my beloved child God’s special message

is only for you don’t make the mistake

of leaving it God wants to solve all

your problems in the last seconds God

will answer all your questions so watch

the full video my beloved child peace be

with you it is I your Lord and Savior

Jesus Christ I come to you today with a

message of Hope power and the authority

that has been granted to you as one of

my beloved children too often my people

live live in a state of passivity

feeling as if they are at the mercy of

the world around them they allow

circumstances other people and the enemy

to dictate the course of their lives but

I say to you this is not the life I have

called you to you are not meant to be

tossed about by the waves of this world

but to stand firm in the authority that

has been bestowed upon you I desire for

you my treasured child to walk in the

fullness of your inheritance you are not

a beggar or a scringy Heir but a coair

with me entitled to all the riches of

Heaven it is time for you to arise and

take dominion over the blessings that

are rightfully yours too many of my

children live in a poverty of spirit

doubting the lavish love I have for them

and the provision I long to pour out

they look at the challenges they face

and focus on their lack their weakness


inadequacies but I say to you this is

not how I see you I see you through the

lens of my perfect unwavering love I see

you clothed in my own righteousness

empowered by my spirit and destined for

greatness it is time for you to shift

your perspective and begin to see

yourself as I see you a conqueror an

overcomer a champion you are not a

victim but a Victor you do not have to

beg and plead for the blessings I desire

to Lavish upon you no you can boldly

declare them as your own knowing that

the authority of Heaven stands behind

your words my child I have not called

you to a life of mundane existence

eeking out an uncertain living and

relying on the scraps the world offers I

have called you to a life of abundance

of joy unspeakable of peace that

surpasses all understanding I have

called you to walk in the fullness of

all that I have accomplished on your

behalf so hear me now my beloved I

command my blessings upon you I declare

that you are blessed in the city and

blessed in the country wherever you go

my favor and protection will be upon you

I declare that you are blessed in your

coming in and blessed in your going

out there is no area of your life that

is outside of my sovereign care and

provision I declare that you are blessed

in the fruit of your body the fruit of

your ground the fruit of your livestock

the increase of your herds and the young

of your flock

all that you put your hand to will be

blessed and prosper I declare that your

basket and your kneading Bowl will be

blessed your pantry will be full and

lack will be far from you I declare that

you are blessed when you come in and

blessed when you go out you will be the

head and not the tail you will be above

only and never beneath I declare that

you will lend and not borrow that the

wealth of the Nations will be poured

into your lap and that you will have

more than enough to be a generous Giver

I declare that no weapon formed against

you will prosper and every tongue that

rises against you in judgment you will

condemn this is your heritage as a child

of the most high God I declare that as

you draw near to me I will draw near to

you as you seek my face I will meet you

there and pour out my favor and blessing

upon you I declare that you will walk in

Divine health and wholeness sickness and

disease will Have No Dominion over you

for I have redeemed you and paid the

price for your complete

restoration I declare that my peace will

guard your heart and mind keeping you

calm and secure even in the midst of

life’s storms no fear or anxiety will

have any hold over you I declare that

you will walk in wisdom discernment and

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