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my beloved child imagine our daily talks

as cozy chats with your favorite friend

that’s prayer it’s like having a hotline

in my heart open just for you when

you pray it’s not just words fluctuating

in the air it’s like torrenting out your

heart to me sharing your highs lows and

everything in between and guess what I’m

all ears ready to listen and respond but

here’s the fun part prayer is

supercharged with power it’s like a

magic wand that can turn things around

and bring Comfort to those who need it

most so don’t hold back let your prayers

fly high and here’s the plot twist

prayer isn’t just about talking it’s

also about listening when you hush up

and tune in you might catch Whispers of

my wisdom and love swirling around you

so my dear Adventurer let’s keep this

epic conversation going it’s our special

way of staying connect connected and it

fills both our hearts with joy and

strength if you believe in me type amen

and subscribe to the channel stay


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