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my dear child in this very moment feel

the warmth of My Embrace and the

boundless sweet love I hold for you a

love that is eternal and

wondrous let the burdens that weigh on

your mind dissolve as my words tenderly

heal your heart where once there was

sorrow let there now be overwhelming joy


peace know that I’m always with you

watching over you and my love for you

only grows stronger with each passing


it is my deepest wish to protect you to

care for you and to help you comprehend

the daily messages I send your

way I am committed to aiding you in

changing your thoughts and beliefs for

the better you possess a remarkable

power to

transform and this is an undeniable

truth my Divine love has the power to

profoundly alter your life but you must

engage actively and truly Embrace this


my words spoken with heartfelt love are

meaningless unless you accept them into


life today I urge you to make a

deliberate choice to open your heart to

change declare with certainty that I

your God have the immense power to

reshape your life to banish all feelings

of loneliness and despair and to ignite

a deep-seated passion for life within


stand up and Proclaim once again today I

am capable of change I fully accept the

love of my heavenly

father repeat it feel it and experience

the movement of the Holy Spirit infusing

every part of your being transforming

your thoughts and feelings and guiding

you towards a refreshed sense of purpose


well-being I am actively working in your

life uprooting vices and destructive

habits clearing away the cobwebs of


thoughts by my power I am drawing out

the shadows of depression that have

clouded your

days I’m purifying your emotions

refreshing and renewing the beautiful

feelings that will fill your heart

today understand this is no mere

coincidence it is the truth of my love

for you today you will feel my presence

profoundly see signs of my Divine Touch

wherever you go notice these deep

details for they are gifts from

me I am ever presentes welcoming you

with open arms comforting you with

abundant affection it is my desire for

you to live fully and reclaim the dreams

that seemed

lost I am granting you the strength to

forgive yourself and to cut loose the

bonds that have restrained you ensuring

you have the courage to seek and find


friends I will shield you from those who

mean you harm from those who Fain love

or pursue your wealth only to repay you

with disdain and

confusion I am offering you a new

beginning but you must believe in this

renewal do not be swayed by the voices

of those who oppress you seek Out

friends who uplift and encourage your

growth my protective forces are ever

around you but the choice to move

forward is yours to

make if you trust in my promises step

boldly into your future let go of the

past and the burdens of guilt I have

forgiven you and you too should forgive

those who have wronged you though it is

not easy remember you are never alone I

am with you

steadfastly if those around you dwell on

past errors and refuse forgiveness I

call on you to distance yourself from

such negativity move confidently towards

your future without looking back

I will work in the hearts of those who

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