“CHILD!! PLEASE LISTEN TO ME FOR 1 MINUTE”- GOD | God’s Message Today #god #Jesus Lord Helps Ep~1445

indeed God orchestrates our

steps guiding us to this very moment

drawing our attention to this serious

matter it is no coincidence that you are

here listening to these

words God has a purpose for bringing you

here for opening your eyes to the

importance of discernment in your


life is full of

surprises isn’t

it sometimes what we see with our

natural eyes doesn’t tell the whole

story there’s often more going on

beneath the

surface in the realm of the

Unseen it is like there’s a hidden world

waiting to be discovered a spiritual

reality that transits the physical

in the hustle and bustle of everyday

life it is easy to get caught up in

appearances we judge based on what we

see but God invites us to see beyond the

surface he calls us to develop

discernment a spiritual understanding

that goes beyond what meets the

eye discernment is not about being

judgmental or

critical it’s about tuning into The

Whispers of the Holy Spirit who guides

us into the truth and

wisdom as we deepen our relationship

with God and immerse ourselves in his

word our spiritual senses become sharper

and we begin to see things from his


living by discernment means listening to

the still small voice within us the

voice of our

hers our HS often sense things that our


Overlook when something doesn’t feel

right when our Spirits are

uneasy it’s a sign that we need to pay

attention God speaks to us through our

intuition nudging Us in the right

direction and warning us of the


pitfalls so my friends let us be

diligent in cultivating discernment in

our lives let us take time to pray to

meditate on God’s word and to listen to

the promptings of his

spirit let us trust that that there’s

more to life than meets the eye and that

God is always at work behind the scenes

orchestrating his perfect plan for

us may we have the courage to see beyond

the surface to embrace the mysteries of

faith and to walk in the light of

discernment for truly there’s more to

life than meets the eye and God invites

us to discover it with our Open Hearts

and Minds May the grace and peace of our

Lord Jesus Christ be with you



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