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my child at is Urgent Message don’t

ignore otherwise I punish you daily and

after you regret give up for I am the

god of perseverance the one who

strengthens and upholds those who trust

in me the journey you on may be

challenging but I am with you every step

of the way in times of tribulation when

the obstacles seem insurmountable and

tears flow freely my light never Fades I

am your Refuge your safe haven and I see

the strength you demonstrate each day

perseverance is not just about facing

difficulties with bravery but also about

keeping hope alive I know there are

moments of weariness and discouragement

but don’t let despair take hold you are

stronger than you imagine and and each

obstacle is an opportunity to grow

life’s journey may feel

overwhelming but I am here to guide and

sustain you type if you receive my

message perseverance is a precious

quality a silent strength that grows

within you when you choose not to give

up it propels you forward even in the

face of adversity like a seed facing

Darkness to bloom you too trials to

become who I plann for you to be trials

to become who I planned for you to be I

promise to wipe away every tear and your

pains will turn into Joy life’s journey

includes both Joy and sorrows and

adversity is an opportunity to learn

keep connect God through this Channel

and feel God share videos and type amen

if if you love me grow and transform

into a better person perseverance is not

just a virtue it’s a blessing it’s the

ability to stand firm in determination

and courage even when the world seems to

crumble trust in your ability to

overcome challenges for I Am with You

strengthening your heart remember

success is often measured by how

persistently you pursue your

goals stand firm in your

determination never give up on your

dreams and Trust in the plans I have for

you I am here to guide support and

strengthen you trust in me and never

give up for I know the plans affirm your

love for me and I will respond with

blessings typ how man if you love

me share videos to your friends and


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