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my beloved child this journey isn’t for the faint hearted but you’ve got what it

takes I chose you purposefully for something big I’m laying out my plan

clearly sticking by your side at every turn together we’ll tackle tough times

leap over obstacles and Conquer challenges we’ll keep pushing forward never backing down because you’re

destined for greatness your presence here isn’t by chance I’ve had your name in my book

since forever ago long before you came into this world I’ve been loving you

right from the start eagerly awaiting the moment you’d catch sight of my Guiding

Light I’m here to soothe your pain and erase those painful memories of the past

my love is powerful enough to wipe away all your mistakes and I’m eager to help

you leave those sad memories behind as well dwelling on the past only brings

back the pain and drags you down what matters most is that you’re here living

in the present and there’s plenty of good things waiting for you ahead your dreams are within reach

you’ll achieve your goals witness your fam’s happiness restored and regain the strength and vitality you once had focus

on the future where positivity flourishes and blessings abound

brace yourself for an incredible new phase in your journey your heart is primed for fresh adventures and the joy

that comes from fulfilling your purpose Leave the Past hurts behind their history and I’ve pardoned all your

errors you’re free from any debts if there are folks who can’t accept you or

offer forgiveness it’s a sign to seek out new companions who truly appreciate

your worth I won’t tolerate anyone disregarding the kindness and Liberty my

Essence grants you don’t linger in any circumstance that weighs you down or

shames you trust solely in my guidance and Safeguard your freedom from those

who twist my teachings to manipulate you as long as you’re stuck in a Relentless

cycle of suffering and shame both you and your family will continue to endure

hardship you don’t deserve this torment your my child and I’ve already paid for

your sins with my own sacrifice so I ask you what more can I

do for you whatever your heart desires just ask and I’ll answer with Miracles

that surpass your wildest dreams my beloved child with utmost love

I want you to know that you are extraordinary if only you could perceive

what I perceive behold yourself as I do and comprehend the mysteries of this

divine Divine realm if you could Glimpse yourself in the spiritual Looking Glass

you would understand you would bow in gratitude offering me your loyalty your time your smile your thoughts from the

depths of my heart I want you to know that I love you profoundly and desire to

spare you from further pain I see the hardships weighing you down sensing your

strength dwindling you strive to mask your anguish striving to appear

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