Can we talk for your future God message today | god is saying to you today

my child in the midst of uncertainty I

am the certainty you seek in the chaos

of life I am your peace can we talk for


future in every trial every setback and

every moment of Doubt Jesus extends an

invitation to conversation he knows the

path ahead and he longs to guide you


it his words are not just ancient wisdom

but a Living Truth a beacon of light

Illuminating the darkest corners of of

our hearts when Jesus says can we talk

for your future he’s offering a Divine

partnership in shaping your destiny so

when life storms rage and the Winds of

uncertainty howl remember these words

Jesus says can we talk for your

future take his hand dear friend and

walk boldly into the future he has

prepared for you for with Jesus every

conversation is an opportunity for

transformation may his grace and peace

be with you always

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