BEFORE THE YEAR ENDS । God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my beloved Child come and rest yourself


me I have seen the longing within your

heart the Deep desire for more of my

spirit this stirring is of me for I wish

to pour out my gifts over all who

earnestly seek

me I am preparing for my faithful ones

gifts of healing Miracles prophecy

wisdom all to equip you for the work

ahead the calendar says one thing thing

but my timing is not confined to man’s

marking of

days even in these final days of the

fading year I am able to accomplish much

through willing vessels you have sought

me diligently in prayer concerning these

spiritual gifts and your Pursuit has not


unnoticed I keep careful account of

every prayer uttered every fast

undertaken Every Act of obedience

intended to position you to receive more

from my hand I see the yielding of

personal dreamss and agendas in order to

make room for my purposes to take first

place in your life I see the times you

battled doubt and discouragement yet

still cried out to me for a greater

infilling of my

spirit when my word instructs you to

earnestly covet spiritual

gifts understand that this is no passive

process no meaningless religious ritual

devoid of power to earnestly covet is to

passionately desire pursue with focused

discipline position yourself through

consecration to Steward responsibly all

I wish to entrust to you it is a high

and holy calling all my gifts work

together connected like perfect links

forging an unbreakable

chain as you step out in bold Faith to

speak my words to specific

situations be they words of Revelation

about the past and present or guidance

concerning the future accompanying signs

and wonders will surely

follow many speak empty words about

wanting more of me but bulk at paying

the price such intimacy demands in terms

of character development loving

accountability focused discipline

regardless of mood or

circumstance laying down of personal

rights and agendas though my grace

covers you as you progress along this

path I cannot entrust the truly weighty

facets of my power and authority to

those yet weighed down by untransformed

appetites and

attitudes I know you sometimes grow

weary of the continual adjustment and

refining the constant denial of lesser

desires for the sake of pursuing that

which alone is worthy of your passion

but truly if you could Glimpse your

destiny from my perspective you would

fall to your knees and weep with joy

over the Unspeakable privilege I grant

you to become a mature conduit of my

loving power to a broken World trapped

in darkness what greater honor exists

among men or

Angels the level of Glory I wish to

demonstrate through your life will also

increasingly provoke the forces of Hell

to Rise Against you such is the nature

of this

conflict but have I not promised to

always lead you in Triumph as you reckon

Yourself Dead to sin but alive to me no

weapon forged against you can ultimately


my finished work remains your shield and

shelter no matter how fiercely the winds

may blow so continue to nurture this

holy desire for more of my spirit until

it burns within you as a pilot light

Fanning the Flames of each thought word

and deed let it ignite fervent prayer

fuel radical acts of obedience Kindle

courage to step forth in areas you have

not previously

explored the gifts coming down are for

the hungry and the Willing their numbers

grow grow as the day draws near prepared

Warriors for a coming Harvest beyond

anything history has yet witnessed you

stand among them even now by Divine

Purpose strengthened for a pivotal hour

that demands bold

action there are still critical lessons

ahead as I continue equipping you to

wield the holy fire with wisdom Grace

and uncompromising Truth passion alone

is not enough so submit yourself fully

to my loving Corrections and

discipline the path is narrowing my

beloved but your feet are well able to

follow me all the way to the dazzling

conclusion I have

prepared trust in my timing these

remaining days of the fading year still

afford key opportunities for increased

Authority and spiritual perception that

can greatly amplify your kingdom

Effectiveness in coming

Seasons walk in expectant Faith while

keeping your spiritual Eyes Upon me

alone as as each day

unfolds the darkened glass of this era’s

end affords but dim visibility ahead

only as your focus remains steadfast

upon the light can you navigate inure

footing let that light Expose and

consume any areas of Personal Agenda or

presumption of control still lurking

within you I desire your will fused

seamlessly to mine that my highest

thoughts and ways May shape your choices

and responses

salvation’s story is still unfolding

gloriously On Target to my appointed

Finish Line keep this eternal

perspective ever before you when battles

rage fiercely and the ground shakes

beneath you I will not fail or delay the

full revelation of my beloved’s radiant

maturity and unconquerable unity to

Angel and Demon and man

alike all of Heaven stands poised in

breathless expectation of what I am

preparing through you yielded Saints in

this climactic

hour as you open your heart without

restraint to all I am fashioning you to


forth know that I am pouring forth all

of myself through you in like

manner our sweet communion and

partnership is a lock against which the

Gates of Hell cannot Prevail lift your

eyes often to trace the colorful gifts

descending from my hand each loving

provision custom designed to reveal me

through you in ever increasing

Splendor goodness and mercy shall follow

you all the days of your life and you

will dwell in the house of blessing I

have prepared for you from the

foundation of the world my precious one

I know the battle swirling around you

strike sharp fear into your heart at

times the attacks seeking to undermine

Your Destiny or diminish your

Effectiveness are often subtler than a

physical assault accusations hissing in

your ear during season seasons of

weakness distractions diverting Focus

from Kingdom priorities discouragement

clouding Faith’s vision of Victory ahead

know that I allow no weapon formed

against you except what I specifically

permit to further purify and strengthen

your trust in me

alone your efficiency in partnering with

my agenda is Paramount as the day draws

near and Satan rages because he knows

his time is short so recognize each

stormy blast not as a punishment or sign

of my displeasure but as another

opportunity to reaffirm total dependence

on my presence within you as counselor

comforter champion and friend turned

from voices echoing up from broken

systemns within the valley of human

Frailty come to the heights with me

where raging wind and waves Fade to

distant murmurs beneath our

feet perspective makes all the

difference determining whether you will

walk in peace or panic when Thunder

Rolls train your spiritual senses to

discern the sound of my voice above

every other the syrupy hiss of

compromise the stridden shout of

accusation The Wailing durge of pity and

false humility these distorted notes

compete relentlessly For Your

Allegiance but my true voice Rings clear

and unmistakable within your spirit once

trained to distinguish friend from foe

it remains steady and strong in

declaring Divine Purpose for your life

regardless what storms may obscure the


ahead as you choose daily to align each

thought word and action under the sound

of my voice certainty of Destiny dispels

doubt just as Dawn’s light burns away

night’s lingering Mist cry out for

discernment and boldness to resist the

devil so he will flee from you far too

many confused or muffled tones emanate

from the camps of those claiming

spiritual ual Authority and insight

during this volatile season test words

and motives against the plum line of

scripture under Spirit

illumination my voice will never

contradict what I have already

established in my written word

concerning righteous principles and


priorities take great care not to

confuse fleshly anger and offense over

personal discomforts and inconveniences

with true prophetic intercession and

spiritual battle the path upon which I

am leading you to gather and guard

Harvest for my eternal Storehouse

differs greatly from that trod by those

appeasing popular

opinion my way is bathed in tears of

compassionate intercession even for

persecutors while still refusing to

shrink from declaring uncompromised

truth as conflicts unfold both within

you and in your external World focusing

on what is not physically present

significantly influences the outcome

becomes you

shape the realm of unseen thoughts and

Visions is always the precursor

influencing how you perceive the

external world to renew your mind

immerse yourself consistently in my

eternal perspective letting my thoughts

become the source from which your

decisions naturally

emerge cultivate a sacred imagination

rooted in the promises of scripture

about what I am shaping you to be and

how I am preparing you to surpass human

constraints imagine my truths about your

identity purpose and Destiny

transforming your heart soul and

strength from within your path is Guided

by what you focus on so carefully

protect what you see and hear stay near

my fire beloved as Heaven’s breath

continues feeding the Flames within you

many Waters cannot quench this shared

passion as I Infuse you with ever

increasing Authority spirit spiritual

perception purity of motive and

more not one promise will fail

concerning all I have spoken and

impatiently performing even through

storms and

delays lift your voice with holy

anticipation intermingled with tears of

joy and awe as you trace the colorful

gifts descending from my hand you will

complete the task that began in the

distant past spreading light amidst the

darkness until the certain arrival of

Dawn’s brightness Heralds the

forthcoming era

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