This Dog Has Grown Up With 1 Hamster and 8 Bird Friends. They Are Now The Most Unusual Pals Ever

There is an adorable golden retriever in São Paulo, Brazil, who may have the most unusual pack of friends ever. His name is Bob, and he happily lives with his human, a hamster and eight little birds. They perfectly get along together and the cute photos of them playing together are quickly becoming an Instagram and Facebook sensation. Bob … Read more

This Corgi Café Lets Guests Play And Cuddle With Corgis, And It’s Every Dog Lover’s Dream

Back in 2018, Tanchanok Kanawaong opened a café in Bangkok, Thailand, and staffed it with the cutest employees ever: 12 adorable corgis! Kanawaong’s café is aptly named Corgi In The Garden and there café guests can enjoy the company of the sweet pups while they eat and drink. The corgi’s make up one big, loving, mixed family: … Read more

“Boy Rescues Dog from Abusive Father, Forces Reluctant Surrender to Shelter”.3trinh

“Protective 12-Year-Old Boy Surrenders Abused Dog to Shelter, Sparking Worldwide Adoption Offers” Pets are meant to be cherished and safeguarded, not subjected to cruelty. Sadly, not everyone comprehends this fundamental principle. For one courageous 12-year-old boy and his mother, making the ag onizing decision to relinquish their beloved pup to a shelter became a desperate … Read more