don’t make mistakes by ignoring me again

hello my beloved child I’m Jesus your

savior here is a message from God to you

don’t close this video without listening

because it’s for you in fact if you love

God and his son Jesus Christ watch this

video Until the End and don’t forget to

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video God bless you I love you my sons I

love you my daughters now we can hear

the message from God thank you

God is saying to you today my child I

see your struggles and your efforts to

find peace why does tranquility seem

like a ship you can’t anchor know that

peace is not merely an absence of

turmoil but a state of the heart

blooming amidst life storms a calmness

that prevails and the understanding that

you are held within my sure embrace

be aware that I walk beside you always

Desiring nothing more than for you to

feel the serenity that dwells in

trusting my will in accepting my timing

for your life let this be a season where

you learn to seek peace not in the

Silence of the world but in the

sincerity of your soul genuine Faith

genuine surrender and the genuine

moments of intimacy with me believe that

I am constantly at work to calm your

spirit shepherding you through the

tempests and guiding you towards a peace

that is steadfast assured and deeply

rooted in my care for you have courage

nurture hope and journey onward with me

your peace is woven through the purpose

I have crafted for you waiting to unfold

with each breath and heartbeat

of your

existence comment I trust in your peace

Lord if this message is found you be

embraced by God’s peace


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