Dogs possess an extraordinary capacity for resilience and boundless positivity. Their infectious spirit can brighten even the darkest of days, serving as a beacon of joy and love in our lives.3Mi


Dogs possess an extraordinary capacity for resilience and boundless positivity. Their infectious spirit can brighten even the darkest of days, serving as a beacon of joy and love in our lives. Even those who have endured unimaginable hardships often exhibit an incredible capacity to forgive and embrace love once more. Dogs are, in essence, the embodiment of pure love, and when showered with affection, they can achieve remarkable feats.

Kardi’s story serves as a powerful testament to the transformative power of love. Her journey began with a sorrowful past but truly took flight when she crossed paths with Kelsey. It was in that moment that Kardi experienced genuine love for the very first time, and it marked a turning point in her life. Kelsey R., her devoted dog mom, generously shared their heartwarming tale with iHeartDogs.

Kardi entered Kelsey’s life on October 11, 2012, rescued from a breeder who had discarded her after spaying her at the age of two. For most of her formative years, Kardi had been confined to a cage, enduring a life devoid of love and affection. Initially timid and fearful, she quickly adapted to her new life, becoming Kelsey’s constant companion. As a college student, Kardi made countless new friends and became known for her endearing antics. She possessed a knack for making people smile and had a playful personality that was utterly irresistible. Kardi’s love for toys was boundless, and it was a rare sight to see her without one firmly clutched in her mouth.

When she wasn’t engrossed in play, Kardi reveled in long naps and was inseparable from her doting mom. Kardi was often referred to as Kelsey’s shadow, an embodiment of unwavering loyalty and affection.

During Kelsey’s college years, a dear friend’s brother tragically passed away, leaving him in the throes of profound grief. In his darkest hours, Kardi displayed a remarkable understanding of his pain and offered him unwavering support.

“Kardi would sit with him for hours and bring him toys to try and brighten his day. She knew he was going through a tough time and was a natural at being a therapy dog.”

Recognizing Kardi’s innate gift for therapy work, Kelsey and Kardi became a registered therapy team in 2015. Kardi’s affection transcended age boundaries, but her true calling lay in bringing comfort to Alzheimer’s patients. With gentle nudges, she reminded them to keep petting her, evoking smiles and solace in nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, classrooms, and summer camps.

However, that year brought a significant challenge to Kelsey and Kardi’s journey.

“In 2015, at the age of 4, Kardi became paralyzed due to intervertebral disc disease . It is a disease that prematurely ages and hardens the discs of the spine, causing them to rupture into the spinal column. Kardi had a couple of discs rupture in her lumbar spine and was unfortunately not a surgical candidate due to other medical issues. Kardi never regained the use of her hind legs and was permanently urinary and bowel incontinent.”

Remarkably, even in the face of this debilitating condition, Kardi’s indomitable spirit remained unbroken.

“Kardi was so strong through all of it and never once felt bad for herself. Each day she became stronger and happier.”

Kardi’s resilience shone through as she adapted to her new reality. Using her front legs, she learned to maneuver and even outrun her human companions. A secret fund was established at the veterinary clinic where Kelsey and her sister worked, and Kardi was gifted a pink Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair. Once strapped in, Kardi took off with boundless enthusiasm, her spirit unyielding.

Kardi’s journey is a testament to the incredible resilience and unwavering love that dogs bring into our lives. Her story reminds us that love, compassion, and determination can conquer even the most challenging of circumstances, lighting the way for miracles to happen.

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