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my beloved Son memories of you remain

alive in the deepest recesses of my

heart as Vivid as the first moment I

held you in my arms you were so small

and fragile yet your spirit Shone with a

Luminosity rivaling the brightest stars

every moment every heartbeat we shared

is precious to me do you remember my

beloved the time when you were a young

Soul dreaming of the vast world before

you your eyes sparkled with innocence

and admiration glimpsing a future

painted with cheerful colors and adorned

with exciting Adventures your

aspirations knew no bounds your dreams

reached the very Skies however as time

unfolded its Relentless fabric I watched

with a heavy heart as Shadows crept upon

your once joyful face the complexities

and cruelties of life began to weigh

upon your shoulders like a burden too

heavy to Bear the laughter that once

danced on your lips grew faint stifled

by the cacophony of doubts and fears

that assailed your weary Soul yet even

amidst the darkness threatening to

engulf you my unwavering love remained

like a constant Beacon casting its

gentle light upon your path you my dear

were never alone even in your darkest

hour While others might falter and

withdraw my presence never wavered I

remain by your side a silent Sentinel of

strength and comfort offering the Solace

and guidance you so Des desperately

needed in the moments of Silence when

you felt most lost and alone you knew

that I was there watching over you with

a tender gaze full of infinite love I

saw the spark of hope that refused to

extinguish within your heart a flame

Burning Brightly despite the storm

raging around you it was then that you

began to realize the truth that it

always been hidden beneath the surface

of your pain that you are stronger than

you ever dared to believe

and so my precious son as you Journey

forth into the unknown abysses of

Tomorrow know that my love will be your

constant companion a guiding star to

illuminate your way through the darkest

nights for you are capable of Miracles

my dear and the world awaits the

wonderful adventures that only you can

bring to life in a world where

egocentrism prevails your innate nature

shines illuminated by a Relentless

pursuit of growth success and the noble

as aspiration to become a Guiding Light

for those dear to you your essence

resonates with a deep understanding of

yourself harboring within the core of

your being a seed of life nurtured by

the enveloping Embrace of the divine

presence every trial endured has been a

deliberate step toward this defining

moment where my love for you knows no

bounds and my unwavering faith in your

potential remains

steadfast if you’re ready for divine

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