Don’t Ignore My Command|God Message Today For You| God helps| Jesus affirmation

my dear child have you ever found

yourself a drift as if your endeavors

were futile or overwhelmed by anxieties

doubts and setbacks that seemed

insurmountable if so listen closely to

the words we’re about to share they come

directly from the Divine with a profound

purpose for your journey right now

you’re on the brink of encountering a

transformative message briming with

profound truths poised to reshape your

reality these Revelations hold the power

power to illuminate the darkest paths

you tread offering Eternal truths that

resonate with the depths of your soul my

beloved pause for a moment set aside all

distractions for there’s a message of

utmost importance that I must impart to

you one that’s challenging to articulate

yet it’s a Divine directive meant

specifically for you the Divine Whispers

do not entertain thoughts of surrender

persevere I am here to fortify you with

the strength and discernment needed to

surmount this arduous phase I’ll shelter

you Beneath My Wings guarding you from

Harm’s Way I pledge to uplift you and

folding you in my comforting Embrace

whenever you falter today the Divine

speaks to you know this I possess the

power and the will to metamorphose your

existence and that’s precisely what I’m

about to do pay heed to my words

exercise patience even if the purpose of

your existence eludes you momentarily

you’re here for a profound reason reason

entrusted with a meaningful Mission

understand that the dreams nestled

within your heart are meant for you to

accomplish remarkable Feats faith is

Paramount you’re not a mere coincidence

but a deliberate creation destined to

serve as a conduit of blessings for both

yourself and others now is the time to

bolster your faith to lift your gaze

anticipating the radiance of Your Smile

recalling moments of doubt and your

triumphant Conquest over them emerging

wiser more res resilient and enlightened

affirm daily my faith in the Divine is

renewed I chose you flaws and all even

in moments when you forget my constant

companionship I chose you because I

yearn to witness the blossoming of your

life teeming with reverence and Triumph

the time is ripe to acknowledge this

truth to seow Seeds of Love destined to

burgeon into abundant joy and prosperity

blessed with the capacity to love

forgive and assist I implore you to

manifest my love through your Deeds

touching lives and hearts I’m currently

reinforcing your faith to unprecedented

Heights and if necessary I’ll intervene

directly to steer your focus back to me

unveiling my will and guidance through

Myriad means therefore fear not for I am

here to Aid cherish and embolden you to

forge ahead for I am Forever by your

side to Foster gratitude fortify your

faith and Infuse your heart with genuine

joy and your mind with lofty thoughts

seize this opportunity without delay

when sorrow weighs heavy upon you gaze

Skyward do not conceal your tears for I

comprehend the ache within your soul and

I am here to cradle You In My Embrace

fear not for I am ever at your side

ready to raise you up cleanse your

blemishes and rejuvenate your spirit

offering the Solace and tenderness you

crave allow yourself to weep in my

loving Embrace and grasp the depth of my

affection for you I yearn to alleviate

your pain permanently I comprehend the

trials you’ve endured attuned to each

unspoken whisper even those conveyed

through tears though you face trying

times feeling undervalued and

insignificant heed the words I’m about

to impart brimming with profound

affection for you you possess

immeasurable worth know that the

universe’s greatest sacrifice was made

out of love for you through faith in me

discover forgiveness and peace it’s

through my blood that your trans

transgressions are absolved and the

burden of regret lifted liberating you

from the anguish inflicted by those who

scorn you they are grievously mistaken I

implore you to Pardon them and

relinquish your anger sorrow and

frustration along with other burdens

weighing heavily on your heart equally

imperative is self- forgiveness for I

have already forgiven you let

Tranquility envelop your being

entrusting these heavy burdens to my

care I am here to expunge your mistakes

there’s no need to carry them any longer

my love for you is boundless I desire to

witness you lead a triumphant life which

is why I speak to you with utmost love

rise today with a renewed spirit I grant

you the discernment to recognize the

abundance of blessings surrounding you

as your eyes open behold the manifold

blessings and may your heart overflow

with Heavenly Grace your worship is the

key unlocking doors to boundless

blessings genuine health and prosperity

clasp my hand firmly and declare daily I

am increasingly aware of the blessings

surrounding me I perceive your sadness

acknowledge the silent burdens you bear

those that gnaw at your soul I see the

tears and the ache of unfulfilled

promises and distant dreams know that

you mustn’t permit your dignity and

Worth to be trampled upon again let me

infold you momentarily in the cloak of

my love offering the peace that resides

within my heart never forget none can

sever the bond between us you are

precious in my sight my beloved Son my

cherished daughter why fear why weep or

glance backward when your true dreams

and happiness lie before you I have

reserved these for you promising them

countless times it’s within your power

to believe and distance yourself from

the lies of those who out of Envy seek

to user blessings they’ll never possess

because they’ve rejected the truth

henceforth disregard those who deemed

your dreams unattainable or belittled

your aspirations they fail to grasp the

depth of my love ignorant of my

Limitless power I am the almighty the

architect of the cosmos for whom nothing

is beyond reach with humility offer

heartfelt thanks for the blessings

you’ve already received love salvation

security Comfort wisdom and health along

with countless other gifts bestowed upon

you and those yet to come

open your heart to receive me

acknowledging the dedication you devote

to your family and our relationship’s

significance I trust you’ll utilize the

gifts I bestow wisely remain steadfast

for I am the Lord who transforms

impossibilities into realities dwell in

peace and bolster your faith for I have

been and shall forever be at your side

just as I calm tempests with my word the

doubts plaguing your heart shall find

tranquility you are and always will be

my cherished child shielded from all

harm even amidst the world’s turmoil and

others despair stand firm and Resolute

fear not for I shall never forsake you

Proclaim boldly no challenge is

insurmountable with God’s protection

this truth remains unadulterated my love

for you is profound my Mercy boundless

and my Holy Spirit shall Shield you from

further afflictions therefore even

should you stumble and fall I shall

forever be here to raise you up let

neither disappointment nor fear erode

your faith for my grace and Providence

shall Safeguard you and your loved ones

now and for all eternity distance

yourself from those who perpetrate

wrongdoing and persist in prayer in the

face of criticism and disdain from my

word stand steadfast in your purpose

Forge ahead refusing to remain stagnant

for I have arrived to bestow upon you

boundless opportunities believe and

faith Faithfully document each step I

orchestrate I lead you towards a dawn

teeming with promises though your heart

May tremble with unrest find solace in

the tender embrace enveloping you

brimming with affection acknowledge your

blessed State

wholeheartedly call upon me and I shall

answer ushering forth the change you

earnestly seek I am molding your heart

and even those acquainted with you shall

Marvel Aid shall arrive from unexpected

quarters for this be profoundly grateful

as Myriad doors swing open revealing

blessings and fresh Avenues my gaze

seeks those with sincere and loyal

Hearts who uphold my love and honor my

precepts I have ordained you to be a

builder of souls a beacon of

encouragement and a conduit of divine

Enlightenment navigate by my teachings

sweeter than honey fortifying you to

confront and surmount any adversity no

harm shall befall you if you remain

Vigilant living and proclaiming my truth

in the face of peril fear not for I

shall fortify you your Abode shall

transform into an oasis of Plenty peace

and Concord for

all treat all with reverence what I have

cleansed ought not to be disparaged nor

should you be haunted by a forgiven past

Foster and Foster the growth of your

loved ones for in doing so you shall

receive bounous blessings to bestow upon

others rivers of blessings shall Cascade

from your heart reaching all who cross

your path do not falter persist in

disseminating the Divine word gratefully

acknowledging the countless Graces

bestowed upon you Embrace and accept

these gifts with a heart brimming with

love unfur your arms and your soul to

this Transcendent love reveling in the

beauty of this emotion burgeoning within

you even amidst sleepless nights and

tumultuous thoughts rest assured that I

Am with You attuned to every murmur of

your soul if you remain faithful place

your trust in God’s design

feel your heart expand with the hope and

love encapsulated within these

messages as I delve into the depths of

your mind let me reassure you there’s no

need for apprehension I’m here to dispel

the shadows of fear lurking in the

recesses of your thoughts anchor

yourself firmly in my promises I assure

you my grace shall remain a constant

presence in your life I desire to

nurture you never feel isolated or

bewildered for I am but a prayer away

learn to await with with faith and

confidence the Wonders you have yet to

receive the blessings you eagerly

anticipate shall materialize in due time

nestled within the palms of your hands

summon me with a sincere heart and I

shall fortify your spirit imbuing you

with resilience trust for your destiny

rests within my grasp behold Miracles

unfold witness your family enveloped in

my enduring love place your confidence

in me and I shall nourish you with the

sweetness of honey and the purest

sustenance of wheat through my guidance

find profound peace and tranquil

Serenity recall My Sacrifice upon the

cross and embrace the unwavering

certainty of my love that knows no

bounds if these words resonate deeply

within you write amen below and consider

subscribing to receive ongoing Divine

guidance and


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