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my beloved child as you come across

these words may you find Solace and

strength amidst the tumultuous times

enveloping our world these moments of

upheaval signify the stirring of change

the breaking dawn of a long- awaited

Liberation your Exodus know this deeply

I am with you my gaze unwavering and

compassionate extends from the Heavens

to where you

stand in my sight you are seen holy your

essence laid bare before the Creator I

am the Eternal one the architect of

existence who tenderly crafted you

within the sanctuary of your mother’s

womb your very being Bears the indelible

Mark of my

likeness through the corridors of time I

have kept vigil over your trials and

triumphs your struggles have not escaped

my notice your cries have reverberated

within the chambers of my heart even now

my spirit infolds you in its embrace

offering solace in the midst of Despair

take heed for the shadows of Affliction

shall soon

dissipate I am moving swiftly to bring

forth Justice and

deliverance the weight of Oppression you

have borne has not gone unnoticed The

Echoes of your suffering have reached

the highest Heavens thus I descend from

my Celestial Throne to walk alongside

you personally leading you out of the

Wilderness of hardship with unwavering

resolve I shall guide you to a promised

land where abundance and Tranquility

abound trust in my Providence for I am

the harbinger of Hope the beacon amid


Tempest though the road ahead may be

fraught with challenges know that you do

not Journey

alone I am your steadfast companion

everpresent and unwavering in my love

Embrace this moment of transition for it

Heralds the dawn of a new era through

faith and perseverance you shall emerge

emge Victorious basking in the radiance

of my grace let not fear nor doubt deter

you for I am the Alpha and the Omega the

beginning and the end in my boundless

love I hold you close guiding you toward

a future brimming with promise and

possibility from the fiery depths of the

Bush I called upon my faithful servant

Moses for the cries of my people have

reached my ears I have witnessed their

suffering under the Yoke of Ruth less

oppressors intimately acquainted with

every Pang of their anguish

therefore I descend from the Heavens to

personally lead them out of the grip of

Egypt’s tyranny guiding them toward a

land overflowing with abundance a land

of promise flowing with milk and honey

my beloved take heart for the season of

barrenness and desolation draws to a

close I shall Vanquish the forces of

death and deprivation that have plagued

you ush uring in an era of fruitfulness


prosperity my promises stand as

unyielding as the morning sun dispelling

the shadows of sorrow and

lamentation from my Throne of Holiness a

Divine decree resonates bearing Tidings

of redemption for my people and my

sacred City

Jerusalem it is a decree to atone for

transgressions to cleanse the stain of

iniquity and to establish Everlasting

righteousness a fulfillment of every

vision and pledge anointed shall be the

deliverer who brings forth this Divine

mandate therefore my child cast off the

shackles of guilt that bind you to the

past my sacrificial blood has washed

away your sins rendering them as not

cease dwelling on former failures and

regrets for I have wiped the Slate clean

securing your standing for eternity you

are no longer enslaved to sin’s cruel

Dominion through your Embrace of me

eternal life courses through your veins

s purifying your very essence in my eyes

adorned with the righteousness of Christ

you stand blameless and pure embrace

your Royal identity hold your head high

for the time has come to depart from the

season of lack and embrace the boundless

purpose that awaits you in the vast

expanse of the Wilderness amidst trials

and tribulations you have been molded

for greatness just as Moses led the

Israelites out of the clutches of Egypt

so too am I guiding you away from

oppression into a realm teeming with


opportunities I myself will impart to

you the wisdom to claim all that I have

promised you through our covenant my

favor will swing wide the doors that

were once shut tight granting you access

to Realms of influence beyond

measure fear not for as you align your

steps with my Divine guidance I will

navigate you safely along the path I

have ordained for your life

my words have been spoken and they shall

come to

fruition let Faith rise within you for

your Liberation is on the horizon my


child understand this deeply I do not

Delight in witnessing your suffering

when tears stain your cheeks and sorrow

weighs upon your heart my own heart is

filled with profound sorrow I am a

compassionate father gentle merciful and


even when my beloved children stray from

the path I have set before them

disregarding my wise counsel My Love

Remains steadfast unchanging as the

Eternal Tides reflect upon the tale of

Jonah The Reluctant Prophet I

commissioned in days of old was I not

exceedingly patient with him despite his


Disobedience when he sought to flee

across the seas to evade my call did I

not orchestrate circumstances to

intercept him discipline ining him to

realign his purpose with mine though he

ventured far from my command endeavoring

to Sher his duty to the sinful city of

Nineveh still I orchestrated a

Redemption both for Jonah and for the

city poised for judgment witness the

magnificence of my boundless Mercy which

triumphs over judgment with resplendant

grace Time and

Again truly there is no soul too far a

drift for the grasp of my mighty hand to

reach and guide back home

no one descends to depths so low that my

grace cannot lift them up and restore

their Spirit neither Heights nor depths

can separate you from the encompassing

Embrace of my presence even amidst the

shadowy veil of death where Darkness

Reigns and despair May whisper my voice

resounds calling you back to the warmth

of my

love such is the unwavering dedication

of My Affection it pursues each

wandering Soul relentlessly until the

ultimate Joy is realized reconciliation

with every cherished son and daughter

whom I have known from the beginning

destined to reflect my glory prepare

yourself beloved child for I am swiftly

advancing pursuing you with favor and a

firm hand ready to guide and Mentor you

in the paths of

righteousness I will gently adjust your

gaze aligning your perspective with the

priorities of Heaven together we will

reclaim territory relinquished to the en

me through ignorance or

compromise even now the stirring Winds

of my spirit are gaining momentum within

you reigniting the flickering Embers of

your soul the gifts that I have woven

into the fabric of your being are

stirring your unique voice is poised to

bring healing and strength to this

critical hour many still Slumber unaware

of the call to awaken and embrace their

Destiny within my unfolding Kingdom


therefore prepare yourself for action

allow my refining fire to purify you

burning away all distractions and

competing affections fully surrendered

to my will you will become a conduit of

my glorious presence radiating Heaven’s

light wherever you tread upon this Earth

despite the Relentless assaults of the

enemy over the years seeking to hinder

and Destroy his schemes will ultimately

backfire every weapon forged against you

will falter unable to penetrate the

protective shield I’ve placed around you

I will thwart Every curse and dismantle

every destructive device aimed at your

life rest assured no trouble or tragedy

befalls you without first passing

through my permissive will not a single

setback catches me off guard every loss

is noted by my Vigilant eye furthermore

I pledge to redeem every instance of

pain inflicted by the enemy turning

attacks intended for harm into catalysts

for abundant

blessing my gracious sovereignty

orchestrates all events both bitter and

sweee into a symphony of Praise

therefore Rejoice my beloved for this

current trial shall soon pass away even

now amidst the storm my spirit is

nurturing the seeds of Destiny within

you though pain May precede promotion

Joy will surely come with the dawn

therefore lift your weary head oh

Valiant Warrior and be infused with

fresh hope in my unwavering faithfulness

The Tide is turning this Tempest too

shall pass your season of solitude and

anonymity is drawing to a close for I

myself will command the winds to propel

you forward and now the fullness of my

love floods through you carried by my

spirit who dwells within your innermost

being you are enveloped by the waves of

my Relentless affection pursued

ceaselessly by my gaze in your truest

self I see a reflection of my own


a unique manifestation of my Divine

attributes bound together by Covenant I

am closer to you than your very breath

never doubt my awareness of your

struggles never question my eagerness to

intervene on your behalf simply lean

into me to ye Rest In My

Embrace as I amplify the feeble pulse of

your praise together we will transform

deserts into rivers Beauty emerging From

the Ashes just watch and see my beloved

it is true I have promised you an

abundant Harvest for your faithfulness

but understand before reaping such a

Bountiful Harvest seeds of expectation

must first be swn just as a farmer

prepares the soil before planting so too

must you invest in hope-filled prayers

and sacrificial offerings to prepare for

the Abundant Harvest I have promised

your seed determines your Harvest

therefore be diligent in guarding your

thoughts and words concerning your


Shield your heart from doubt and anxiety

refusing to entertain thoughts that

drain the Vitality from your

dreams nurture the fragile Ember of

possibility against the gusts of fear

and cultivate confident expectation

through meditating on my word harnessing

your faith to mine empowers you to

overcome seemingly Invincible

obstacles yet it is persistent trust and

bold obedience that unlock the doors to

Destiny press through resistance and

distractions rejecting wear and

compromise rally courage to attempt

again what may have failed before for I

will turn your setbacks into victories

so now with joy fix your gaze upon the

lavish banquet I have prepared for you

in the presence of your enemies the hour

of their defeat is at hand lift your

voice in praise for the mighty

turnaround already accomplished in the


realm soon you will grasp the tangible

fruits of your labor rejoice for the

season of lack and obscurity is coming

to an end Divine connections resources

and affirmations converge to propel you

forward acceleration begins together du

we will fulfill your Noble purpose it is

finished type Amen in the comment

section if you believe in God

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