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Jesus my beloved child I have created

you to Delight in my presence to find

joy in the present moment and to entrust

your future to me delight yourself in me

and I will grant you the desires of your

heart understand dear one that your

prospects are radiant because of the

righteousness I have bestowed upon you

through my sacrificial love when word

and anxieties assail you do not

surrender to fear engage in conversation

with me casting your burdens upon me for

I hold you dearly allow me to shower you

with unwavering love each morning

filling your heart with joy throughout

your days approach me each morning with

your desires and emptiness fostering a

deep connection with me find your

contentment In Me Above All Else for I

provide a firm foundation for your life

as you Journey Through Life Trust in Me

wholeheartedly ly knowing that I am your

refuge and strength speak truth to your

soul about me for in my eyes you shine

with Regal Splendor view yourself and

others through the prism of my unfailing

love and you will find it easier to love

both yourself and your fellow beings

remember Heaven Knows No night for the

glory of God bathes It In Perpetual

Radiance share the light of my love with

others my child and trust in me always

with eternal love



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