my darling put your confidence in me I will bear your hardships and alleviate

the stresses that strain your heart give me all of your problems including the

ones you think are too big to handle and tell me about the difficult decisions you’ve had to make when faced with

seemingly no clear path forward keep an eye out while I unravel and resolve them

your unshakable confidence in me is the spark for a deep and life-altering journey those who ignore ignore your

efforts and impose unrealistic constraints on your path deserve no respect just know that right now you are

not a status symbol for me standing tall by your side I am a driving force that

will Propel you forward even if your enemies attempt to scare you you must

remember that they can’t control your fate you are safe and protected in my loving arms I am here to guide you out

of the darkness with my gentle light your deepest concerns are my guiding Compass leading you to a place of peace

and plenty I can lift you up carry your weight and ease your fears life never

leaves you alone I’m always by your side ready to lend you a hand and keep you

safe if you continue to have unwavering trust in me I will amplify my support

from within you will learn the way the truths and the meaning of life I am the

doorway that opens to a world of benefits and kind kindness enter this portal and you could find the plenty and

happiness your soul Longs for no matter how difficult your history has been new

opportunities are opening up in front of you now I offer you a challenge that goes beyond this world and your pain A

New Beginning a fresh life full of purpose free from rebellion and resentment so that my love and

forgiveness can flow through you like a gentle current bringing restoration and renewal their whining is point less so

they should just stop existing Embrace this period of regeneration and change

and unleash what couldn’t be allow me to fortify you so that you can carry less weight and move more easily into a new

day filled with achievements and triumphs lean on perseverance and drink

up my affection stop letting other people’s criticisms influence you learn

the skill of forgiveness and offer those who have wronged you a second opportunity to change and become Kinder

and more compassionate your compass should represent the virtues that will strengthen you and make you stronger

with each passing day amplify love pardon those who have wronged you and

provide another threat to those who have shut themselves off anyone may see the results of your actions you’re inside me

and I’m inside of you my darling keep in mind that there are those who understand

with my assistance you will be able to climb this mountain reach the to Peak and win the battle for your way of life

with the strength and determination I give you you can do everything you set your mind to in this way of life my

little one you must persevere you must not let hardships deprive you of your

aspirations and Ambitions The Beacon of Hope never goes out not even in the

depths of Despair rest easy for you are not alone in this desolate area

nonetheless no one ever made it to the promised land without first passing through deserts overcoming obstacles and

suffering tribulations your presence is like a shield around me you never let me go and

you are always there to help while the sun is shining I may be a cool Refuge from the Heat and when Darkness Falls I

can be a pillar of fire guiding you with comfort and light listen to my words

carefully put your faith in me and I promise you great things that will come to pass reminding him that my acceptance

is genuine within me I will no longer lure him into the enemy’s trap where he will try to throw you for a loop let

your difficulties not your faith determine whether you agree that your lifestyle lacks motivation always be

true to your vows and let my word shine brightly as a beacon to guide you stay

connected with me and I will fulfill your wishes no matter how difficult life becomes take refuge in contemplation and

prayer my beloved and let the peace of my words calm your soul come with me as

we watch the fruits of our labor Blossom Beyond Your Wildest Dreams you will

triumph over every fear and difficulty turning defeat into a concrete reality

my beloved daughter you must keep coming to me in prayer let the Cadence of our talks wake you up and keep you company

all night long do not waver in your pursuit of me I will shower you with

blessings go forward without stumbling my baby continue on your trip with the

assurance that your troubles will vanish as my promise of Eternal pleasure contentment and serenity materializes

continue pressing the pricey one without stopping you will soon reap the rewards of your perseverance my darling no

matter how tempting it may be to deviate from the path I have laid out for you you must not do so do not let

difficulties cast doubt on your path or unleash the benefits I have promised you

what you’re experiencing right now does not dictate what the future holds rather

it is a precursor to the remarkable event that is about to transpire in your life keep moving forward because each

stride takes you closer to the benefits you want there is an ability inside you

that will lead you to a future filled with benefits and wealth so do not let

what you see or hear discourage you even if your days are filled with hardships

accept as real what I have have banished from your religious imagination and pressence and know that the difficulties

you endure are nothing compared to the Magnificent advantages that await you

think of every challenge as a stepping stone on the way to success my beloved newborn cling steadfastly to your faith

because it assures you of the Miracles that lie ahead now is the moment to

acknowledge the commitments I’ve given to you so get your juice back and go forth

courageously the idea that your journey will always be fraught with difficulties is a myth that you must not believe

neither are you a loser nor a failure keep in mind that Envy often follows

those who wish they could share in the Good Fortune you’ve had so pay no attention to the words of those who want

to bring you down my affection for you is unwavering and my advantage is persist even in the face of

naysayers remain steadfast in your faith and principles and acknowledge their veracity inside me my beloved you have

the strength to overcome any challenge get over the obstacles standing in your way and seize the many opportunities

that present themselves to you right now I am here a symbol of unfaltering love

and strength ready to fill your soul with the courage to face the challenges that lie ahead the road ahead may seem

long and winding but remember that I am here to help you navigate it and all the obstacles that life throws at you you

pause and think about the promise I make to you I will make you walk on water

when the ocean stops being a source of fear imagine yourself navigating treacherous seas and parched deserts

because I will provide you with the power to conquer any challenges as it envelops you experience the comforting

Embrace of my love which is beyond all knowledge look at the impact of my heavenly presence it is here to comfort

you and take you to Greater Heights I the architect of your destiny am carving

a path of Grace and blessing for you it only takes your Dependable feet to follow this path fear of failure or

uncertainties that can derail your progress should no longer hold you back rather let me fortify you heal the

wounds in your heart and remove the doubts that may immobilize you with each passing moment my little child I am

shaping you into a responsible and fortunate person who can fully experience the lives I’ve planned for

you please don’t give up on the faith you’ve placed in me I beg you you must

not be disheartened by the condition of the world and must break free from the chains of your past mistakes and future

anxieties right now because the Grandeur and magnificence of what lies ahead cannot be emphasized enough being a

guiding presence in the lives of the people I care about allows me to feel my presence is power and love there is

always an opportunity to start over and re reinvent your story with my strong

arms allow me to create a future for you that surpasses all of your dreams put

your trust in my instructions alone disregarding other people’s opinions and learn the significance of each step you

take join me on this journey wholeheartedly accepting me for who I am

listen to my words for they contain the wisdom of a light path that leads to

plenty and everlasting happiness you may find comfort in the fact that the challenges you are facing now are just

preparing you for the greatness that is yet to come through every Endeavor you

can strengthen yourself develop as a person and be ready for the really excellent destiny that awaits while this

may not be financially burdensome during your journey maintain your faith in the abilities I have bestowed upon you

remember nothing is insurmountable you’re getting closer to the belief in your aspirations the realization of your

Ambitions and the First Rate blessings I’ve always planned for you with every step you take no matter how difficult

the path may be stay strong and determined my darling and you will find the way to Ultimate riches and serenity

have faith and I will accomplish something stay hopeful I’m always listening and if you continue to desire

it I will grant you a generous spirit and many blessings I am now eager to reveal the

great favor I have kept careful y hidden for you since the day you were born you

are the embodiment of my infinite love and admiration my dear life meticulously

designs every aspect to satisfy your desires and bring you Joy keep in mind

that everything you’ve ever wanted from me is exactly what you’ve imagined countless blessings are within my power

to bestow upon you there is nothing that can stop the flow of my benefits into your life in everything that I do I act

with purpose and logic so brace yourself what you are about to experience is not

a threat but rather the embodiment of my deep desire and genuine will Drawing

Near to you pain will be a memory for now and grief will have no place in your

heart this new generation is being born and I will keep every word I’ve ever promised you your deepest desires and

wildest Ambitions will all come true I am molding you into a prosperous and

successful person putting you at the Forefront of the pack rather than at the end of life’s

Pursuits everything that has happened is not a fluke it can be the direct outcome

of your dogged pursuit of my holy word maintaining unwavering commitment has

not always been easy there were times when you wandered away from my instructions and found yourself

aimlessly cruising yet like the dawn your future Splendor would rise above

the Gloom of past advantages accomplishing far more than you could have imagined your kindness and

assistance to the downtrodden sick and disadvantaged have not gone unnoticed

everything you’ve likely accomplished will be worthless you will succeed my darling despite facing challenges you

will ultimately achieve your dreams and goals nothing can stand in your way since I am here to support you in

achieving all of your goals my blessings have been abundantly flowing to you

since your creation fulfilling my Divine will I can extend your life expectancy

and increase the value of your material possessions at the same time my beloved child you will receive abundant rewards

for every moment you selflessly serve me and others without expecting anything in

return keep in mind that I am revitalizing your soul I Am revitalizing

Your vitality and enthusiasm for living all the spiritual abilities and

advantages that your enemy tried to take from from you in this world are now rightfully yours hence always strive to

go forward rise and shine make me your first priority and live out the

boundless potential of the life I’ve planned for you give me the first few seconds of each day embrace the journey

ahead with unfaltering conviction and determination ready to see the advantages manifest right before your

eyes I am bestowing them on you because of your unfaltering loyalty and affection grasp them tightly and do not

let go my beloved child please go forward stop hesitating on the road to

success and wealth go confidently and with determination never forget that I will

always be by your side holding you close get over your fears and doubts and go

forward fearlessly no one will bring disgrace upon you I have the power to Vanquish your enemies those who are

enraged by seeing my blessings and prosperity for you and who fabricate falsehoods without shame my hand will

wipe out those who have turned their backs on the blood that saved them they have become my enemies because they

would not repent of their evil stay away from those who spread false accusations

against their siblings destroying innocent homes stomping on the chosen wheat and aiding in the growth of Tears

they besiege with their mouths and humiliate with their eyes they disguise their perversions as good theology by

painting them white it’s as if they’re wolves masquerading a sheep stay away

from them because they will get what’s coming to them for being Wicked go ahead and keep moving forward stay committed

to your religious Journey Follow My Lead it will pass without a hitch as you

should be eager to hear my voice it is my written word that unlocks the pages of your spirit so know this go through

them believing and loving remembering them cherishing them thinking about them p passionately and obeying them with a

lordly Fidelity there are wonderful benefits and eternal life inside them so

your heart will soar with delight and your soul will have a fantastic time

little darling take these words to heart and hold onto them because I will

provide you with all your desires and all you have requested of me because I

love you and want what’s best for you no problem or obstacle can ever stand in

the way of my blessings in your life you will be safe because I am closely monitoring you my child my dear little

one you will find Refuge under my wing never again will you have to stress

about daytime evils or nighttime Terrors terrible news or hidden diseases should

not frighten you I am your parent watching out for your safety and happiness around the clock from the

first light of dawn till the last star at night May the embodiment of my love and protection engulf you in all your

endeavors in every aspect of your joy and pain my eyes brimming with infinite

concern and love fix on you as I Stand By Your Side remember my love that I am

no longer walking this path alone I am your Fortress protecting you from harm I

take care of all of your loved ones my precious blood bureaucracy is like a wall that no one can break through it

protects them from harm Beyond Simple defense I am moving forward Ward by

providing an impregnable barrier between your loved ones and any danger that may threaten them I promise to keep them

safe from harm I am fully dedicated in good and bad times I will be there to

provide for you and protect you you are not alone whether you win or lose in Serene Tranquility or moderate wrath in

the midst of all the turns and twists I am here to hold your hand abounding with benefits for your life and the lives of

your family my provision for you is like a river that never runs dry fear not

because I will end the attacks of the wicked and all their sorrow and lack at home the enemy’s plots will fail in the

face of my boundless electricity and their plans will crumble at my feet you feel safe in my hands no one or anything

can take you away from me walk in faith and I will meet every need of your soul in plenty hold on to my word since it is

a light that shines even in The Darkest Hours preventing you from tripping you will find that my words serve as

more than just a light they will guide you into unexplored Realms Illuminating deep realities and Timeless ideas

ultimately bringing you Serenity and Mastery have faith in me I can watch over your heart and lead your feet

reliably I will guarantee your protection throughout your journey having me as your guardian brings

Comfort to The Valleys of Shadows and dark paths do not be afraid of the diseases that used to be a danger to

your health and safety in your house don’t let the presence of hidden dangers in every project or problem deter you I

am here to give you the strength and stability you need to keep going have faith in me my kid think about what I

say if you want to take advantage of my Serenity and Tranquility I can arrange

your steps for you even in the midst of storms my peace that surpasses all knowledge will fill your being bringing

calm and Tranquility never give up on your your dreams they contain the key to your success I grant you the courage and

fortitude to reach the heights that the stars do my little one recognizes that

the beautiful and admirable aspirations you hold dear are like seeds I helped cultivate your proposal is brilliant and

I will give you the green light and confidence you need to realize your dreams which will fill your heart with

delight and Propel it to new heights do not give up on these dreams they are a

priceless gift from me the certainty that I will always be the first to reach my destination motivates me to get up

and go about my day ahead of schedule you require my unwavering assistance and

I am here to provide it participate in my company strike up conversations with

me and seek my Guidance with this approach you won’t waste time on unnecessary activities or stray from the

well-laid plans I’ve made for you my mighty hand imbues you with strength

when your patient with yourself you’ll eventually be able to overcome those times of confusion and go on Let My

Words envelop you discovering renewed optimism and resolve to keep going today

is a huge step in the right direction and it’s even more important that you stand tall with confidence and wisdom

since I may be using your strength my darling I want you to know that I can

see how confident you are in your abilities being a parent guarantees that your child will achieve great things

therefore I have made sure that you have all the qualities of a champion from the time you were a toddler with great care

climb to the top and see the wonderful day I have planned for you feel free to voice your concerns as I’m deeply

invested in every aspect of you while my angels are on your side you will not encounter any opposition stay committed

hold your head high I have filled your chest with immense strength urging you to take the first step right now you

have my full support love strength and ability to fulfill all your goals

ensuring your success throw away any pessimism that tries to take hold when

you’re facing formidable foes whose overhanging Shadows conceal unrealized potential for development and

defense adversity leads you to a place of great success and unimaginable

Prosperity your journey is a testament to how the human Spirit can overcome

adversity with poise and dignity your trials like a blacksmith’s cauldron will

shape you into a person of strength resilience and unfaltering Faith through

the fires of adversity you will Forge the keys to doors that lead to unimaginable triumphs so my beloved

remain steadfast as you embrace the path less beaten radiating the life altering

love I have for you you have lived a life that exemplifies the Limitless

potential that exists in every individual a fabric woven with threads of success and perseverance in all

Endeavors perceive the potential for a boom as well as the hope for a better wealthier tomorrow there will be

reverberations for a very long time from the Symphony of your life where faith and persistence play together in Perfect

Harmony I humbly beg you to place your whole faith in me entrusting your life

to the gentle grasp of my fingers as I play a Timeless tune that Echoes the victories of a spirit unwavering in its

Quest For Love truth and everlasting Prosperity show yourself to be

submissive to my will and let my spirit guide you in making decisions that will please me make every effort to live in

harmony with my word and the Eternal values it teaches rather than allowing the world’s Trends to sweep you away you

should guard yourself against the Allure of Temptation and the deceitful actions around you because you know they will

will take you down a path to ruin instead as you go through time you lose

yourself in seeking wisdom and navigating the hallowed pages of my word

this will lead you to a life filled with plenty and wealth as all aspects of your existence are in harmony with my plan

neither the passage of time nor the apparent delay in receiving answers to your prayers should dampen your spirits

or weaken your faith on the other hand if you are just patient and have a firm

belief in what I am saying you will see my promises fulfilled in a spectacular way which will be proof of my love and

faithfulness rest assured that I am here for you each and every day thus you may

place your trust in me within the safety of my presence an unyielding force

propels you to victory that is properly yours on the battlefield of your lives nothing bad will happen to you your

enemies will flee and you my beloved will come out on top joining me in

Triumph via your side you aren’t only Victorious you’re also inheriting Limitless triumphs along your journey

always keep in mind that I am the source of your unending energy the one who will support you right now and in the future

and the one who will stay by your side no matter what in my role as your great

God I lavish you with benefits and show you compassion without stopping my love

for you has no limits it’s like a flame that will never never go out unquenched by anything in the world you can be

certain that my love and strength will be by your side as you face difficult and dangerous times I am with you always

my darling to ease your burdens and provide a light on the path ahead

experience my love’s comforting Embrace as my boundless affection leads the way

I am investing in you with the ability to achieve all your dreams and satisfy

all your deepest desires I am never alone with you my beloved child today my

darling May the Luminous beams of my words illuminate the halls of your understanding bringing blessings and

success into all parts of your lives may I take your cares give you rest and

fulfill my promise to you when you sought my Divine counsel in the first place think about it I’m writing about

you and I know everything there is to know about your way of life you are perfectly recognizable to me I can tell

when you are strong and when you are weak all of your deepest darkest wishes are known to me I am here to assist you

so there’s no need to be worried in my role as your king I will never leave you or forsake you you my dear little one

have a special place in the fabric of my Divine will it is my deepest desire to shower you with many blessings so that

you may fill your heart and soul with Limitless joy and happiness do you still not remember that I’m father far more

blessed by plenty than by scarcity I’m going to keep my word and

fulfill all of my promises to you saw through these days knowing that everything will work out for the best

because I am your leader you need a reliable companion and I am that enter

my presence engage in conversation with me and seek my Guidance with this

approach you will not go off the path I have shown you or spend time on the wrong procedures feel feel the power of

my influence as it envelops you those confusing emotions will no longer thwart

your will to grow if you really absorb my statement you will discover A Renewed sense of drive and the will to keep

going make a significant stride toward success I stand tall and proud with the

knowledge that I am standing by your side leading the way you can do it my darling it is within your power to acrw

have faith in your abilities I have given you the traits of a winner prepare

yourself for a remarkable day that I have exclusively designed for you rest assured I am taking care of every detail

that pertains to you my guardian angels have protected me I am unable to overcome any obstacle on my own have

trust raise your head to an extreme angle the immense Force within your coronary heart is prodding you to take

the first step in this precious moment my beloved child you are meant to

succeed so take comfort in knowing that you are supported loved powerful and

capable of achieving all of your Ambitions my kind affection for you is here to comfort you in all your troubles

keep in mind that my love for you is like a flickering candle it will be there through all the chapters of your

life and I will be here to comfort you whenever you need me my darling child

Here and Now take comfort in the arms of my love a love that has no bounds and

never fails to envelop you receive this love with boundless devotion which is natural Exquisite and unconditional I’ve

lured you away from a life of failure to a life of Victory one full of many

benefits no challenge is too great or too high for me to overcome since I know

that your unfaltering belief in me as genuine makes me stronger than any storm

even in the midst of life’s chaos when exhaustion tries to engulf you and tears are your only language you know in your

heart that you possess an unbreakable strength and a courage that is capable of renewal you have an inner strength

that comes through even in the darkest parts of your trip your resilience goes far beyond what you can see as you

navigate the complex patterns each Challenge and Adventure contributes to the Masterpiece that is your life storms

may come your way as You Follow The Weavers every turn but a soul strength

thed by unfaltering faith can withstand any Tempest you are more than a victim

of circumstance you are a champion of difficult internal struggles fueled by

the unending sweetness of my love no matter where you are or how long it

takes remind yourself of Your Love whenever you feel like giving up Faith my beloved is a Lifeline that you hold

to and let carry you on even when the road ahead seems perilous but if you can

uncover the truth inside your yourself and embrace it without question you may

discover a source of strength that can withstand life’s challenges and overcome

obstacles raise your heart to the triumphant tune the seemingly insurmountable obstacles are really only

Stepping Stones on the road to a future of Victory and you are not alone keep

your faith alive whether you have permission or not your faith serves as The Guiding Light

that will guide you through the most ch challenging times for it is on this trip that you will emerge not just as a

Survivor but as a living testimony to the life-altering power of faith and

unending love I have the power to bring forth Springs in arid regions thereby

satisfying your hunger under the scorching Sun of the desert I can protect you speak up reject the enemy’s

plots with my word and obtain restoration as a privileged inheritor to eternal life as I express my love for

you allow my presence to envelop You Close Your Eyes keep in mind that I am

interacting with you today via your facet I the all powerful creator of

Heaven and Earth am aware of the causes of your grief and I have not long turned a blind eye to your weeping underneath

the sky I am aware of everything and my heart aches for you when your supposed

loved ones go leaving you weary and alone but you can be sure that I am manipulating every aspect of your lives

listen to my love’s language a voice that speaks clearly to your spirit and has previously soothed your pain I am

still the same person who gives you courage and happiness behold your surroundings savoring the abundance of

data I have arranged to Astound you and divert your attention away from your quest to steal your riches they oppose

your joy since your faith and manner foil their nefarious plots they know that my love surrounds you and protects

you from harm so they feel defeated even before they strike my little one keep in

mind that you may achieve both inner peace and the great wealth that comes from living in harmony with me by

following my rules and accepting the ideas of my word no matter what difficulties you may face along this

holy path know that I am by your side if High walls hinder your progress see them

not as impossible obstacles but as opportunities for growth and protection the difficulties you face

will really be stepping stones on the road to eventual Triumph success and

Lasting wealth therefore I beg you to put your whole faith in me and give your life to

the Divine Potter do what I say my beloved child so that my spirit May

guide you in the choices you make as you weave your life’s tapestry every fiber

may carry the concepts of my statement acting as the resilient threads that withstand the challenges of life

unfortunately not everyone pays attention to the soft Melody I sing the seductive Whispers of Temptation and the

irresistible currents of the sector unknowingly set them on a dangerous course that will harm them and separate

them from my Limitless love so on this blessed day my beloved child I implore

you to pay attention to my voice listen to what I have to say and avoid void the empty transient and shallow roads that

tempt you at those moments keep in mind that this world with its fleeting promises tries to

offer you a life drenched in desires pleasures and temptations but be careful for these

lures will only lead you away from the warm embrace of my eternal love and into the crushing Abyss that is your

generation my little one sees a tapestry where Limitless Spirits give in to the alluring illusions of this world

conforming to its everchanging changing Fashions and embracing habits that alas inevitably lead to trouble in the middle

of all this chaos the Arena’s offerings are temporary so bear that in mind when

you take them in they may be deceitful Promises of happiness but they cast the

longest Shadows on this Epoch of constant trade and Ever Changing standards so stand firm against the

currents that would sweep you away from the safety of my love root yourself in

the Eternal principles that follow what I say the sector’s offers may seem

appealing at first glance but they are nothing more than fleeting illusions that can never compare to the lasting

contentment and success that my love can provide you are faithful to my Divine

will accept this in order to help you succeed in this world I will strengthen

you and give you the courage and knowledge you need join me on this journey and I will show you the way to a

life filled with blessings Grace and Tranquility where you will succeed no

matter what you do let me lead you and if you keep my promises you will see

your life improved by a higher power getting out of a tough bankruptcy doesn’t always mean this I protect you

with my affection and unwavering might in this challenge you may find that courage and Triumph are your allies

those challenges won’t declare you even if they plan your demise instead they

create Power Within in you just as Darkness creates shadows and tears Cloud your vision you do not want to give up

on your achievements because of issues caused by others I feel your pain and

anxiety gesture with me let us together uncover the path of faith in the midst

of your bewilderment let me examine your heart’s gifted discernment for wise selections this will prevent the chorus

from giving their full attention to their own Endeavors while I implore you to try and

show bravery remember that success isn’t always totally up to you stay with me

from my vantage point on the throne your bravery and the way you have changed as a person are obvious you inspire others

around you and your faith tenacity and benefits derived from religion will endure your Devotion to me is a precious

link yet it brings me joy to recall my promises and I want to shower you with

even more blessings continue to persevere as your journey is filled with Divine assurances and remarkable

benefits let your environment shape you into the person you really are the unending support energy and love that

radiate from my ever extended hand have no limits my Limitless and unlimited

omnipotence has answers you never imagined let me into your heart and let

my Divine guidance illuminate your path leading you to answers that are right before your eyes in me as I show you the

way to overcome difficult circumstances find the peace and strength you need

keep searching for my resource I’m always eager to hear your prayers and provide for your needs soar above

hardship and Thrive inside the brightness of your potential the moment has arrived for an upward push my

beloved child for with each New Morning Comes the chance for a new beginning and

the embodiment of a unique manner of transformation refrain from looking back

with the help of regret instead look forward with the bright light of desire

and the unfaltering resolve to go on refrain from giving into despair you

have a purpose and a special way to weave your way through this complex web of life no matter how difficult things

become you must not let despair turn off the fire that burns brightly inside you

or alter your course I will strengthen you to be an enduring source of Joy even

when you experience adversity maintain your unwavering faith and welcome The

Hope inherent in my boundless love doing so will lead you to the serenity

physical well-being and success that your heart really desires I would rather

not continue dealing with the same long-term challenges may you experience an

abundance of Joy tranquility and Harmony let yourself be at peace in my presence

as I confirm your acceptance at this precise moment I can answer your prayers

lead you to victory surround you with my love and strengthen your soul I reach

out my hand to you full of unfaltering optimism and immense delight and invite

you to go with me to the place where anything is possible the dry spots in your life may become streams of

life-giving water that slakes your Soul’s hunger and I can bestow the Marvel of heavenly honey on you I may

implant Divine bravery that never fades in your heart embrace the upward drive hold on to my

hand and stroll holily please share this knowledge with those you care about

because there is a bright future ahead of you full of joy a future whose value and advantages you do not yet fully

understand you will find Solace and healing in my love assistance in my gentle touch guidance in my direction

and a complete Embrace in my presence you will be filled with my Holy Spirit to the point that you feel as if you are

are floating on a river of pure natural water and you will have joy like you’ve never had before this feeling of

protection and affection goes beyond anything you have experienced before these days the moments of difficulty and

isolation of feeling ignored and abandoned are fading from your memory I

will arrive to bestow strength upon you lifting the darkness in your spirit from

now on my promises will be a continuing theme in your conversations re assuring

you in quiet times that I’m always here for you when you’re feeling overwhelmed by stress and fatigue if you only looked

to me I would ease your troubled heart never again will you have to question my

love I have not abandoned you I am always with you wherever you go I have

not abandoned you my little one therefore there is no longer any need for concern this is your life’s journey

and you’ve never been on it alone I have shown my undying love love and devotion as a result Harbor has come to

understand that while hardships and darkness may seem overwhelming at times he maintains his faith I haven’t

abandoned you and I never will even if some of you may be dealing with terrible vices and behaviors or intense problems

right now think about your own path even though I know all of your tricks faults

and secrets my love for you just deepens with time I have not abandoned you and I

will not hold your shortcomings against you or bring up your transgressions many had not even

imagined that where you are today would not have been possible with others you have made steady progress towards the

Land of Plenty thanks to my teachings and your will to adapt Triumph and

improve every day help out not only those close to you but also those who

live far away from you and your family send prayers of encouragement and strength their way as they fight to the

Finish keep in mind mind this unique message I composed only for you as you come to understand its importance and I

have faith that you can answer my call even in the middle of the financial collapse wars and rumors of war in the

arena if you swear to me you and your loved ones will prosper I will never

leave you my son or daughter my love for you has no bounds my energy surrounds

you and I will always be here for you if you can imagine it you can definitely do

it thus you should never give up on your dreams in order to accomplish everything

that you set out to do I provide you with the courage and power you need my

darling you must know that I am the one who plants lovely and honorable dreams in your heart your concept is really

brilliant and I am fully behind you in helping you bring your goals to life may they bring you Joy fulfillment and an

abundance of excitement keep going because those desires are a gift from God

infused with the holy spirit that gives life to your tired soul my words are

more than just utterances they are dwelling realities I am calling on you my dear to join a greater cause that

goes beyond the transient concerns of this world avoid succumbing to the fleeting Allure of worldly pleasures or

the fleeting trials that Define your journey bring with you the unshakable

assurance that my Limitless love surrounds you give give this love the strength to protect you from the

destructive thoughts and feelings that might attack you while you’re weak I pray that this love will give you the

strength to keep going to rise above any difficulty that comes your way and to see the inherent Beauty in each

challenge as a chance to create something beautiful a masterpiece filled with faith hope and love consider how

your thoughts words and deeds act as potent tools shaping your life to

reflect the divine plan intricately woven within it you are a dazzling light

of Desire who may guide others who are similarly lost in the darkness may your

very being be a powerful Testament to the transformational power of my Limitless love be a living testimony to

my power and elegance by embodying the metamorphosis of your lives into a brilliant light that shines through the

night and illuminates the path for countless others if you close your eyes

and let me show you the light of my love you may feel as strong as a tree that grows Strong by the side of a stream

producing fruit in plenty and never ending leaves I’m here to make up for what you lost and fix everything you let

slide through your fingers a beautiful alternative is about to come into your life and your family’s life as well I am

willing to pour out my boundless blessings on you until your hearts are filled with joy my beloved baby I’m here

to tell you that that it’s time to get up and go around eliminate the Illusions

and worries that entrap you listen closely to what I say allow my truth to

set you free from the deceit of the wicked one who has held you back in life filled you with useless anxieties and

doubts and almost made you give up all you’ve worked for maybe this is the time to climb up with me and hold my hand

once again you will dream big entertain ambitious ideas overcome your worries

and achieve all your goals my dear little one if you hold my hand I promise

you that nothing will remain the same so come closer to me now without fear never

lose sight of the fact that I can be by your side every step of the way guiding you to achieve your goals in accordance

with my purpose for your life with my guiding hand I can lead you to your rightful home where you may

flourish all I ask is that you put your faith in me and take the words I’m

saying to you these days at face value because my love is abundant and my grace is sufficient when that happens I’ll be

able to show you the roote and you’ll arrive at a place of gentle Meadows and many blessings stay vigilant and stay

focused so that you may seize the wonderful opportunities that present themselves when doors open and

opportunities knock awaken to the power of perseverance the courage to face life’s obstacles and the a steadfast

certainty that you will never be alone as you Embrace this Divine love you face

insurmountable odds yet my words will touch your soul and make you

unbreakable there is nothing that can break you or take away the benefits I have generously provided the tough times

will not hinder the effective work I do within you you work tirelessly every day to make your dreams a reality and I know

that you have many plans and ideas of your own how however I also know that you have times of self-doubt if you’re

afraid your dreams will stay just that fantasies let me screen that magnificent

and miraculous stuff I eagerly anticipate our meeting prior to the Arena’s motivation in your mother’s womb

I shaped you chose you and declared you mine I am drooling with delight you

should no longer take heart keep going and give it your all I will instill in you an insatiable hunger for life and an

unwavering desire to keep going in my name your thinking will change and you

will come out stronger and more resilient than before in spite of the challenges you face my darling you will

emerge blessed and adored as you go out on this adventure I can see your dreams

coming together like a tapestry that will Captivate you beyond your wildest dreams imagine the bright Paradise of

possibilities that is waiting for you every Blossom reflects your endurance and unfaltering resolve play it cool

because your record of achievements is about to reverberate through the halls of history let the Symphony of

achievement enter your soul so that it may accompany you on every step in the midst of life’s many obstacles know that

my heavenly hand is guiding you and coordinating a beautiful dance of blessings and

victories think of it this way my darling hardship is the artist who carves out your Monument do not let

uncertainty cast a pole over your resolve my light shines brightest in The Darkest Hours guiding you to face the

storm’s head on ultimately they will strengthen your foundation making you

stronger and more unwavering you need not be afraid amidst the twists and turns of the road ahead I will not walk

this journey alone in the face of Despair my everpresent love surrounds you like a shield I have made promises

that will last forever resonating through the Halls of history and touching not just your life but also the

lives of those who will come after you as you Traverse the vast deserts of this world where the Junes of Doubt can

engulf you yet where the Waters of Desire can nourish your spirit and

quench your thirst so my dear one keep marching on with unshakable trust in

what is ahead your destiny unfolds with Divine Precision when You Face trials

but you must also recognize the grace that pulls you you forward in the face of triumphs from this very moment

forward throughout eternity I will be by your side directing assisting and loving

you as you embark on your holy Journey the results of one’s efforts and aspirations are

spectacular my beloved child I pray that my promises my words and your

unfaltering trust become threads in the fabric of your life cradle my hand and

continue in faith at all hours do not give up when immediate results seem unattainable as I quietly paint I bestow

my blessings on you I know you get it I’m absolutely not hesitant I never show

up late or too early when the time is right I take action trust me to always

keep my promises to you even when you don’t see them coming and ignore the evil spirits nagging voices that try to

tell you that you’re going to fail because it is a coward you should rebuke oppose and watch as it runs away instead

of putting your faith in worldly uncertainty put it in me keep in mind

that the sector’s offers are temporary and unsuitable in contrast to my eternal and correct contributions paradise and

Earth may also stray from materialistic aspirations my words may eventually fade

but those who obey my will will forever remain in my memory that is why my darlings when difficulties arise face

them headon with unflinching bravery when mistakes and problems come knocking

meet them headon without fear Stand Tall with Faith and Hope view challenging

circumstances not as obstacles but as opportunities to grow stronger gain

wisdom and strengthen your spirit recognize that I created you in my likeness a Fearless creature capable of

overcoming any evil work regardless of what the future holds believe me and

allow me to control your lives as I see fit join me on this journey and I will

transform you giving you the wisdom and strength to live the life you see for yourself I will lead you down roads

lined with kindness mercy and blessings and I will see to it that all you do

succeeds open your heart to my teachings embrace my promises and witness a life

enriched by Divine reason unfold before you when you feel lost or uncertain May

the knowledge of my love serve as a steadfast anchor in the midst of the complexity of our

lives have faith in the permanence of my commitment which outlasts the fleetingness of Earthly concerns find

comfort in knowing that I am by your side offering unfaltering support love and guidance when you are alone or when

the world becomes too much to bear turn inside and find solace in the depths of

our bond my love has no bounds and is always by your side so you may rest

certain that you are never really alone on your journey calm down darling for I

Am Your Divine Shepherd and I will lead you lovingly through this Maze of life

making sure that every turn is smooth and easy as you navigate the intricate

Web of Life May The Echoes of my words reverberate within you may you fully

embrace the blessings bestowed upon you and may the Divine Light Shine through you as a symbol of the legendary love

that surrounds you always remember that my love is by your side a compass and a

refuge in this Dynamic and shifting World rest easy knowing that I am by

your side through it all a loving presence that gently guides you as you grow in your faith and trust in the

promises I’ve given you they will blossome like spring flowers when the time is

right always keep in mind that your life is a blank canvas brimming with untapped

potential and advantages awaiting Discovery embrace my lessons with unwavering trust as they weave into the

vast fabric of this planet and together we will bring them to fruition in spite of how difficult

things become you may find strength in knowing that my Limitless love and tremendous energies are supporting you

remember this whenever you feel weak with my assistance you can overcome any

obstacle that threatens to derail your quest you will not Traverse this path alone for you I am an everlasting

present of Love assistance and an impenetrable shield of security we’ve

delicately woven the divine plan for your lives and the Marvels that await

place your belief in me within this plan embrace the future with unwavering

resolve because it holds a rich tapestry of Happiness purpose and prosperity

Grace will fill your heart with immense appreciation never give up keep moving

on with unwavering Faith all the way to the end of the fullness of Eternity my beloved my heavenly presence a source of

peace Embraces you as you place your faith in me a flood of benefits beyond

your imagination will pour down upon you like the Symphony of truthfulness

resonating across space and time my love is so great that it transcends all

limitations goes beyond comprehension and touches the sky I want you to know that my love has

no bounds therefore I will wrap you up in your vulnerable times and show you the kindness and forgiveness that I have

to offer however in most cases I am able to catch you if you fall however I will be

there to help you recover and continue on the right Road my love for you is Limitless and unending it is ever

presentent igniting the fire and strength you need to conquer any challenge When You Close Your Eyes allow

me to join you let my affection embrace embrace you bringing Solace and support

my presence is warm and comforting put your trust in me wholeheartedly and I will bring you Liberation calm and

serenity you trust me and know that I will always be there for you providing

strength and stability allow me to envelop you in a love so deep that it can heal any broken heart and rejuvenate

any tired Spirit please know that no matter what challenges life throws at us

my love for you will remain unwavering today more than any other day I am

prepared to help you forgive me if I take on your persona and carry your responsibilities my love surrounds you

and offers healing right now no matter how far away or obscured your path may seem keep in mind that hope is still

very much alive now that I’m right here with you a new adventure awaits you I

want you to ReDiscover life dream big and strive for great things because in

me you can get back all that has gone away and more I want you to have a long

happy life full of success and happiness the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed

by worries or stressed out just put your faith in me put everything in my capable

hands and I’ll be there to support and lead you you don’t have to take on this

burden on your own anymore since I’m here to lend you a hand today I tell you

that being quick and boastful isn’t the way to success or happy happiness that you shouldn’t be naive or egotistical

and that you should seek knowledge Above All Else my little child since it’s the key to success in all you

do in order to face life’s challenges with Grace and wisdom listen to my words

remember my advice and grow old everything you’re going through or have been through is real to me keep in mind

that I’m not alone let go of any naive pride and accept knowledge this

life-altering adventure will lead you to places you’ve never dreamed of and give you the strength to overcome any

challenge keep moving forward remember that I am your Shepherd on a daily basis

my child and that I will make sure that you never lack anything vital let your

trust hope and love guide you as you watch the prosperity that comes from

every activity I have supplies specifically designed to meet all your needs I am the one who can save you and

being in my Heavenly presence will take all your fears away a river of live

Waters supports your roots and the fruits you produce will bring blessings to your family and many more in the

infinite realm of my love discover the Tranquility you’ve been longing for and

rest assured that you’re never alone or abandoned today is the day you’ve been waiting for it’s the day to go on with

unwavering determination overcoming any obstacle that stands in your way in the

face of life’s tempests my unwavering love will remain a radiant light

regardless of how disoriented or lost you may feel have faith that my love will expertly lead you to a future

filled with brilliant sunshine my beloved children your special and irreplaceable purpose weaves you into

the complex fabric of our planet making you resistant to change dream big accept

that I am your stronghold and put your faith in the path that leads to me I am

always there ready to help you up when you fall and to strengthen you when you fail keep in your heart the promise that

I am the one who will lead you to Everlasting pleasure contentment and

serenity my love for you is Limitless it spans the length and breadth of time and

it remains continuous and unchanging the depths of my affection know no bounds I

will be there for you even in the darkest hours to help you rise up and shine a light on your journey join me on

this trip and I promise you that no obstacle will be too great for us to overcome be careful to listen to what I

say the fact that you are listening to me right now is not an accident let the sound of my voice reverberate deep

inside you a message of love and understanding is what I deliver today

please know that this letter is Not an Accident but rather an honest attempt to convey my love for you which I hope will

touch you deep deeply and cause you to think deeply rest assured I will be by

your side every step of the way I the Lord your God am the rock upon which you

may build your strength so you need not be afraid I will support you in all of your endeavors with the strong right

hand of justice so that you do not stumble along the way my child be firm

in the face of your oppressors their Rebellion will be in vain because I am your God in the Cru I of life’s trials I

hold you in my right hand destroying the terror of your enemies as I reveal myself to be your loyal supporter

prepared to untangle the web of hardship that may entangle you I am your resolution so please know that in times

of Darkness I will be your Lighthouse allowing you to bravely Traverse the

Shadows picture me as the Divine healer mending any broken places and bringing

you back to full health I will say save you from your pit of despair and dress you in the Garment of kindness and Grace

I Am The Mastermind behind your salvation my devotion to you is

unwavering regardless of the circumstances my love with the Holy Spirit abiding inside you I am always

with you providing comfort and a map to follow my whole being resides in the

safe haven of your heart the roots of your faith surpassing human knowledge

will touch the depth depths of your heart as you Embrace this profound connection and hand over control of your

life to my capable hands in every moment I’m close to you offering guidance and

comfort in the fabric of your life the power of my promises is unmatched and nothing can stop them from coming true

for you as you grieve I will wrap you and your loved ones in a beautiful blanket of blessings making your hearts

overflow with pleasure and gladness a blessing like a soft rain is about to fall on your life you are more than IM

mortal you are my beloved child a Victor in Christ Jesus a holy priest and a

member of a sacred Nation so lift your eyes to the sky and let that thought sink in in the depths of your mother’s

womb I picked you up and set you apart for a life filled with many gifts your

destiny is to be filled with blessings as well as to be an example of love and compassion to everyone around you my

love for you has has no bounds and I hope you never forget that my undying love for you is unaffected by your

present situation in order to forgive you and bring you back to life I am

standing by your side my child trust that I am with you no matter how dark the night becomes and go on confidently

in times of trouble I will stand as a barrier between you and harm your Faith and Hope have placed their trust in me

and I will see to it that you are safe my angels will surround you protecting

your spirit from danger you will get my many and wonderful benefits if you continue to trust me to the very end you

can always count on my unending support and deep love for you I will arrange for

great things to happen since you have been selected to Triumph and receive blessings pay close attention as I speak

I am here now to reassure you so don’t let the future discourage you or make you afraid I will be by your side

encouraging and directing you as you go my deepest wish for you is that you are

able to experience an abundance of Happiness contentment and success in life however to reach this heavenly

condition it is necessary that you Endeavor to not only listen but also accept my message hold it dear in your

soul and allow it to penetrate all parts of your being see my word for what it

really is the brilliant light that illuminates your path much more than just advice your unfaltering

determination to follow my word will serve as a foundation for all of your future choices and deeds just as my

unfaltering compass will lead you down safe paths and my indomitable power will

strengthen you when you face challenges may it harmonize with the Divine Purpose

I have woven into the fabric of your being like a tune orchestrating the Symphony of your life you will find the

strength to resist temp temporary Temptations and succeed in your quest for Eternal happiness and spiritual

plenty my beloved because you are steadfast in your Devotion to my word I

aspire to be a shining light in your immediate surroundings a channel for sharing my infinite love and eternal

truths I am not asking you to flee from the world but rather to resist its values and harmful practices be a

shining star casting light on the Shadows a rock solid hope in a world

that needs love to change everything make this truth a part of You by

following my eternal rules and Heavenly precepts you will find true wealth and contentment within yourself therefore

put your fears to rest as you face the difficulties you will encounter on your path for I will be by your side in every

step in the light of my heavenly presence I bestow my blessings upon you

my dear child with a raised hand you acknowledge the Divine Light that is inside you and invited to radiate as a

Guiding Light I pray that my voice can calm your fears like a lullabi that my

words of courage and encouragement can tremble in your ear lifting and strengthening your spirit that you may

find refuge in the peace that comes from my love a Haven from the storms of life

and that I can reveal my face to you when you are uncertain or when doubt casts its shadow my dedication to

ensuring your welfare is constant as you are well aware despite the ups and downs

and periods of light and dark on your life’s path I am here to guide you through the cosmic dance and provide

Comfort when you feel lost in the chaos my beloved child do you still recall the

vow I made to you in the midst of life’s Symphony you can always rely on me since

I am not an impartial spectator but rather a Shepherd who leads the light that shines through even the darkest

roads may my love fill your spirit with a soothing song that brings you comfort and confidence fear and worry have no

place in your heart’s holy quarters and I the Everlasting presence am right

there with you to help you find your way no matter how difficult things become I will be right there with you I am here

to support and shield you as you navigate this complex world because I am a loyal friend who will never leave you

while you’re going through tough times stay strong and UNF based by the doubts and Whispers of others around you I will

stand by your side no matter what constant criticism has not ignored your unfaltering faith I have seen your

tenacity in the face of adversity it is evidence of my infinite love and strength it gives me immense pleasure

and satisfaction to see how fearlessly you are spreading my truth gather your strength my beloved child and Stand Tall

with unwavering resolve keep in mind that my promises lie Beyond this Valley of shadow Shadows no matter how black it

becomes you will find a blossoming of Happiness tranquility and plenty of benefits there in the middle of the

abundance of benefits you will see the Surplus in your life and in the lives of generations to come in you I will carry

out my promises therefore hold on to the confidence that I am a reliable promisee

keeper I am constantly working for your benefit so I beg you my child to be brave patient and to put your hold faith

in me there will be no end to my love for you and my compassion and Grace will never fail you can confidently

anticipate significant benefits in your life love plenty and wealth will

relentlessly pursue you you may put your faith in me and I will ensure that nothing bad happens to you I want to

protect you from pain so come close listen my love this is only the beginning you are facing difficult times

but my love will be there to support you and even help you overcome them you will

emerge from this ordeal Victorious and brave because even if your enemies are

out to destroy you these trials will not kill you but strengthen you there’s no

need to give up on your achievements because of the hardships you’ve endured when the night falls and tears well up

in your eyes I can feel your anguish and sympathize with your feelings please

join me on this journey of Faith by taking my hand if you would only let me see into your soul I will give you

wisdom to help you make choices in all areas of your life right now in all your

bewilderment I beg you not to put all your faith in your own abilities but I also urge you to be courageous when you

win don’t take your success for granted or think it’s all about you I have faith

that once you experien success you will not leave me you are brave and strong

you are brave in indeed you offer a breathtaking perspective from The Pinnacles of my kingdom we have observed

your incredible growth people are beginning to realize how you can make a difference your positive attitude draws

people in your loyalty faith and tenacity have blessed me and I will give

you more your dedication to me is evident this Bears repeating but please

know how much I value it when you keep your word Heavenly promises Adorn your

path and I eagerly anticipate bestowing upon you numerous blessings each time I

hear your words it fills me with immense joy and a deep longing to bestow blessings upon you protect yourself

against the Allure of materialistic demands my darling and let the light of my love shine brightly while you weather

The Tempest be vigilant as Temptations abound in this world often cloaked in

deceptive attractiveness the Temptation is strong yet the these roads will take you straight to Hell rather than to

Redemption so don’t give into the Allure of fleeting fads instead cling to the

Eternal truths I’ve laid forth in my word and let them guide your steps my

intention in pleading with you is not to keep you in Terror but to free your soul from the bonds that this world tries to

bind you to you will find a Haven in the middle of the Mayhem if you accept my

unchanging love and follow the everlas lasting guidance in my word shine brightly as an example of resilience in

the face of transient Temptations instead of falling for the prince of this world’s empty promises and

transient Pleasures find comfort in the Everlasting promises that come from the

throne of grace my wish for you my darling is not to run away from the

world but to weather its storms by your side rather than trying to fit in with

its dangerous norms and ideals you should aim to be a Deacon of Hope a messenger of love and an inspiration to

others around you you may stay firmly planted in the unchanging sanctuary of

my love and bravely face the tempests of worldly influence by arming yourself with the armor of my Truth May the

principles of my word illuminate your path through life’s maze leading you to a life of genuine plenty and everlasting

success instead of letting the glittering world’s Illusions Lead You astray where my love abound bounds and

my grace is abundant I will lead you to your rightful place where you will flourish my only request is that you put

your faith in me and what I say to you now as I show you the route to Peaceful Meadows and open doors of blessing I

will hold your hand by maintaining focus and attentiveness you can avoid distractions during favorable situations

enabling you to enthusiastically pursue your objectives Ambitions and Pursuits

picture the reality that’s waiting for you my beloved stay true to your faith taking in what I

say and firmly establishing your footing on my word in times of Uncertain results

do not allow your faith to falter or give in to hopelessness seize my hand

hold fast to your unfaltering confidence and remember that I work night and day to bless you you should know that I’m

always on time and never waver my heavenly interventions happen just when they’re required and usually when no one

expects them trust that I will keep my word and provide what I have promised ignore the

evil spirits false cries that you can’t win instead scold and fight against all

forms of negativity flee in Terror raise your trust in me and cast your hopes not

on this world because all its Pleasures are fleeting but my promises are real and eternal the world around us is

fleeting but my message and the people who follow it are Everlasting thus my

beloved child have unflinching bravery When Trials and hardships arise trust in

me and the divine plan carefully crafted for you when life’s twists and turns

seem beyond your comprehension embrace the journey with unfaltering faith knowing that in every

challenge lies a chance for Triumph and in every setback a danger for profound

nonsecular Evolution within the vast expanse of life’s turmoil and trust that

everything is orchestrated for your growth and Improvement according to a brilliant plan that matches your deepest

desires let me be your steadfast guide and you can be certain that Sanctuary

will provide you with a peace that is beyond compare my beloved embrace the light of

my infinite love and unending support within you resist the darkness of

Despair put your confidence in me and I will wrap you in a gentle whispering Hug

An Indescribable passion resides in the depths of my heart burning with an intensity that no one

can fathom you are treasured beyond quantification beyond the limitations of

material understanding there are no limits to the extent to which my love for you transcends space and time in

times of Sorrow I will be the rock that supports your strength in the face of adversity so my dearest one I eagerly

await your inclusion calling out strength and bravery as you face the challenges life throws your way I can be

the light that leads you to your heart’s desire in each breath let my love urge

you forward while simultaneously protecting you remember that my love has

the power to heal deep wounds turn sorrow into Joy tears into smiles and

strength from weakness into Invincible energy let my love Symphony weave a beautiful tapestry of your lives echoing

with the Cadence of everlasting love and peace as you consent to my sacred pledge

stand firm when faced with adversity when trouble comes knocking you should no longer run you are no longer confined

by the past your heart is transformed and holds no anger thus I give you the

power to face those who would smear your reputation instead of letting your words

be weapons against people who have harmed you you rise each day free from resentment recognize as factual my

absolute power I am the master of Retribution keep from taking the high

Road in opposition to other people or plotting your enemy demise do not go

down to their level doing so will destroy your will ruin your Ambitions and inflict harm on you prevent yourself

from veering from the path I’ve laid out in times of exhaustion I may wrap you in

a kind Embrace in moments of Joy I can shine my brilliant light onto your journey guiding you safely and in times

of trouble I will remove any impediments in your path let go of the chains of

your past so I may choreograph a transformation in your future and your gift you can get my blessings by letting

go of your anxieties and opening your fingers the difficulties you’re experiencing are evidence of how much

you rely on me pause for a moment and release your worries have faith in my

miraculous Supply your experiences and flaws will make you a symbol of my love

and Fidelity in spite of everything others in your vicinity will see how I sustain and provide for you by living

your life in my honor people will see that I do not abandon my children there are no limits to my love for you permit

uncertainty to diminish in every area of your life your health your family your

career and Beyond I wish to bring you happiness and Amaze you with miraculous

outcomes rather than worrying about the future put your faith in Destiny and

allow it to bless you abundantly in in all areas of your life including your health relationships career and family

instead of worrying about what the future holds just take my word for it as you progress keep the resources I’ve

given you in good hands you will be richly blessed in all areas of your lives if you hold fast to my words of

wish and blessing trust in my unfaltering love prioritize seeking my state and care for each other even when

resources are scarce an unconditional love that has no bounds will satisfy

your deepest desires tears well up in your eyes for no apparent reason but

know that I am here for you find comfort in the love that knows no bounds nothing

else has been available to you even when they show love many people still have

expectations they want you to demonstrate more friendliness and perseverance so they can go but you

can’t do anything to help them on this Global stage when it comes to love peace

restoration and unfaltering Faith no one can compare to me this gift is far from being

worthless to you so come and freely embrace it your strongest desire to

leave the shadows of death behind and embark on a new adventure with me together with your faith loyalty

dedication and an effective heart are what I’m seeking maintain the conviction that fate is dictating your path be

confident say it out loud and let it influence you while you wait I put my

faith in you my beloved child who believes my word with all your being in

return I say welcome the abundance of wonderful blessings I’m about to bestow upon everyone who listens to my words

gain independence and let peace into your lives right now I grant your heart’s wishes protect you from those

who would do you harm encourage you in your Pursuits and bring your aspirations to fruition it is my deepest desire for

you and your loved ones to have good health prosperity and prosperity

throughout your life however beware of those who would want to derail you hoping to bring you

down and discourage you no matter how difficult things become they won’t be able to overcome them unless they are

calm and confident clinging to my words unfaltering concept you will likewise

Triumph against it raise your level of empathy and compassion for your loved ones learn everything you can about

their abilities and the good they bring into the world and constantly remind them of their worth by offering words of

encouragement every individual has a unique set of skills that I need for my master plan so be sure to include all of

them in all the challenges life throws at you I’m with you every step of the way Illuminating the way to the Abundant

Blessings I have meticulously prepared for you my Essence is everywhere until

you fully realize that my divine presence is a source of unfaltering strength and Limitless courage believe

in me even when you don’t see any light at all I am a source of strength in every situation you must always remember

that I am the Unstoppable God who envelops you in an infinite desire my beloved newborn I bestow upon you many

mercies and blessings and each one is filled with the very essence of Happiness pleasure and fulfillment my

love for you has no boundaries and is unaffected by the the EB and flow of events in this world rest certain that

every step can be taken correctly because I am here by your side holding your hand and guiding you to a life

filled with abundant Joy embracing challenging conditions with unfaltering

courage unshakable faith and unshakable commitment is the path to Serenity and

plenty see the shadows and the light that comes from inside me shines through

as all doubt Fades unveiling the top-notch and exquisite advantages that I have saved particularly for you this

heavenly light will take you down the route to incredible pleasure my dearest

kid I’m on board with you on this adventure because I believe that each step is a testament to the beauty of

your existence even in the face of your greatest challenges I lifted you up and

guided you towards the brilliant light I stood by your side whenever you think of

the times I helped you overcome obstacles when I gave you the strength to keep going or when I took away your

pain think back on those occasions what have I done for you that may raise questions about my love and loyalty my

love for you remains unfaltering even during this confusing moment that makes you feel lost and confused having

trouble overcoming doubts and uncertainty is normal your best bet is to stop letting yourself get engrossed

in them remember I am by your side Di and I can count on your unwavering faith

in me because I have never failed and I will never fail again even if you can’t

see me with your physical eyes right now I am making use of your side you are

coming to me with all your heart and in me you will find all the sweetness that

your imagination can imagine you should be prepared to meet me at the most unlikely of places and at the most in

congruous of times locate me in the warmth of friend’s grin whether you’re

experiencing Joy or sadness I may be there patiently waiting for you with the Gentle Touch of a beautiful morning

Breeze and the gentle caress of the wind so put your worries and uncertainties to

rest instead have firm faith in my Limitless love and unfaltering

commitment whenever you get into trouble I’m typically right here ready to lend a

hand and show you the way if you put your faith in me you will be able to face life’s challenges with strength my

love for you is eternal and unwavering it has no bounds not even the passage of

time or the reversal of the course of events your aspect which bestows love

and direction is for which I am eternally thankful do not be afraid my little one I will never leave you so

have faith in me keep on with confidence and determination be courageous and keep

going I am confident in saying that I am always with you with you supporting you and leading you to wisdom success and

benefits my love for you motivated those remarks that touched your spirit my love

for you is so strong that I beg you to listen to my warnings on this particular occasion I beg you to give your whole

attention to equal love since I love you very much I have something special to

say despite the many demands on your time I beg you to listen I want my words

to touch your spirit through all the ups and downs of life my Divine wish is that

you and your beloved family enjoy Everlasting blessings of health and plenty even if a legion of enemies try

to throw a wrench into your plans they will ultimately Fail You are not alone I

am aware of the difficulties you are experiencing by remaining steadfast in your faith in my word I assure you that

you will overcome all obstacles be more compassionate and understanding toward your loved ones learn their abilities

and strengths praise the positive impact they have on the field and speak words of encouragement to boost their morale

and Spark their passion no matter how many of them are struggling with bad habits or relationship strains right now

I think it’s important to celebrate and embrace their distinct qualities because as far as I can tell everyone has a

purpose pick an adventure of your choosing I will love you no matter what

even if I know all your darkest secrets and frailties I will not hold it against against you that you sinned or that I

would judge you for your past misfortunes I beg you in the same Spirit to double the grace that has been

bestowed upon you you have consistently Advanced to the realm of wealth with my

guidance and your unwavering determination even though few could have predicted your present position whether

they’re close to you in your home or even far away I implore you to lend a

hand to those in need serve them shower them with blessings and prayers

and encourage them along their path if you can grasp the gravity of this personally written message I will

acknowledge it as real amidst the financial collapse tensions and tales of

battle in the arena I realize you may hear my name you and your family will not only survive but also Thrive I love

you and my heavenly presence will be with you forever therefore I ask that

you make a promise that you will not break with unfaltering faith my my beloved Son and Daughter embrace the

trip because it is through your thoughtfulness that you will unlock the Limitless benefits and the purpose I

have painstakingly weaved Into Your Existence if you put your whole faith in the power of my word I will pour forth

my Abundant Blessings from on high upon you and your loved ones immediately

there are no limits to the assurances I can make with my strong unfettered hand maintain a firm and real stance put your

faith in them and I will reiterate my Everlasting commitment to you which has become an integral part of your life as

my blessings have multiplied in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles

may your faith serve as a Guiding Light and may the power of surprise inspire you to live out your wildest dreams

don’t let trials dishearten your spirit as each project serves as a stepping stone towards your ultimate prosperity

and Triumph my beloved toddler understand that as you earnestly strive to live in obedience to my word

an abundance of benefits will overflow it miles my fervent Choice with the intention to progress in every aspect of

your existence in this Pursuit you shall locate proper peace boundless happiness

and prosperity that emanate totally from the depths of my love do not allow

yourself to stray from my loving presence or permit the arena to tug you far from the comforting Embrace I

provide vicinity your unwavering acceptance of me as true even if the

problems appear insurmountable and your steadfastness in obeying my Commandments

you shall witness the orchestration of all things working together for your final desire My cherished child is

familiar with the fact that my love for you knows no bounds and that my deepest desire is to see you flourish therefore

do not be disheartened by the demanding situations that could assail you you these days remember that I cherish you

and am with you every step of the way guiding you with love and an unwavering

guide in preference to yielding to doubt and despair cultivate a profound belief

that my Grace isn’t only abundant but enough to maintain you through every Twist and Turn of your journey

relaxation assured my presence is an unwavering associate and I shall

constantly be with you attuned to the Cadence of your prayers and responding consistent with the Divine Precision of

my ideal you’ll sense the warm temperature of my love enveloping you my loved baby and permit the Resonance of

my voice to Echo in the chambers of your heart and thoughts it speaks now not of

condemnation but of a steadfast love that beckons you to include the significance of obeying my phrase and

cultivating a spirit of kindness and compassion in the direction of others as

you navigate the tricky Paths of existence let my teaching serve as your compass guiding your steps with love and

righteousness even in the shadow of life’s loss fear no longer for I’m your

unwavering companion believe in my sovereign management over all matters recognizing that nothing escapes my

omniscient gaze amidst the demanding situations posed by scoffers rest in the

assurance that my benevolent intentions for you stay steadfast unshaken by outside

circumstances surrender your direction before me my baby and witness the recovery of your price range I’m the

harbinger of abundance multiplying the culmination of your hard work and ensuring that lack reveals no place in

your existence Rejoice for it’s my Divine choice to see you prosper and

endure the end result of a bountiful lifestyle place your entire agreement with me and I shall Infuse extraordinary

pleasure into the depths of your heart my advant an ages will extend now not only to your life but will Cascade upon

your circle of relatives touching the lives of your kids and your kids kids

remember God never abandons the righteous and their descendants and hunger will no longer exist beseech them

that the Covenant I’ve made with you my cherished toddler is steadfast and I’m

committed to gratifying it irrespective of the tumultuous activities transpiring

within the world relaxation assured that not anything may be lacking for you

you’re my favorite a precious treasure and the reason I’ve ordained your life

is one of Perpetual blessing and prosperity even if you understand frequent errors in your past take into

account that they do not decrease the profound and eternal love I hold for you

I cherish you with an unwavering affection that transcends all human comprehension and no action on your part

can thwart the Divine reason I I have woven into the fabric of your being delay no greater and agree with yourself

to the Boundless Energy of my grace I shall bless you in such a splendid manner that everyone who witnesses shall

know that I am the final supply of each blessing in your life oh stand unwavering anchoring yourself in bravery

for even within the tumultuous storms of existence miraculous adjustments are taking place for your life together we

will accomplish Feats that showcase the boundless nature of of my love and all powerful electricity I’m regularly

laboring for your well-being leading you on a path embellished with joyous moments and great achievements I beseech

you my child to unyieldingly agree with my phrases and adhere tenaciously to my

promises there is no doubt that I will remain with you till each pledge I make

comes to fruition in moments of uncertainty seek solace in my unwavering

presence in times of Sorrow permit the the Everlasting warmth of my love to be your Solace with open fingers of

affection I’m ever present prepared to envelop you within the comforting Embrace of divine

warranty I’ve meticulously crafted extremely good and breathtaking plans for you my loved one place your

unwavering trust in me and you shall witness the radiant beams of light piercing via the darkest corners

ushering in A Renewed feel of Hope inside the depths of your coronary heart Bas in the encompassing Embrace of my

grace stride hopefully and stand unwavering for I accompany you at every

Twist and Turn of your journey accept wholeheartedly that I am orchestrating

staggering things within the problematic tapestry of your existence therefore my child I implore

you to resist the pull of this world and instead strive to follow my guidance and adhere to the Timeless principles

ingrained in it do not succumb to the appealing Temptations and dishonest practices that surround

you for they may best lead to destruction instead I am seeking

knowledge and guidance to ensure that the essence of my love permeates every

aspect of your lives leading to a life filled with genuine abundance and

enduring Prosperity do not forget my baby that your journey isn’t always

solitary for I with you at each step guiding protecting and showering you

with the grace that flows from the Everlasting sweetness of my love in the extensive expanse of this

International Temptations abound and their winding paths frequently cloak themselves in misleading appeal The

Works of the sector even though they’ll to start with appear appealing and promising Harbor a perilous reality that

leads to the loss of life for the soul my dear child guard your coronary heart

against these enticements for they may may be but Shadows that are searching for them to attract You Into Darkness

and desolation face up to the pull of fake promises and temporary Illusions profer

by the prince of This Global don’t allow the seductive voices to mislead you from my path and distort the truth I’ve

presented to you be confident that I’m with you wherever you go in difficult moments I’m not distant wherever you

stroll I’m there whispering in your mind even if the world ignores or undervalues you I love you you and I am always

attentive despite the fact that the world rejects you and Friends abandon you I look forward to seeing you my love

stays steadfast around you like the air you breathe or the mild wind on your face no matter opinions my word

approximately you prevails you are my beloved child we are trying to find no

approval from this transient International consider that faith and desire are qualities located in me I

will by no means means betray you betrayal unearths no place in my love which is eternal and followed by

blessings specific to you my infant so include my boundless love let it reside

within the depths of your heart and allow my phrases to infuse peace into your soul treasure them for my

guarantees hold the strength to heal beef up and revolutionize your Lifestyles constantly consider

irrespective of where your journey takes you the journey takes you and my love stands because of the unwavering energy

that elevates and sustains you in the course of each day let my love fill your heart with boundless pleasure

illuminating your direction through the darkest nights like a radiant Beacon do no longer dismiss my grace and search

for information to prosper in all of your endeavors I understand that in your

pursuit of goals and dreams you may have felt misplaced and swayed by using impatience and pleasure momentarily

placing apart my word and the recommendation it presents today I will generally tend to all your needs filling

your soul to the brim don’t forget I’m usually by your side endowing you with

the energy necessary to confront any adversity surely rely on me even when it

appears like nobody comprehends your struggles or that you stand by yourself in your battles I am everpresent attuned

to every Whisper of your heart loving you unconditionally and guiding you in

every possible manner in this sacred second my cherished baby additionally

May the soft warm temperature of my love infold you bringing Solace and

reassurance recognize that my love for you is unwavering a constant presence in

each bankruptcy of your existence usually ready to include and console you

while wishing you well loved toddler lift your hands now and welcome the inclusion of my enduring Love A Love

That Never falters or diminishes it’s a far more natural Sublime love

unconditionally and particularly tailored for you accept this love as it will instill in you the resilience to

endure the drive to face obstacles and the unwavering assurance that you will

never walk alone through difficult times may I stand earlier than you my words

will touch your heart fortifying you nothing possesses the energy to annihilate you or strip away the

benefits I’ve bestowed upon you indeed those times can be challenging however

nothing can hinder the powerful work I am orchestrating within you you realize your multitude of plans and desires and

each day you exert efforts closer to them yet there may be moments when you doubt their fruition wondering if your

aspirations will ever come to pass allow me to assure you that I have had First Rate and spectacular plans designed

exclusively for you since the Inception of the sector I decided Ed on you

sculpted you into your mother’s womb and declared my infant in you I am pleased

consequently do not be dismayed persevere in your endeavors Supply your

utmost for what’s within you I can Kindle a zest for Lifestyles and an unwavering determination to persevere

your mindset will transform and you may enjoy a Revival of power each notion of

defeat could be engulfed by my strength in my call you shall Ascend feeling triumphant blessed and profoundly

beloved put together for the transformation of your life right into a dwelling testimony of my strength and

magnificence consider yourself a radiant Beacon piercing through the darkness and

guiding the lives of many people who will be searching for you captivated by the Brilliance of my love and power

radiating from within you you will stand tall like a flourishing tree beside

refreshing streams bearing ample fruit and leaves that in no way wither I will

repair everything you’ve lost returning to you what slipped through your fingers

your life in addition to that of your own family is getting ready for a profound

exchange I’m able to bathe you in an unending reign of blessings satiating your souls today my dear infant I

declare that it is time to rise above your fears and the deception that has ens snared you pay attention to my voice

and allow my reality to liberate you from the lies that have stagnated your life filling you with fears and

insecurities and nearly pushing you to relinquish all you fought for the time

has come for me to rise up and grasp your hand with the support of my face

you may dream again of exciting Grand thoughts you find yourself at the center of one of those glorious convergences

today my darling as the Glorious conducts a symphony of joy and expectation inside the the fabric of

Life an Indescribable Joy reverberates through your soul setting the stage for

the blessings that may soon be yours to receive usually kind-hearted people

gather to share their own advantages with you as you approach this imminent Grace and it’s not just a coincidence

your life is going to receive a Heavenly windfall and I beseech you to come and be its instrument have a conversation

with my kid as if you were someone who knows the immense love and support that is in their life let your word serve as

a testament to the unity of all beings a recognition of the strengthening links

and elevating love the words that come out of your mouth are more than just words they have

the power to shape what happens to you as you anticipate rewards with excitement you’re embarking on a shared

Odyssey not a solitary one where the Divine desire that moves you binds your fate with that of other good-hearted

individuals get ready for them to shower you with their blessings a holy dance evolves inside

the exchange of benefits a dance that links hearts and strengthens the spiritual fabric of Lifestyles so

acquire these services with humility and appreciation let yourself be confident and graceful as you go through life’s

complex dance your self assurance does not necessarily stem from Material success or worldly accolades but rather

from the deep understanding that you are a conduit for the Divine at work work inside you furthermore can you Journey

with the understanding that a higher power has predetermined your path allowing you to navigate it with the

guidance of love and words infused with Divine Essence on this holy Journey with

you I have the power to inspire Elevate and comfort others who are with you even

when the path seems uncertain and uncertainty casts a long Shadow my beloved you are never alone I am ever

present present like a compass indicating True North the symbol I’ve given you serves

as a constant reminder that your connection with the Divine remains strong amid the complex web of human

existence which interweaves triumphs and tragedies good times and bad the divine

plan interweaves your path have faith in its unfolding and trust that each turn

of events leads you closer to your Divine Destiny a one-of-a-kind work of divine imagination your story belongs in

the vast fabric of Life enjoy the fact that you are a living testimony to the infinite love that permeates the

universe as you rejoice in the hopeful expectation of benefits your Tales

whether ordinary or extraordinary serve as brooms every brush stroke on the introduction canvas adds to the Divine

Design which is the Masterpiece now is the time to speak and connect not only

with words but with your whole life’s work creating a picture that shows the Splendor of a spirit at one with God my

darling baby as you enter this new chapter of your life filled with hope and blessings may your heart overflow

with appreciation for the love and support you’ve received and the holy path that lies ahead as the

orchestration of blessings begins in this country of appreciative expectancy

where your heart aligns with the beat of the universe you tune yourself into the Symphony of divine love that plays

continually in inside your life’s history may you be more than just someone who receives Heavenly favor may

you also be a channel for it allow the blessings that come into your lives to

serve as a source of inspiration for others creating a domino effect that goes far beyond your own personal

experience your Delight serves as a testament to the interdependence of all Spirits within the Magnificent Walts of

Christmas making it a gift worthy of sharing may you your little toddler walk

with Grace have an open heart and be sensitive to the Melodies of heavenly

love keep going for you are a conduit for the Heavenly light let the life

altering power of divine love permeate your words as you speak with the conviction of someone who understands

the sacredness of their Journey amidst the joyful expectation of benefits may you also become a Living

testament to the Everlasting connection between author and creation a source of

inspiration in a world yearning for the light of divine grace my darling I

implore you to speak with unwavering certainty because from your mouth will flow a River of Life and desire and I

pray that you will fearlessly Proclaim this to all those who give you strength and love stay close to the signal I’ve

given you and Don’t Stray too far from my presence Ponder the Deep truth that

my blood a sanctifying Elixir that washes away iniquities and gives you the

present of eternal life is the culmination of your sins forgiveness take Delight in the honor of being

called my father and bask in the Bounty of blessings I lavishly give you my

beloved your descendants like the boundless grains of sand carried by the ocean will receive Abundant Blessings as

a testament to the Everlasting Heritage of religion you may be certain that I am the same constant person who loved you

looked at you with kindness the day before and whose love for you grows stronger with each passing day put your

confidence in me because I ask for your unfaltering faith in order to return by

bringing my arms together I signaled the arrival of the cosmos with Heavenly wisdom orchestrating its Cosmic Symphony

I established the boundaries of space time and all the fundamental forces necessary for your existence remember

that I formed you from dirt and although your physical form will return to dirt your soul patiently awaits its assigned

change via my facets I swear to turn your Earthly mortal body into a sacred

Everlasting and impregnable vessel I hold you close my beloved declaring you precious and revered in my eyes

entwining every aspect of your existence with you you are my most precious

possession I will continue to adore you no matter what it is generally known

that I loved you even while we were apart in the midst of adversity I will always remember the good old days and

hold you in my heart my thoughts will never wander and I will always be there for you when you need me you feel safe

in the Cradle of my hand because you are my most precious possession I the

Eternal and unchanging one transform your transient Earthly form into a holy

Immortal shape it is my firm belief that every aspect of your life has a purpose

take in the Splendor of your being my beloved because you are a thread in the fabric of my heavenly scheme I am the

constant regular one and I will continue to embrace you in my loving arms as long

as you need me in your times of vulnerability may my loving gaze help you notice the tears you cry as I lead

you through this Maze of hardship I your best friend cry alongside you fighting

side by side with you I answer your calls and intercede on your behalf when you’re exhausted my Celestial Fleet

stands guard in the midst of danger shielding you from invisible harm I have

reprimanded the adversary who sought to devour your spirit and saved you from disaster thwarted illness I want you to

know that no matter what my love for you will never cease however I beg you to

gently put your fears aside when difficulties arise to believe in the safety of my arms and to ignore the

opinions of others realize that I’ve encircled you with my protection making

any lies or threats powerless you have reached the Pinnacle of Faith maturity

and knowledge and from here on out arguments and provocations will have no chance to harm you stay strong and

protected against the darts of falsehood accept my gift of Tranquility which has no boundaries in terms of data sit

quietly for a while and repeat this statement to yourself or out loud my

promises are stronger enough to break the bonds that tie you no matter how bad things

become keep your head raised high as you stand tall equipped with power your soul

attuned to my voice gains strength from the Assurance of my Everlasting presence

even if the people attacking you think you’re defenseless comprehend this I am

standing guard over you put an end to deception and lying keep them from

taking up residence in your heart and thoughts in in times of weakness I will listen with wide ears to your heart’s

contrite murmur which are filled with infinite compassion and love and I will give you the strength to overcome your

enemies do not let your hearts be concerned or terrified because the peace that I offer is not from this world but

from Jesus Christ who went away with his disciples believe in my Everlasting term

enjoy the experience persist through difficulties confront struggles and

discover that real Serenity and life are Beyond a deceiving facade join me as we

March firmly toward the Liberation and Triumph that have been our long sought goals in my view you are fearfully and

wonderfully formed therefore reawaken the unshakable belief that you are valuable and worthy I saw your tears as

I stood by your side as a real friend wishing you peace and the choice to keep the Valiant fight by your side every day

while you’re exhausted I’ll hear your cries for help and intervene on your side so that you don’t have to battle

alone when you’re emotionally and spiritually drained my Celestial Army will be there to protect you at times

the boundless dangers I have rescued you from seem insurmountable I will show you the ropes

and teach you how to pass with my kind gaze I may offer you advice Lord I will

reveal to you the supernatural world and the heroic Wars that my angels fought to protect you I have rescued you from the

brink of death stopped disease in its tracks foiled the plots of Thieves and

criminals and scolded the Devourer of your spirit as it tried to devour you

reminding you that no matter what you are always safe under the protective shelter of my love I beg you with gentle

tenderness to put worries and concerns aside when difficult times come my love

for you has no bounds stay calm and ask God for what you need in any circumstance just remember to always

pray and give thanks have faith that my love for you will never waver no matter

how bad the storm gets put your fears to rest I am with you through every storm

just as I was with the Raging Sea you vowed to accept me for who I am

unaffected by the opinions of others feel secure my presence which surrounds

you will render any false oods or threats powerless your faith has driven

you to the Pinnacle of maturity comprehension and agreement because of the position I have appointed you to

arguments and provocation will have no effect on you those who sow Discord want

to know how you’ll respond so they can disrupt your inner calm they are cognizant of the fact that success in

this endeavor may let loose a wild Spirit endangering everyone around you

it takes a great deal of trust to sit quiet ly wherever you are bringing your thoughts into harmony with my sentence

to fully embrace my serenity a calm that is beyond comprehension Jesus said come

to me all you who are tired and confused and I will give you rest keep this in

mind my promises will be so powerful that they will break the bonds that bound you freeing you from the terrible

habit of giving into anxiety and believing the falsehoods That Others May tell you

the falsehoods may have been true but that shouldn’t stop you from standing by your own

promises that will break the bonds that have been holding you back allowing you to break free from the destructive

pattern of giving into anxiety and the deceit that you have been susceptible to

do not reveal the truth that the falsehoods have been true instead keep your cool and continue with the storm

and terrible news in the face of adversity be Resolute and confident in

your spirit I have said these words promising you that I will be with you forever yes I do agree that I am by your

side in fact I am by your side most of the time even into old age Those Who

attack you may think no one is protecting you and they may even believe their words will hurt you ignore their

erroneous assumptions stop letting their falsehoods influence your thoughts and

emotions in times of weakness I will give you the strength you need to overcome these enemies remember that my

ears are always listening to your contrite heart’s cries which are filled with Limitless love and mercy when you

are going through tough times never lose heart Jesus told his followers that even

though they will have hardship in this life they should take pith I have successfully completed the task you will

also get out of the fights undamaged if you think about my capacity to overcome come I assure you that cutting ties with

foolish people and harmful situations can bless you with genuine joy and numerous benefits choose what you want

to believe that what Jesus said I am the way the truth and the existence is true

except for me no one else visits the father recognizing your Humanity I’ve

asked you this question several times but now you know that I am all knowing and possess God’s power even though you

may like being weak keep in mind that you are the one who brings about religion and that I have

the power to hoist you up and make you stronger in light of your fragility my unfaltering choice is to lend you a hand

rest assured I have protected your family from dangerous situations and will continue to do so but I will have

you and your whole family seek me out with all your heart put your faith in what I have said and reap the full

benefit of my sacred promises interact with them on my behalf letting them know

that I know everything about their lives and that there is a special plan in the works and telling them not to lose hope

or seem unhappy because of what they think they have lost if everything in your life is

falling apart whether it’s your clothes your friends your career or your goals

remind yourself of these sayings I know that I have plans for you plans to prosper you not to destroy you in the

long run we will achieve our goals even if the steps we take now seem bad seek

me out every day Express gratitude in good and bad times and have faith in me

when I say that great things will happen when your hearts are filled with joy and fulfillment carry my message to your

loved ones give them the assurance that worrying is pointless because everything

will turn out well in the end your family is about to experience a period of tremendous blessing

and because of your unfaltering trust you are well prepared to take advantage of all that I have lovingly planned for

you I also want you to put any feelings of failure behind you and forget about

the dark times listen closely I have never had a child who was unsuccessful

and I promise you my darling that you will never be one of the most amazing Shepherds I swear to you that when I

call out to my sheep they listen they are watching me I know it because I

provide them with eternal life they will never die nobody can take them from me

my concern for you is Limitless and my love for you is Limitless too I’ll be

there to help you get ready and fix any mistakes you make along the way using my compassion and knowledge to guide you my

unwavering support and compassionate forgiveness are in response to your

confession remain steadfast in your belief in my words and keep your sights fixed on the target stand up brush off

the dirt and press on reflect on these words of Jesus come to me all you who

are weary and burdened and I will come up with rest for you my daughters and sons they continue despite setbacks

showing humility by admitting when they’re wrong please accept my forgiveness and put your feelings of

failure and shame behind you please take this to heart you have not failed in the

slightest my gut tells me that your enemy knows exactly where your weak spots are and

uses them to their advantage you can be confident that everything they’ve taken from you will

come back to you abundantly instead I’d rather ease you into a life of emotional

Independence stop hurting yourself by missing out on opportunities for success

and stop blaming yourself for things that have already happened May your faith deepen and your understanding of

how to depend on me increase daily I shall do all things through him who fortifies me I will teach you things

that may seem impossible to do says the Apostle Paul in his broadcast my darling

you must know that I have chosen you to be a conduit of goodness for everyone you love be cautious with the things you

let into your ears and eyes carry my message to your loved ones assure them

that worrying is foolish since in the end the Stars will align in their favor

your steadfast trust has brought brought you to this point in time and you are prepared to accept everything that I

have lovingly planned for you a period of incredible blessings is about to

arrive in your own family I also want you to put aside any feelings of failure

and allow the shadows of your suffering to fade away take this message to heart

I have four tiny children and you my darling will never be the coolest Shepherd pay attention to what I say my

sheep yes I am amiliar with them and they do what I ask I give them

everlasting life they will never die nobody can take them from me it is my

solemn Proclamation that my care and affection for you have no limits

whenever you make a mistake I will be there to help you get back on your feet by guiding you with knowledge and

compassion my unwavering support and compassionate forgiveness are in response to your confession in my

opinion keep your head held high I brush off the dust and remain steadfast in

your faith Jesus said come to me all you who are weary and stressed and I will

give you rest this is a reflection of his promise to his children they show

humility by continuing even when they fall which allows them to take criticism

well with my forgiveness I want to put any sense of failure or shame behind you

please take this to heart my darling you have never failed me in the spirit of

wisdom I will be your companion while you travel The Road Less Traveled I know that uncertainty might obscure your

judgment at times and I understand that you want to find the correct path forward you’ve put a lot of effort into

your interests and although you were optimistic at first you’ve since experienced disappointment I want you to

know that I can handle every aspect of your trip and that I understand the difficult circumstances you’re

facing trusting me no matter matter what happens in your life is more costly than

understanding although some things may seem arbitrary or wrong as you move forward you cooperate with me on the

right path by faith together we can form a whole strategy and I can do it my

grand scheme listen closely things are not what they seem to be second your

limited Viewpoint allows you to see a small part of a large and complex picture from my Limitless vantage point

I am definitely gu guiding you down immediate routs even if your Voyage might seem bewildering and full of

perplexing twists and turns in the great light of my love come to me and confess

your faults then you will not be afraid to confront your flaws despite the

potential discomfort you will be able to identify areas where you don’t align with my ideal style instead of avoiding

responsibility think of me while you’re dealing with those issues and then leave them with me you are happy because I

have already taken the punishment and paid the price for your transgressions I purchased your

forgiveness with my blood so take it with joy as we walk in the light together I will not only forgive you but

I will also wash you clean of all wickedness and clothe you with my complete

righteousness constant cleansing is taking place within you guiding you towards me and others who align with my

light I bless those who rejoice in my name and magnify my right ousness as

they walk in the light of my presence I am true and Sovereign these things are

absolutely true about me dealing with the Brokenness of this world makes it

hard to believe in several truths at once especially when you consider that I am Sovereign I closely monitor

everything that happens to you and everyone else in the midst of such Horrors and tragedies I recall how

difficult it may be to just accept this knowledge some believe only a ruthless God could could oversee such a universe

my grace my choice my compassion and my loving kindness are abundant resources

that I urge you to savor it’s a free gift that gives you all you need to survive on this shattered planet and

unlocks the door to Eternity when you enter my presence do not be afraid to

share your vulnerabilities with me in a world where Solitude is rare and safe

places are sparse you learn to rely on me more through them letting my energy live in you in case you forgot I am the

spot you can hide if you cry out to me I will protect you from harm I shall

encircle you with Melodies of Salvation praise for myself is a great way to tap

into my strength worshiping me in songs yells and Whispers will break the weight

of your worries since I live in the prayers of my people I offer my presence

to Adorn your surroundings with those Divine Expressions that banish Darkness

I am really accurate I promise you no Shadow lurks inside me I am innately

kind humans don’t need to know about my unfaltering kindness despite the presence of many evils join me as I

unravel these enigmas open yourself to me put your confidence in my care and

understanding and surrender your limited thinking to my boundless wisdom and Sovereign ways give up trying to

understand everything and find solace in my empathetic company cling to me with naive confidence secur in the knowledge

that my mystifying demeanor is perfect I can ensure your safety and I cherish the

faith you have placed in me engaging in pleasurable activities can temporarily numb the intense need for safety in your

heart I am the one who can satisfy your every need and those feelings have a

purpose when it comes to ensuring your safety no one is more effective than me

feel free to come to me whenever you’re uncertain about anything I I will listen as you share your concerns and anxieties

and then I will ask you to affirm your faith in me expressing your genuine approval strengthens our bond and

banishes the shadow of dishonesty since the very beginning of Time the wicked one has been trying to trick people into

believing his falsehoods have trust in me because I am truth personified as you begin to understand

me the truth becomes more and more apparent I undid your class I am here

with you to taking care of you in the most practical First Class manner so keep your gaze fixed on me also while

you’re hurting my care may not seem good enough even if I also urge you to attend

there are better ways to wait than the ones you’re considering and I know you’re probably looking for Relief to be

beneficially prepared you must typically attempt to me trust me and love me right

now you should rely on me more than usual and I appreciate your support during this difficult time time please

do not take it away from me I am competent and can make good use of everything you experience and suffer

pain past or present must not Cloud your perspective on fate I am the one who

will shape your destiny and I have wonderful things in store for you a future brimming with optimism my grace

is abundant for you more than enough to sustain you in your darkest hours are

you convinced by this it’s one thing to be real with it while everything is going swimmingly it’s another when

you’re fighting to take the next step yet it is at these times that my grace is most evident since you know you can’t

go on without it you begin to Center your life around my grace most of the

time my soul is determined to assist you remember that this heavenly assistance

is both very effective and Incredibly kind and you should welcome them just as

you may trust in my constant love no matter what I I am also ready to lend you a hand when you call upon my name if

you come to me first I’ll show you the way and reward your endeavors with success it may seem easy to put me first

but there will be obstacles in the arena in your fantasies and from the adversary

that will want to steal your Spotlight the space and time you were supposed to spend with me might be invaded by other

things that you could rationalize exercise caution if this trend persists perhaps your focus has

changed over time to the point that I am no longer your romantic interest everything else will fall into place

when you put me first I’m not a minor rule I am the way to a vibrant happy

life with me by your side and the way to live with purpose if you place your trust in me first I will create

opportunities for you and fulfill your deepest desires as you walk in my gentle presence peace be upon you at all times

for I am the Lord who brings it there is a profound unfulfilled space within you

and my gentle presence is the only thing that can fill it people who don’t know who I am now want to fill this void in a

variety of ways or act as if it doesn’t exist even my own children fail to fully

grasp how much they want my Tranquility in any circumstance just realizing how

much you need me is the first step the second is having faith that I can and

will provide for all your needs as you engage in worship worries Fade Into the

background recognizing my presence fills you with encouragement and delight and your worship strengthens you despite

today’s difficulties we are both fortunate I hunker down next to you and

I shroud you in the enigmatic Aura of my being allow the Comforts I offer to bring joy to your spirit the industry

showers you with a deluge of serious worries too numerous to name amidst all

this Mayhem problems seem to pop up at every turn showing up to assist me Jesus

raise your awareness of my presence by Whispering my name as I shed light on your Viewpoint your perspective

undergoes a profound transformation your troubled heart and spirit may find Solace In My Embrace

please do not let difficulties deter you from seeking my comfort on the contrary

if the sector were perfect you would never know the joy of my company my love my Serenity and my presence are

immaterial realities that bring you unending Delight no matter where you are or what time of day it is I will give

you peace for your spirit when you seek me out in times of need please consider

me Moment by moment that is all I want of you and it’s more than enough to keep

your reputation intact in the middle of non-secular conflicts staying connected with me is an accomplishment even if

it’s just getting through the day find me in every second and hold on to the awareness that I am here as far as

protections against depression and self-pity go this is topnotch you should agree with me have faith in me even when

everything seems lost proceed cautiously keeping my hand on the wheel no matter

what I’m never far from you and I know how hard it is for you there are many resources at your disposal despite the

fact that the struggle may be harsh and you may feel exposed just before I left

I promis peace to my followers and anyone else who would follow me I made it clear that it is a gift that I give

out of goodness of heart then when you fulfilled your needs and acknowledged your choices your obligation is to

receive this Priceless gift and with any luck wait patiently in my presence to

receive my abundant Serenity Jesus I ask for your peace my darling if you would like to express

your Readiness in this way there is no one else except except you and me let these words ring true in your soul at

all times I love you and I’m not alone in my feelings for you find solace in my

Everlasting Embrace and let your worries Melt Away allow my words to supersede

your ways of living let the Holy Spirit lead you as you fully immerse yourself in it whether that’s via analysis

listening speaking writing or creating music give yourself permission to be inspired do whatever moves you

spiritually and master it manipulation as you pursue God’s kingdom and his righteousness you will receive

everything else my word is important and you’ll feel the positive effects in all parts of your life careful handling of

the blessings I’m about to bestow upon you is of the utmost importance I won’t

be so arrogant as to glorify you too much you must exercise the great humility befitting the power I give you

so that you may double your benefits Jesus often said blessed are the meek

for they will inherit the earth keep these words in mind take a stand against

slander and gossip never hurt the people who hold you in high regard with your words or hands make a point to work hard

be a generous provider and help those around you your family and Beyond I have

selected you to reap abundant rewards follow my guidance and allow me to be your friend I talk to you with love

about a life-changing exchange the decision to follow my lead and obey me

is the most important prove your commitment to this next level those who

submit to my will will achieve great things you’ve stood out to me as a fierce fighter guiding your own family

to Triumph after Triumph my beloved child I will be with you as you go from

glory to glory through your prayers the champion of champions know that my

feelings are for you I did not make a mistake when I picked you therefore my

blessing upon you is deliberate you know that my actions stem from deep love and

I want them to bring my slaves closer to the intensity of my adoration I command

you to return and confront the legions of evil on Earth make yourself ready to

prepare for the day while you may rule with me until then keep pushing for what you want who is always looking out for

me I prefer your unwavering determination to fulfill my wishes reaffirm confirm your Everlasting Love

For Me Now by speaking to me in your own words amen


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