in this moments God is saying to you

today my precious child you have been

through a lot in your life if only

people knew half of what you have been

through through thick and then you have

been there for those who have needed you

they were loved by you even when things

were at their

worst what you asked for an exchange was

nothing more than honesty and loyalty

you have been injured a great number of

times as a result of the kind and caring

heart that you possess you went so far

as to open your doors and take on

responsibilities that were previously

held by other

people in spite of this you continue to

pay me a claim man worship my heart goes

out to you there is no way that I will

ever abandon or abandon you you are not

going through the process rather you are

emerging my hand is going to touch every

single member of your home during the

month of


congratulations you are going to be

showered with

blessings if you desire Miracles watch

this video through to the end


sweethart I communicated with you from

the very depths of infinite time earlier

than the world came into being I was you

become aware of my presence within the

depths of your being which is where I

have made my home I am the hope of glory

Christ who is present in

You by seeking me out in Stillness you

can learn to tune into my constantly

present presence dot at the same time

that you are celebrating the miracle of

my birth in Bethlehem you should

simultaneously celebrate your renewal

into eternal

life the sole reason I entered your

world which was t with sin was to get

this gift that will stay forever I ask

that you accept my gift with sincerity I

I invite you to spend some time

investigating the many facets of my

love please allow gratitude to flow

freely in reaction to the Magnificent

gift that I have given you freely from


heart your heart should be filled with

my Serenity and you should be thankful

arrive at my place and find solace in my

presence while you contemplate the

majesty and mystery of the

Incarnation take some time to relax in

my unconditional

Embrace only I am the only person in

history to have been conceived by the

holy spirit this is something that you

do not comprehend take a lesson from the

example of the wise men rather than

attempting to logically

comprehend the Incarnation of Jesus

Christ observers led the way and they

followed there

exampled or star and then surrendered da

submissive Act of adoration when they

discovered me I believe that the best

way to respond to the wonder that is my

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