Don’t let happen ! |God Message Today For You| God helps| Jesus affirmation

dearest child of mine today I come to

you with a sense of divine urgency

imploring you to heed my call and awaken

your spirit these words carry weight for

they speak to a pivotal moment in your

life do not let this opportunity slip

away for it holds within it the promise

of something truly extraordinary at this

Crossroads you are faced with a choice

of transcendental significance you may

either open your heart to me embracing

the wonder that awaits or close the door

and risk missing out on the profound

connection that awaits you understand

the gravity of your decision for to deny

me is to Forfeit not punishment but the

radiant bond that can illuminate even

the darkest recesses of your being

should you turn away you will be

deprived of the guidance peace and

fulfillment that only I can offer my

desire is not for you to suffer such

loss my wish is for you to bask in the

warmth of my unconditional love I urge

you do not let this moment pass you by

do not allow fear deception or

distraction to lead you astray open your

heart wide inviting me in with all my

transformative power let me Infuse your

life with purpose meaning and joy

unparalleled nothing in this world

compares to the beauty of a genuine

relationship with me in my presence find

solace in times of turmoil strength in

moments of weakness and hope amidst the

darkness but all of this can only be

yours if you do not deny me if you

choose choose to seek me and embrace my

love do not deceive yourself into

thinking that worldly pleasures or

distractions can satisfy your soul only

I can fill the void within you and guide

you to True fulfillment do not let this

moment slip away do not deny yourself

what you truly need my child I implore

you to make a conscious Choice today do

not postpone this encounter for there

may not be another now is the time to

act to open your heart wide and receive

my boundless love do not let the regret

of denying this opportunity weigh upon

you I stand before you arms open wide

ready to embrace you regardless of your

past your mistakes or your struggles my

love knows no bounds do not deny

yourself this Grace this gift that I am

ready to bestow upon you If you deny me

today you will miss out on something

truly magnificent do not let this come

to pass my beloved Choose Wisely and

discover the fullness of life that only

I can offer if you are ready to receive

the Divine blessings reserved for you

today signify with an amen in the

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