the sign you’ve been eagerly

awaiting the answer to your ceaseless

prayers is now

revealed you cried out to me shed tears

and prayed fervently pleading for a

solution to your

problems and now I am here answering

it’s not a


you hear these words exactly when you

need them the


most my Holy Spirit envelops you and

strengthens your

life for days you felt that I wanted to

speak to

you and I chose this perfect moment for

you to feel all my affection for

you I have prepared your heart in

various ways with

words phrases powerful messages

mesages all there in your Bible shining

before your eyes when you read them

sincerely today you opened your heart to

listen to

me to renew that sacred Covenant you

made with me surrendering your faith

trust placing all your hope in

me I hear each of your

requests believe it don’t let anxiety

consume you thinking that your prayers

don’t reach beyond the ceiling

since that first day you cried out I

sent an angel from my Celestial throne

with the key to your

Liberation you my son my daughter are


special know that a battle is being

fought for your life in the celestial

realm the enemy wants to see you

crawling doesn’t want to see your

success but my armies are fighting for

your future in the

heavens against all the forces of

evil these conflicts that suddenly arose

in your life are not

coincidences now is the time to be

shrewd attentive careful with your

words don’t Reveal Your Secrets to just

anyone be cautious about whom you trust

the enemy is lurking seeking a crack in


soul he tries to destroy you with lies

deception attacking your

faith your future is full of Wonders

Miracles a supernatural life is waiting

for you it may may be that now you face

afflictions but no your problems are not

Eternal they will soon end the

suffocating sadness will pass those who

offended you will return ask for

forgiveness and you will forgive but

keep your faith and trust firm in me

even if others promise you the world

never believe in those false promises no

one but me has the power to truly bless

you to deliver you from evil I do not

fail I do not lie but if you stop

believing in me if you start trusting

empty promises from false people your

blessings May dissipate in the wind and

some may not return so it’s your moment

now let your faith be anchored in my

powerful and Eternal Word Alive and

effective firm and true for all eternity

the time is coming the decisive moment

is almost here choose my love my

affection my consolation make a true

commitment to to come every morning to

listen to me and be filled with the word

that illuminated your path and gave you

strength to fight talk to me your words

reflect your thoughts and knowing that

you reserve a place for me in your mind

is like a pleasant incense to me you

have been buffeted by The Winds of

adversity gone through unexpected

moments of anxiety and the whip of

contempt and cruelty has deeply shaken

your soul leaving you breathless but you

need peace and I will give it to you I

will fill your heart with strength even

in the midst of afflictions you will

find calm when you feel weak know that

you will be strong and when it seems

like you will faint do not fear take

good care of your life for this is the

most precious treasure I entrusted to

your hands because my love for you is

unbreakable it is eternal today is a

special day a day of victory that you

will never forget with my own blood I

seal these promises you will be happy

there will be no more weeping or pain in

my presence this is your sign open your

eyes the problems you face will

disappear the help you await is on the

way the provision you need will receive

I love you this is clear today say that

you love me say that you believe in me I

understand your concern I know that

sometimes it seems like nothing is going

well and you feel frustrated son

daughter be calm I will help you with

everything that is important to you

I will show my great power in your life

and transform everything that went wrong

into good and meaningful things you are

very important and valuable to me I will

never let you get involved in dangers

that could threaten your

life but look closely at the signs I

send and do not follow paths where I am

not guiding you know that I see and know

many things beyond your perception and

you can’t imagine how many dangers I

have already delivered you from I can

see the true int itions behind the

actions and thoughts of people believe

me not everyone seeks your friendship

sincerely so do not suffer for those

false friends who get upset over

anything and distance themselves from

your life your prayers are being heard

yes these situations that are not

working out in your life are in fact

your prayer asking for protection when

you ask me to deliver you from dangers

from bad things and treacherous people I

am attentive listening to you and

delivering you from these situations

take a deep breath now for I am bringing

peace and comfort to your heart clearly

showing the reality of things have faith

and believe that I am helping you and

preparing you for very good things

everything takes time sometimes I need

to change some situations remove

significant obstacles and traps from

your path so that when you pass there

are no risks do you understand I never

let go of your hand never stepped away

nor left you

alone I was faithful to my promise now

it’s your

turn have faith trust me completely be

brave and lift your head get out of this

sadness I’m helping you now comforting

your soul and healing your wounds please

recognize that in your worst struggles I

never left you alone so do not think

that I am denying my love for you that

will never happen I know your struggles

are great but I continue to love you and

hold your hand I know you say you’re

losing patience that you can’t take it

anymore that you can’t find a way out

let me tell you that maybe you’re

looking in the wrong place because the

door has always been in front of you I

am your way your hope your truth I am

your future and your life if in the

midst of your problems you decide to

believe and come to me you will come out

of them in my time and my way but

believe that I will guide you to the way

out and if your patience is running out

I will strengthen your forces and give

you my peace don’t give up now you are

about to reach the level and place

you’ve dreamed of it is crucial that you

start believing completely and

understand that only in me you find all

the help you

need don’t make hasty decisions calm

your heart before making any decisions

only then can you act wizzly do not risk

everything you have already achieved

achieved things can go wrong if you

choose the wrong path remember you are

not in a competition and you don’t have

to prove anything to anyone for me your

faith is already more than

demonstrated now keep walking with

steedy and firm steps slowly and wisely

and you will reach the place of your

blessing and prosperity take out of the

valley of humil those who fast

depression sadness anguish oh God free

from humilation those who suffer from

the consequences of children involved

with drugs father transform this reality

through faith and in the name of Jesus

May every Spirit of defeat poverty debt

misery incessant struggles scarcity

diseases vices leave this person’s life

now he is acting now to change your

story believe for the power of God Knows

No Limits he is opening doors that

seemed eternally closed be prepared to

receive Miracles amazing healings


Restorations God is making the

impossible possible in your life right

now when you feel tired I will be there

with you come and rest your head on my

shoulder talk to me I am your friend I

don’t judge you and your secrets don’t

bother me always remember my words my

promises will help keep your thoughts

away from the past strengthen your

feelings in the present the future

brings many opportunities and only those

who look forward with a will to fight

and Conquer persist with faith in my

perfect time they will receive Victory

the door of reconciliation is open for

you firm your path with

forgiveness those who offended and

mocked you will respect you and come

back to you they will know that I am

with you and will always be amen



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