Dog Jumps Out Of Train And Walks 125 Miles ‘With Tears In Her Eyes’ To Find Owner Who Abandoned Her

Dogs love us deeply and unconditionally and they grow incredibly attached to the people they love.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you’re truly ready for a dog before you adopt one. If you “change your mind” and get rid of your pup, the poor pup won’t understand why you don’t love it anymore and will be completely devastated.

Unfortunately, this pup’s parents did not take their responsibilities as pet parents seriously, and as a result, sweet little Maru has had to suffer terrible heartbreak.

Siberian Times

Maru is a beautiful Bull Mastiff who was born in Novosibirsk, Russia.

She was bred by Alla Morozova and grew up in a kennel together with her mom and dad.

Morozova is a responsible and loving breeder who is completely devoted to her pups and is serious about their well-being, and Maru spent many happy months under her care.

Siberian Times

When Maru was five months old, she left her childhood home to go and live with a family in Krasnoyarsk.

Her new home was almost 400 miles away, but Maru was excited to start a life with her new mommy and daddy.

Maru quickly settled into her new family and developed a deep bond to her adoptive mom and dad.

She loved them with every fibre of her little being, and assumed that they felt the same about her.

Unfortunately, she was wrong.

Siberian Times

After spending six months with the couple, everything suddenly changed.

The couple decided that they did not want to keep Maru anymore, and so they contacted Morozova to let her know.

Since Morozova genuinely loves all her pups, she doesn’t just stop caring for them once they leave her home.

Morozova makes it clear to anyone adopting one of her pups that they need to let her know if they decide that they don’t want to care for the dog anymore so that she can find a new and better home for the pup.

Siberian Times

When the couple contacted Morozova, she asked them to bring Maru back home to Novosibirsk.

However, the couple did not feel like making the journey, so instead, they sent Maru back alone via train.

On the train, Maru’s only company was a man who’d been hired to accompany her to Novosibirsk.

Siberian Times

Maru was deeply unhappy, stressed and scared, and did not understand where her family was.

Maru couldn’t believe that the family who she loved so much had willingly abandoned her, and as the train took her further and further away from them, Maru began to panic.

Siberian Times

While the train was passing through the Russian taiga – a thick, wild forest filled with both treacherous terrain and dangerous wildlife – Maru forced her way off the train in a blind panic.

Maru disappeared into the taiga, and her hired companion called her mom and dad to let them know that she had escaped.

The couple then called Morozova to let her know that Maru would not be returning home after all.

Siberian Times

When Morozova heard what happened, she urged the couple to go and search for Maru, but they refused.

They washed their hands of the situation and considered the matter solved.

Maru was gone, and they were perfectly fine with it.

Devastated, Morozova decided to find Maru herself.

Morozova printed and began handing out flyers, begging the public to keep an eye out for Maru.

And then, against all odds, Maru was found.

Siberian Times

Maru was spotted in an industrial area of Krasnoyarsk – she’d travelled tirelessly for nearly three days through the dangerous wilderness in order to make it back to the family she loved so dearly.

When volunteers found Maru, the poor dog was in distress. She’d survived the 125-mile long journey, but it had left her exhausted and battered. Her paws were broken and she was unable to move.

Siberian Times

To make matters worse, the family she’d fought so hard to be reunited with still wanted nothing to do with her.
A heartbroken Maru was driven back to Novosibirsk where she would be given the love, time and care necessary for both her body and soul to heal.

Maru was obviously devastated to have been rejected twice by the people she thought loved her, but it’s something of a blessing in disguise.

Now, Maru will finally get to live with a family who genuinely loves her.

By returning to her birthplace, she’s also gotten to see her birth parents again, and been reunited with Morozova who loves her dearly.

With the past left behind her, Maru’s future is looking bright and promising. We’re sure this beautiful girl’s life will be filled with love and joy from here on out – Morozova will make sure of it.

Maru’s story has raised outrage against her previous owners, and the sweet pup has received an outpouring of love and support.

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