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my child come and listen to my voice I have been waiting to speak with

you to share what is on my heart there is much transpiring in this

season much that I am orchestrating behind the scenes pay close attention and have ears

to hear what I will reveal a great shifting is taking place

events both seen and unseen that will reshape and redefine I am the master Weaver

interlacing threads of Destiny for Nations and people ushering them into new Realms purposed for them before time

began the scope of my plans is far broader than you have eyes to see but I

will give you glimpses if you choose to draw near within my kingdom there is

escalating activity Rumblings just beneath the surface an unseen doorway is

opening Awakening those with eyes to see it for they know the significance they

recognize this crucial Moment In Time the hour is late and there is an

acceleration at hand this new era fast approaching will require deep preparation and sobriety of spirit the

stakes are high and I am looking watching for those willing to pay the price that its Advent demands many of

this hour will be called home Saints entering into their Eternal reward do

not be dismayed by this for their race was run well they finished strong and

now wear Victor’s crowns ones laid at my feet in worship around my throne their

mantles now released upon the Earth call forth that Rising Remnant I have groomed

in obscurity my davidic breed the transition you see in the

natural speaks of what I am birthing in the spirit heed the signs for they each are Arrow pointers aiming the wise to

understand my heart and heed my timings there is a cosmic realigning taking

shape and a redistribution of resources influence and favor at hand watch for it

wave after wave I am rocking systems unseating ones entrenched in seats of

authority some swayed by vain ambition and the need to build Their Kingdoms rather than

mine blurred was their Vision much mixture has been evidenced but no more

no place will remain for houses erected on sand storm winds will ensure their

collapse be assured Saints the pandering stops here The Jig Is up for those

riding on the coattails of this movement yet resisting my refinement I am cleaning

house those remaining are ones whose Hearts singularly beat after

mine these forerunners will model and Steward what is next in righteousness

car character and integrity the stakes are too high for anything

less many hungry prepared ones now emerge from the Wilderness Shadows their obscurity was by my design

their journey of isolation and testing essential

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