Don’t do it ! |God Message Today For You| God helps| Jesus affirmation

beloved child your whispered prayers

reach my ears not merely because of your

inherent goodness but because of my

boundless love for you I your

compassionate and merciful god am ever

attentive to your heartfelt pleas

whether you feel forsaken or a drift in

the vastness know this I hold you close

cradling your hopes and fears in the

palm of my hand trust in the Divine

timing of life’s unfolding for I work

tirelessly behind the scenes weaving

threads of Grace into the tapestry of

your existence in moments of Doubt or

despair remember that you are never

alone in your struggles your unwavering

Faith serves as a beacon of light

Illuminating the path ahead allow

yourself to lean on the support of loved

ones and draw strength from the

interconnectedness of all beings embrace

the lessons hidden within life’s trials

for they are the catalysts for growth


transformation as you continue to walk

your path with courage and resilience

may you find solace in the knowledge

that the divine presence surrounds you

guiding you with love and wisdom every

step of the way in this journey of faith

and self-discovery each challenge

becomes an opportunity for Spiritual

refinement each setback a stepping stone

towards greater understanding trust in

the divine plan for it weaves seamlessly

with the threads of your own story

leading you towards a brighter tomorrow

filled with hope and purpose purp beyond

the sanctity of prayer lies the sacred

dance of action embrace your talents

seize opportunities and with unwavering

dedication Journey towards your dreams

the true tragedy is not unanswered

prayers but the Silence of Untold

desires open your heart wide pour forth

your dreams worries and gratitude I

eagerly await your communion ready to

lend a listening ear and extend a

helping hand if you are ready to receive

the divine blessing reserved for you

today signify with an amen in the

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