Canine Enjoys Lengthy Stay with Caretaker; Internet Goes Wild Over Dog’s Heartwarming Reaction to Owner’s Return-.3lam



Leaving our pets behind is the hardest thing. Even going to work for an 8-hour-day can be pretty devastating. Some of us surround ourselves with pictures of our fur-children on our desk and stare at them longingly, counting down the minutes until we’re together again. Imagine if we had to be away from them for months? I can’t even!

But it does happen. Whether it’s because of military service or health emergencies, many pet parents have no choice but to leave their fur kids behind. Luckily, there are friends and family to take them in. Or if not, there are programs that place pets in temporary housing.

For this man, being away from his German Shepherd, Freya, was daily heartbreak. Sadly, he had no choice. It’s not like he can sit down with his dog and explain to her that he will be back, so of course, Freya waited every day for her owner to return. Each day that he didn’t come back felt longer and longer until a few months felt like a few years.

Then, Freya’s prayers were answered! Dad comes back! And this reunion is one for the books! Both dad and pup have the best reaction to one another.

Dad comes out of the car and hides out of sight while the sitter goes inside to get Freya. Freya comes out of the doorway ready to bark at a stranger. Little does she know that the stranger on her radar is actually her favorite person on the planet!

Ready to respond to the stranger, whose voice she’s unsure of, Freya’s emotions are turned upside down once she smells the one smell she’s been waiting for! She’s like “OMG, DAD, IT’S YOU!”

Freya does a 180! The unsure guard dog becomes a playful puppy again! The man she had been waiting months for is now here! Freya wiggles and gives him the warmest puppy hugs. She even speaks and in her own way tells her dad: “Oh, how I have missed you! Where have you been???” A YouTuber, Melba, even comments that around  0:28, it sounds like Freya is saying “I love you, I love you!”

After the initial shock, Freya even turns around, faces the person filming and boldly smiles as if she’s saying “That’s right! This is my dad!!!”

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