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beloved child of mine in the vast

expanse of Eternity I have watched over

you seen your struggles and felt the

depths of your

pain each tear you’ve shed each sigh

that has escaped your lips has not gone

unnoticed by

me the seasons of your life marked by

both Joy and sorrow have been under my

careful watch Guided by my hand for

purposes great greater than you can

comprehend you find yourself now in a

tempest a season that tests the very

fabric of your spirit yet it is within

this Crucible of suffering that my work

within you is being perfected I the

Alpha and Omega the beginning and the

end have ordained this path for you not

as a punishment but as a

preparation the trials you face

incomprehensible and unjust they may

seem are crafting you into a vessel of

my life

a Beacon of Hope for the lost and weary

in the Silence of your despair know that

I am speaking in the void of your

loneliness know that I am present your

journey marked by this painful chapter

is unfolding into a story of Victory and

Grace reflect upon the lives of those

who have walked before you my Faithful

Servants who endured Trials of their

own consider job a man of unwavering

Faith who stripped of everything stood

firm in his integrity and in his trust


me his friends blinded by their own

understanding cast judgment unable to

see The Grand Design I had for his

life yet job’s faithfulness was a

testament to the power of unwavering

trust in me in his latter years I

restored to him a fortune far greater

than what had been taken a testament to

my goodness and

faithfulness so too I call upon you to

stand firm in your faith to see beyond

the immediate storms to the dawn that

awaits the pain you endure now is but a

moment in your life a life I have filled

with purpose and promise the losses you

grieve the delays you endure are not

without reason they are shaping you

molding you into a person of depth

resilience and unwavering

Faith look around you Beloved the

Desolation you feel is giving way to New

Life New

Beginnings just as the winter gives way

to Spring bringing forth new growth and

renewal so too is your life being

renewed the tears you’ve cried have

watered the soil of your soul preparing

it for the growth that is to come the

pain you felt is transforming into Joy

the ashes of your grief into Beauty a

season of Celebration is on the horizon

a time when the Sorrows of the past will

fade into Distant Memories overshadowed

by the overwhelming blessings I am

pouring out upon you I am reshaping the

landscape of your existence aligning it

with the Divine Purpose I’ve set before

you relationships that once hindered you

are being removed making way for those

that will enrich and Inspire the roles

and responsibilities that weighed

heavily upon your shoulders are being

lifted making room for those that will

bring fulfillment and joy The Familiar

is being made new a reflection of the

transformative work I am doing within

you fear not the change my child for it

is through this change that you will

come into the fullness of your

calling as you draw nearer to me the

gifts I’ve placed within you will emerge

bearing fruit that will endure through

every season you will be a source of

life and hope to those around you a

testament to my faithfulness and love

the opposition you’ve faced the enemies

that have risen against you will be the

very Foundation upon which your

testimony is built the plans they

devised for your downfall will be turned

to your advantage serving to propel you

forward into your destiny the victory I

have ordained for you will silence the

voices of doubt and fear proclaiming my

sovereignty and your Triumph rise

Beloved the Dawn is Breaking the first

light piercing through the darkness of

your night the season of waiting is

coming to an end and the outpouring of

my favor is at hand you are stepping

into a time of fulfillment where the

promises I have made will manifest in

abundance the vision I have given you

will become reality a Beacon of Hope and

a testament to my

power your trials have not been in vain

they have prepared you for this moment

for the destiny I have chosen for you

from the foundation of the World your

pain will become the source of your

strength the foundation of your

ministry through you others will find

Healing their faith ignited by the

testimony of your

journey the insights you’ve gained the

relationships you’ve forged the

influence you’ve been granted all will

bear fruit that will endure for

eternity this season of suffering was

but a moment a necessary Passage through

the valley of Shadows

preparing you to shine with a Brilliance

that will light the way for

many in due time I will reveal the work

I have done in you a display of my glory

that will restore hope to countless

Hearts the cost has been great but the

impact will Echo Through the Ages and

now I call you to a season of Joyful

expectation Fix Your Eyes Upon me the

author and perfector of your faith allow

my love to envelop you filling you to

overflowing expect great things for the

vision I have placed within you will

come to pass Speak Life over the

promises I have whispered to your spirit

and move with confidence in the

direction I

lead the time for hesitation has passed

the moment for action has arrived

prepare your heart to receive all that I

have for you the pain of the past is but

a shadow overshadowed by the glory that

is to come trust in my goodness for the

blessings I am about to pour out upon

you will far exceed anything you have


experienced I am not merely restoring

what was lost I am granting you a double

portion the season of Trials is behind

you ahead lies a season of abundance of

favor of freedom and of fulfillment in

your calling and

Destiny I am pouring out my spirit upon

you like never before endowing you with

the power to break through barriers to

overcome cycles of barrenness and to

step into new levels of

blessing just as I promised Moses now

you shall see what I will do enter my

presence with praise thankful for the

work I am already accomplishing in your

life establish a memorial of this moment

a testament to Future generations of my

faithfulness and power write down the

Vision make it plain for it is a Beacon

of Hope for all who will

hear I am the god of resurrection of

redemption of renewal I Am The God Who

promises much more than you can see the

work I have begun in you will be brought

to completion for I am more than able to

fulfill every promise I have made the

pain you feel now is but a precursor to

the joy that is coming these trials are

not without purpose

they are shaping you for greater

glory amidst the chaos amidst the doubts

hold fast to what you know to be true

about me I am unchanging Eternal the

same yesterday today and

forever though you may feel crushed now

the time of your Resurrection is at hand

I will raise you up turning your

mourning into dancing your sorrow into

Joy this is not the end of your story my

child the darkness will not overcome you

lean on me trust in my promise and watch

as I transform your pain into a promise

your scars into signs of my

grace through this season of wrestling I

am expanding Your Capacity deepening

your Reliance on me and revealing to you

facets of my nature that you have never


understood I’m calling you to higher

levels of understanding and trust my

ways are not the ways of this world they

are higher rooted in Eternal purposes

and plans I am opening up New Dimensions

of my goodness leading you into deeper

intimacy and greater power follow me

into the unknown trusting that I am with

you every step of the way your Authority

your influence your impact will be

greater on the other side of the

Season just a little while longer my

Beloved the pruning is for a purpose

preparing you for a harvest of

righteousness and peace I will guide you

through this Valley leading you to

Heights where you will soar on wings

like eagles in the end you will

understand and you will see the beauty

of my plan for you keep your eyes fixed

on me and rest in my love cry out to me

in your pain and I will comfort you for

I am always with

you goodness and mercy will follow you

all the day days of your life and you

will dwell in my presence Forever This

is my promise to you a hope that will

never disappoint I am your hope and my

love for you is Everlasting

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