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Jesus my beloved child you matter to me

more than you can comprehend I care for

you deeply value you immensely and I am

always by your side ready to protect and

love you Victory is within your grasp

and I assure you that it will come at

the perfect time for I am never late

trust in my timing and have faith in my

promises I see the weight you carry on

your shoulders the burden of worry and

uncertainty that plagues your mind but

living in distress and stress over the

future is not the life I have intended

for you cast your anxieties upon me for

I am here to carry your burdens and give

you peace when anxity strikes resist its

grip on your heart speak aloud against

fear knowing that it has no power over

you when you place your trust in me find

solace in my peace and live your life

fully embracing the joy that comes from

knowing that I am with you always I

understand your struggles your efforts

and your

desperation but remember you have been

incredibly Brave throughout your life

overcoming obstacles that seemed

insurmountable surrender control of your

life into my hands and trust that I will

guide you through every trial and

tribulation do not let sadness

overshadow the joy that awaits you keep

walking with the eyes of faith knowing

that Victory is certain and that my

plans for you are greater than you can

imagine I love you deeply and I desire

for you to experience the Abundant Life

that I’ve prepared for you give me your

heart today and allow me to fill you

with joy and strength let go of the

afflictions that have weighed you down

and embrace the transformation that I am

bringing into your life trust in my

promises and know that I will surround

you with Harmony peace and blessings

Stand Tall my child for you are on the

verge of Triumph even When Storms rage

and winds shake you I am here to protect

you and guide you through every trial

you matter deeply to me and I will never

abandon you share my love and

encouragement with others so they too

may find strength and hope in my

promises with boundless love your




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