp for them let the Everlasting truths

of scripture provide them with Clarity

when they are confused urge them to put

the word into practice rather than just

listening to it as it is only through

obedience that they will fully enjoy my

gifts as we set out on our journey

through life let us emphasize the

importance of community and

camaraderie remind them that they are

companions on a shared path

rather than lone Travelers inside the

family of

Believers encourage them to be

love-filled pillars of support for one

another as you navigate life’s obstacles

share the knowledge that failures are

not final defeats but rather chances for

great returns let them know that my

grace is perfected in their weakness

becoming a source of strength not just

adequate above all instill in them the

profound understanding of my unwavering

love love tell them that I love and

accept them without conditions and that

I also forgive them encourage them to

believe that nothing nothing at all can

break their unbreakable relationship

with my love as you share these words of

inspiration and exhortation have faith

that my spirit will transform the hearts

of people who hear them may their sense

of purpose and Faith be strengthened and

may they find inspiration to conduct

lives that exalt me

indeed I the Lord your God bestow

benefits upon your life my child

decreeing plenty and

prosperity in the course of your life Be

watchful and resilient in the face of

difficulty You Are Not Alone therefore

resist the immobility that intimidation

and Terror try to impose my angels

surround you like a strong Fortress and

The Light Within you my spirit dispels

dark Darkness let my word lead you and

your faith serve as a shield while you

navigate the difficulties of your city

declare with confidence that my promises

have the power of Heaven behind them

realize that despite the difficulties

you are a channel for my glory and a

vessel of my might remain unfazed for

victory is already assured the struggles

you face are temporary the Eternal

Victory is just around the corner keep

your eyes focused on the assurances I’ve

spoken over your life and allow my love

to serve as an anchor for your heart

find strength in my presence when you’re

feeling tired come to rest in the most

High’s hidden spot where my wings of

protection are wrapped about you rest

your soul and let your spirit to be

revitalized for the trip ahead through

communication with me I see the

struggles you encounter both obvious and

hidden and I promise that nothing can

defeat you when you are in line with

with my goals with Christ who gives you

strength realize that you are more than

conquerors as you persevere realize that

Victory is a lighthouse that draws

others to see the Majesty of your God

not just for you your life is a living

proof of my steadfast Fidelity and your

accomplishments echo my glory March

forward my darling child confidently for

the road to Victory is laid out in front

of you I am with you every step of the

way and together we will see the

promises I have spoken into your life

come to pass joy for I am guiding you

from one Victory to the next and victory

is near indeed loved one remember that

your purpose in life is greater than the

fleeting things of this world as you

travel through it do not allow the

temptation of worldly prosperity to take

your focus away from the Priceless gifts

that are waiting for you in my Pres

presence even while you overcome

obstacles and work to meet your basic

necessities when faced with challenges

and temptations keep your eyes fixed on

the Eternal come to me with all your

heart for in our fellowship you will

find the courage to face hardship and

the insight to recognize the Timeless

principles that are really important I

forbid you from having an unquenchable

thirst for material Goods because the

chase of money without regard for a

greater good

only results in spiritual destitution


unhappiness when detached from a

spiritual Foundation the Love of Money

can breed

resentment lean your heart toward the

Everlasting benefits of understanding

love and faith feel a burning desire to

help those around you since in the grand

scheme of things what happens to

people’s hearts matters

forever the richness of a life lived in

accordance with Divine principles

is the true measure of prosperity not

the amount of material belongings

accumulated I want to strengthen your

faith rekindle your love for souls and

share with you secrets that are known

only to those who walk closely with me

as you seek my presence allow your heart

to be open to the realization of the

special blessing I have planned for you

a blessing that will give your life

meaning and fulfillment May the Eternal

not the transient be the source of your

desires may you discover the certainty

of my unwavering love the direction of

my spirit and the illumination of the

way that leads to an Abundant Life In

This Moment of searching indeed my

beloved I am very happy to remind you of

the great reality that I live right

inside of you deep inside your heart

this reality is a dynamic force that

alters your life both now and forever it

is more than just an idea give up work

worrying about whether or not you are a

good place for me to live I joyfully

settle down in the lowly hearts of

Believers gently working on restoration


metamorphosis recognize that I am not a

transient guest here merely because your

activities make me happy I’ve arrived at

permanent abiding however I have to warn

you that the process of my

transformational work within you may

occasionally cause you pain if the

changes I am doing cause you any


please cling to me with unwavering trust

have faith in the one who offered

himself for you out of love for you you

will begin to look more and more like

the Masterpiece I created when you

surrender to the changes I am bringing

about keep your mind focused on anything

good or admirable that you come across

this may sound simple but it defies

accepted cultural conventions choose

consciously to keep your attention on

greatness in spite of the major

obstacles in your life this calls for

constant work a daily Instant by instant

choice to pursue goodness remember you

are on Hallowed Ground when people let

you into their hearts it is not your

place to rush into solving their issues

instead you should listen to them show

them love and honor the moment Point

them in my direction and my vast

resources you will be blessed and so

will others if you adhere to these

values I will lead them down the right

path and they will feel my unshakable

love on a deep level I am your strength

especially when you feel like you can’t

overcome your limitations it’s like

having a constant guide who leads you

takes away difficulties and gives you

power at every turn when you know me as

your strength don’t worry about your

shortcomings they are meant to educate

you to trust in my loving presence I am

your treasure worth far more than

material possessions the Treasures you

have within me are immeasurable unlike

Earthly wealth which may be hoarded or

lost take pleasure in our ongoing

intimacy and let your understanding of

me help you to make sense of everything

else I am the gem that makes every

moment brighter I provide you with

deer-like feet so you can firmly stand

on elevated surfaces you can improve and

move forward even in the most difficult

situations if you have faith in me never

forget that I am here to commemorate

your spiritual journey in this world of

ours dear it is critical that you remain

Vigilant and ready for the ongoing war

in the face of persistent attackers

unlike soldiers who have attendance to

help them put on Armor you have to

properly clothe yourself every day no

matter what obstacles you face affirm

your trust in me by standing firm and

demonstrating your resolve to stand your

steadfast trust that I am here to to

support you is very important declare

this trust even when it seems like you

are stumbling in the middle of the

battle holding fast to my hand and

continuing to stand is the real meaning

of winning my light shines on all the

aspects of your life past present and

future my love for you is unending and I

knew you before the Earth was created

you should always look for me you are

never alone make an effort to see me in

every situation and don’t let them Cloud

your perception of me I sometimes show

myself to you in grandiose ways and

other times in modest quiet ways that

are only known to you please allow me to

open your heart and eyes so you may

understand what I have said to you

remind yourself to look for the light of

my presence beaming in your life as you

go about your day expand your horizons

and let me be a part of every part of

your day not just your everyday tasks

and worries when you seek me out with

all your heart you will find me

everywhere you go I’ll be by your side

keeping an eye on you there is an

exciting Voyage ahead of you as you

approach it with conflicting feelings

look forward to the new experience and

expect plenty of blessings along the

road recall that I am your guide showing

you the way step by step I give the

tired strength and I make the weak

powerful don’t let your weaknesses

depress you I use them to cultivate

humility and to educate you to

confidently rely on me I will give those

who wait on me new Strength believing in

me is closely linked to this waiting

your confidence in me will increase the

more you focus on me you will want to

spend more time with me as your trust

grows waiting on me in the moments of

your life also makes you more hopeful

about me lifting you above your

situation and making it possible for you

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