Don’t Jump or You’ll Regret !|God Message Today For You|God helps|Jesus affirmation

my children listen carefully for I have

a vital message to Proclaim I the

almighty address you at this moment with

a heart overflowing with love through

the vastness of this world my voice

resonates like a Celestial whisper Among

the Stars like an ocean of Eternal

wisdom I implore you to surrender to my

grace and discover the greatness within

your souls you creatures made in my

image and likeness are my most precious

Treasures in Every Beat of your hearts

the Divine Essence I have granted you

vibrates you are the living embodiment

of my love in this universe I

contemplate with infinite Delight the

beauty of your spirits and urge you to

free yourselves from

superficiality allow your eyes to open

to the truth that dwells in your depths

to the sacred flame awaiting to be

ignited to illuminate your lives know

that your time on this Earth is

ephemeral like flowers that bloom and

wither sees each moment as if it were

the last for it is in those moments that

you weave the tapestry of your

existences I see you my children facing

storms and challenges your hearts are

overwhelmed your tears flow like Rivers

but I am by your side holding your hands

with unconditional love do not be

discouraged by burdens for your strength

has not yet been fully revealed I humbly

ask you to cultivate compassion and

kindness in your souls be light for

others radiating love and generosity

wherever you go for that is how you will

truly find me and find

yourselves my beloved ones do not forget

that you are worthy of my love my

forgiveness and my Redemption there is

no sin that escapes my Mercy I invite

you to leave behind the weight of the

past and embrace the hope of a renewed

future I bless you with love Grace and

peace keep my teachings in your souls

and share them with the world follow the

Divine call resonating in your spirits

and transform this world with your

unconditional love may my message

penetrate time and space touching the

essence of each of you receive my

eternal love my beloved children if

you’re ready for divine blessings today

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