Building Up Your Faith on Me: You Will Rich || A Message from God Today

my dear child I constantly offer you

this Divine love that is boundless and

always available regardless of time or

place whether you are happy or sad at

home or far away the distance does not

diminish my love for you I am always

ready to embrace you with open arms I

proudly declare my love for you to the

entire universe without any shame or

intention to turn you away

I have overcome obstacles and faced

hardships to secure your right to my

Everlasting affection filled with both

love and sorrow no one can ever take

this love away from you and nothing can

separate you from me do not fear the

false accusations and lies of those who

unjustly criticize you for mistakes you

haven’t made or faults you don’t possess

I disregard their complaints as they

continue to spread falsehoods distancing

themselves even further from the love

that could rescue them but for you there

is no need to worry about them they

choose their own path and will face the

consequences your task is to embrace the

love and kindness I offer you at this

very moment live your life fully and

joyfully holding on to the compassion I

provide don’t wait until tomorrow to

accept it come closer to me and let me

fill your life with this Divine love

take it in enjoy it share it dream about

it and speak of

it and whenever you pray remember these

three things be thankful be even more

thankful and then thank some more for

the unending love bestowed upon you by

my grace you are truly special Chosen

and deeply loved by me with an

everlasting Divine love I am your

protector safeguarding you and your

family I bless and increase everything

you undertake embrace living in the

comfort of my love and remain within the

sacred Refuge that surrounds you you are

anointed with the Holy oil which heals

rejuvenates empowers and breathes life

into your Forgotten Dreams bringing

fresh energy to your weary Spirit you

don’t have to wander in loneliness or

cling to harmful habits and negative

behaviors if you ever feel alone

remember that I am here Loving You

affirming that love at this very moment

connect with me instantly and experience

A Renewed existence pulsing within you

filled with dreams and goals with me by

your side you lack nothing every

blessing you enjoy flows from my

heavenly realm I am the source of your

happiness pouring out abundance over

your life from above so when the skies

are gray or things don’t go as planned

remember that you have a choice there’s

no need to live in isolation or sorrow

simply raise your hands to the sky and

give thanks for the joy and peace I am

about to bestow upon you your happiness

is here with me take this step of faith

and smile even when you have no reason

to Rejoice rise up and fight the Battle

of Faith even when things seem dark keep

fighting for your life and your loved

ones when times are tough remember who

is speaking to you I am your powerful

God your father in Heaven who adores you

I will be there in your difficult times

and I won’t let you be overwhelmed my

words are not empty promises they are

living and always accomplish what I

intend if I declare that you will

overcome believe it and move forward

using words that build up Faith rather

than negativity that brings fear and

doubt this message is meant to empower

and inspire you filling you with Divine

and extraordinary courage no matter how

many challenges you face they will not

succeed against you even if you receive

worrying news from the doctor stand

strong in faith and fight harder knowing

that I have the final say and your

efforts are blessed I urge and ask you

with love and authority to wrap yourself

in this blanket of love that brings

peace shapes your feelings and changes

your mindset this this love was your

greatest gift yesterday it is today and

it will be forever I want to see a smile

on your face I want to see you writing

words of gratitude with great Joy are

you grateful for This Love that I give

you answer me now I come to give you

Tranquility I am here to heal you I take

your heart and your feelings into my

hands I guard and protect you with great

affection I embrace you with love these

words you here will dispel all pain I

love you you are my child even if you

have gray hair or imperfections on your

skin I continue to love and protect you

trust in me and find shelter In My

Embrace there is no need to be scared of

anything with me you are in good hands

my holy spirit will fill you with love

and kindness transforming your character

and refreshing your feelings the way you

think speak and believe will be

completely changed my words are deeply

rooted in your heart strengthening your

faith I have heard your cries and seen

the distress in your heart when you were

weary I rushed in to Shield you from

Sudden challenges and encountered

ungrateful people who have tried to

project their frustrations onto you I am

keeping a watchful eye on them and it is

surprising how in their ignorance they

dare to use their words to harm you they

have strayed so far from me that they

are unable to recognize who they are

truly up against even when they look

with their own eyes they fail to realize

that you are under my protection even if

they conspire against you they will not

see you defeated I will handle those who

attempt to break your spirit and I will

push away anyone who tries to demean you

the dark Forces that perceive you as an

easy target will soon discover who they

are challenging but for now rest assured

that you are safe with me in this place

where no harm can reach you there will

always be afflictions and evil rumors of

War those who despise me walk in

darkness however those Souls of humble

heart and simple Faith Like You shall

Triumph in all things not with silver or

gold not with fame or power but with my

Holy Spirit Your Divine source of Living

Water let it purify your heart and

streng strengthen your belief go about

your day peacefully knowing that my

strong hand will guide and protect you

from unseen threats no harmful spell

will come near you say these words out

loud and keep them close to your heart I

am covered by the power of Jesus blood

no harm can come to me my dear child I

invite you to hold my hand and follow my

lead on a New Journey filled with

blessings and wonders joy and delightful


you have fought hard and now it is time

for you to rest take the time to release

all your worries write down those

thoughts and fears that steal your

happiness peace and confidence every

season has its purpose and you will come

to know that there’s a time to be

courageous and a time to find Rest In My

Embrace trust in my ways and slow down

set aside those daunting tasks for a

while don’t move forward until you have

spent some moments with me to regain

your energy stand up when you’re ready

but let me guide you I will show you the

way to Blessings I will be there as you

start again giving you strength as you

face your challenges and then I will

carry you in my arms you are meant to

reach the peak with your faith renewed

and your spirit strong and when we

arrive we will clear the clouds and

illuminate The Horizon so you may see

the blessings that are coming like a

beautiful rain that covers the earth

your longings and the gifts your soul

desires will be poured upon your life

this is truly A New Path and only you

and I can walk it together you have been

trying on your own to achieve those

dreams I planted in you a while back now

you see that you can’t do it by yourself

there are many obstacles and significant

risks the road ahead may appear tough

but with me it transforms into a journey

of beauty any challenge you encounter

will not bring you down instead it will

Empower you with strength and happiness

you will start to view everything with

faith-driven eyes and understand why I

remind you daily if you’re going to put

effort into anything put it into

believing with your faith enhanced

Vision you will see that those

intimidating foes aren’t as strong big

or significant as they appear they are

like lions that Roar to scare you

remember your heavenly father is with

you always both day and night Standing

Tall like a formidable giant when you

choose to be determined and courageous

know that I am right here eager to

assist you come take my hand now and

let’s move forward to receive your

blessings carry in your heart the

certainty of my love for you watch as I

work wonders in your life your finances

and your family receive leave my peace

and do not worry believe and trust no

enemy shall rise or Prevail against my

will and my power do not fear illness

for I have the final word I will extend

my hand and heal you the plans I have

for you cannot be undone I want you to

thrive and that’s why I will bless you

and help you succeed come to me with

your whole heart share with me your

deepest needs you know I will never

leave you behind I desire the very very

best for you as you grow stronger in

spirit and closer to me I bestow upon

you this gift a new chapter filled with

genuine joy peace and a faith so solid

and mighty that you can tackle any


fearlessly so when times get tough and

worries come knocking pause and remind

yourself of these words I love you I am

here to fill you with peace happiness

and courage days may pass

but your inner peace and strength will

stand firm life will shift but my

presence and love for you remain

constant my love for you today is a

promise of my love for you always my

mercy and grace are yours for the taking

that’s why I encourage you to walk

boldly even through hard times never

losing hope the spark I’ve placed within

you will withstand the fiercest winds

your love for me and mine for you will

only grow strong longer as time goes on

you must feel secure and deeply loved

see how I come to speak with you every

day to reveal the things I have prepared

for you be filled with gratitude for it

is the key to receiving even more of the

blessings I give you you came to pray

and seek me and that Delights me talk to

me openly I will give you my full

attention and won’t cut you off to prove

that I am truly listening I want to

reassure you that my plans are unfolding

just as you have hoped I’m reaching out

and touching the heart of that person

you have prayed for and hold dear

however everything will happen in my

timing peace and joy will return to you

please be patient and don’t lose hope

use your time and energy to focus on the

positive things that are yet to come

Your Capacity to Love Remains intact and

love will not leave you the love you

seek will find its way back into your

life and you won’t feel empty because my

spirit fills you up your heart will no

longer be heavy because my love brings

you comfort you won’t be stuck in the

past because my care sets you free the

loneliness you felt is temporary and

ends now by welcoming my Saving Grace

into your life your home and loved ones

will be profoundly affected and changed

for the better I don’t want you to

continue struggling with the same issues

in my hands lie peace happiness healing

and harmony for your home you have every

right to receive these blessings pay

attention to my teachings and keep your

faith in me strong don’t let yourself be

swayed by distractions that may cause

doubt be mindful of who you choose as

companions on your life’s journey don’t

be scared for I am always by your side

but be alert and guard your heart

against fake friends who may try to pull

you away from your path tempting you to

take take uncertain routes trust in me

without wavering for I am your true path

and the answer to your troubles I hold

the key to True Life in my hands if you

stray onto Uncharted paths you’ll find

yourself lost without a way back

approach me with an open and sincere

heart embrace my love and the blessings

I shower upon you promise me that you’ll

do this your trials are challenging and

I see your struggles efforts

and despair remember that it is in the

toughest situations where I demonstrate

my faithfulness the best decision you’ve

made today is to trust and reach out to

me think about your life and the many

challenges you’ve faced the struggles

you’ve conquered and the hardships

you’ve survived you stand strong and

your resilience and persistence touch me

realize that I have never left your side

your successes were not just by chance

or luck my guiding hand was with you in

every Victory I send you this message to

assure you that there’s no need to worry

don’t let fear dampen your aspirations

dream ambitiously and step into

challenges knowing I am with you to see

your plans succeed pause and think my

dear child remember the times when

situations seemed Bleak yet you

prevailed because you placed your trust

in me since you gave me the Reigns of

your life you haven’t face defeat so

rest your heart and continue to trust I

know it can be difficult to Simply rest

and not lose Faith especially when

everything seems to go wrong and

conflicts knock at your door attempting

to consume you but in those moments my

child block your ears from the voices of

the enemy do not heed the threats of

fear and insecurity keep walking and

trusting in my promises you are greatly

loved by me and before you even came

into this world I had Grand plans for

you I won’t leave a vulnerable child

alone I’ve been looking after you in a

very special way attending to every

detail of your life every moment I’m

always there stop letting sadness take

over fill your heart with happiness and

keep going with faith in your eyes

because winning is guaranteed and what I

have in store for you is bigger than you

can imagine I love you keep pushing

forward don’t give up I’m your heavenly

father your God your protector I know

your heart inside out and I see beyond

your current troubles I understand how

you’re feeling and the situation you’re

in is tough you might think you’ve made

mistakes and feel knocked down but you

also know my deep love for you you can’t

just lie down your purpose and your call

are to Stand Tall the enemy has tried to

test you fiercely but I’ve DEC decided

that your faith and bravery won’t waver

you will stand up I will transform your

life and who you are but you need to

embrace the changes don’t compare

yourself to anyone I made you different

stronger braver wiser and more

intelligent I am placing valuable Tools

in your hands to break rocks Blaze new

trails and remove all the weeds and

garbage that seek to hinder you on the

path except what I tell you today you

are in a new land of Supernatural

blessing do not let your emotions or

feelings dominate you anymore you do not

have to react with fear or make

decisions when people blackmail you with

accusations and regrets I’ve always had

a wonderful plan for you the enemy has

tried to intervene and steal your desire

to live and see your family blessed

that’s why I urge you to make the daily

decision to be happy and to trust in me

I filled you with my Holy Spirit and

you’re going to keep trusting and

assisting others many will let you down

turn against you speak negatively about

you and betray you acting like those

without hope to them it’s normal to take

what’s not theirs to get by they feel no

remorse cheat and tear down those trying

to help them biting the hand that feeds

them but don’t be scared or upset you’re

acting like me I too have aided and

loved many I’ve given blessings and yet

many have turned their backs on me

however I won’t stop giving or loving

just as rain and sunshine touch both the

just and unjust your strength motivation

bravery Assurance Supply safeguarding

life and rescue solely come from me

let’s move forward together I hold you

dear and I’m looking forward to tomorrow

with you



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