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Jesus beloved child your attitude of

gratitude is powerful and today you will

begin to witness Miracles and

significant changes in your life because

of it share these words with others for

many around you may appear content but

their souls carry suffering and they

Teeter on the edge of Despair spread the

message of hope and love for they need

to know they are loved and

cherished understand that I heard the

prayer you whispered before falling

asleep last night I have seen your tears

and heard your pleas for courage

strength peace and Assurance to face

life’s challenges today as you awaken to

a new day filled with determination and

strength know that you are no longer

weak or disheartened you have the

courage to face any obstacle that

crosses your path rise and move forward

for I have equipped you with the

strength to confront and overcome any

challenge trust in my power for I will

remain by your side in all your

struggles whatever obstacles lie ahead

you will prosper in all your endeavors

for I will bless you open doors and


difficulties do not fear what others may

do to you for as long as you trust in me

and act with Integrity no one can stand

against you or your

family remember that my word possesses

the power to to heal and the

supernatural force that flows from my

words is sufficient to give you life and

lift you up you may spend hours crying

sometimes not even knowing why but

understand that it’s a deep longing to

return to me your heart misses me and

your spirit Longs for me know that

separated from me you can do nothing but

I am here beside you ready to quench

your thirst for peace and happiness open

the door for me and I will enter your

home blessing and protecting your family

trust in my promises for I will bless

you even more than you can imagine share

this message with others if you love me

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