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my dear children lend me your ears with

utmost attention for at this crucial

juncture a Celestial beckoning is upon

you Whispering with a sense of urgency


anticipation Jesus the Redeemer awaits

on the line extending his invitation to

you urgency demands your heed to this

call picture if you will the Son of God

who sacrificed himself for you reaching

out through Dimensions to connect with

your soul even now his words of love and

Redemption hang in the air waiting for

your eager ears do not underestimate the

gravity of this Divine encounter Jesus

personally calls out to you Desiring to

touch your heart and bestow upon you his

transformative Grace within his words

lie Solace for your Sorrows hope for

your trials and a fresh perspective for

your journey let not this moment slip

away unnoticed respond promptly and

openly to this Celestial summons the

Heavenly line awaits and Jesus the

Healer of souls yearns to hear your


can you not feel his love unfolding you

can you not sense his divine presence

resonating within regardless of your

circumstances or struggles Jesus holds

the answer you seek he possesses the

power to turn your tears to Joy your

fears to courage and your weaknesses to

strength embrace the new life of purpose

and significance he offers delay not

this pivotal encounter lift up the

receiver of your heart and answer

Jesus’s call permit Him to guide your

steps mend your wounds and infold you in

his unconditional love in his presence

discover peace Beyond understanding and

hope that endures truly there is no

greater honor than to heed the voice of

Jesus Humanity’s savior respond urgently

to his call and allow his love to

transform your life let not distraction

or doubt deter you from this Divine

communion with open arms he awaits you

ready to receive you unconditionally the

time is ripe dear child seize the

Heavenly l line and listen to the words

of eternal life that Jesus has in store

for you in his voice find Solace

Direction and salvation delay no longer

the call from above awaits your response

if you are ready to receive the Divine

blessings reserved for you today signify

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