Be strong | Message From God | The Blessed Message

son you asked me to speak to you didn’t

you here I am I am God who calms your

heart breathe I want to talk to you now

I see you leaving home talking to me and

asking me for strength feel my presence

with you at this moment for I visit you

now to speak with you I saved you from

many things that could hurt you closed

doors relationships friendships and

places it was me to preserve you with so

many things that have happened to you

you have lost a little faith in your

dreams and in what you once wanted I see

your heart and I know what’s going on

inside how many things have you been

through right difficulties

discouragement fatigue and anxiety if

you thought I was going to stop halfway

I come to tell you that I’m not know

that it’s all in my time and it is

perfect believe my will is also good


and pleasing don’t be sad for what you

didn’t achieve remember the deliverances

I gave you the things I didn’t let lack

in the smallest details even if you

didn’t notice I was taking care of you

do not fear for I am with you do not be

dismayed for I am your God I will

strengthen you I will help you I will

uphold you with my righteous right hand


my beloved Son why so much anguish

if I am in control of everything I have

established my throne in the heavens and

as king I Reign Over everything that

exists so calm your heart everything you

need I will give you you will receive

many blessings in all areas of your life

and everything will end well I close

doors so that I could open better paths

for you I took you out of places to put

you where you should be I moved you away

from people because son they no longer

suit you purpose surpasses pain and pay

attention to my signs I’m not talking

about signs in Internet videos I’m

trying to talk to you but son pay

attention great news will come trust in


trustee imagine a little bird with its

delicate wings and fragile body it faces

storms strong winds and cunning

Predators every day it seems impossible

that such a small and seemingly

vulnerable creature could survive in

such a hostile World however this bird

not only survives but also Soares High

singing its Melody to the world just

like this bird you will also face storms

in your life moments of pain Despair and

uncertainty you may feel small and weak

in the face of the challenges that arise

in your path but I am here to tell you

that you have an inner strength that is

more powerful than any

storm this strength does not come from

your own abilities or resources it comes

from me from the love I have for you and

from the faith I deposit in your heart

when you feel weak remember that you

have a wonderful God in your life who

ignites the fire of courage and

determination even in the darkest

circumstances you see I do not promise

that your journey will be easy in fact I

can guarantee that there will be moments

of trial and adversity but I promise to

be by your side every step of the way I

promise to hold your hand when you feel

lost in the dark I promise to whisper

words of encouragement in your ears when

your soul is tired and your heart is

broken do not deceive yourself into

thinking that strength lies only in the

absence of problems in fact it is in the

moments of greatest difficulty that your

true strength will be revealed it is

when you come face to face with the

impossible that you discover the depth

of your courage and the extent of your

power you may be wondering why does God

allow us to go through trials why does

he not spare us from pain and

suffering the answer my child is that it

is in the struggle that we find growth

it is in adversity that we find the

opportunity to become who we are truly

meant to be when you look back to the

hardest moments of your life you will

see that it was in those moments that

you grew the most learned the most and

Drew closest to me it was during the

storms that you discovered your inner

strength and your ability to overcome

any obstacle I am telling you something

powerful that comes from the depths of

my heart be strong not because you are

able to handle everything alone but but

because you have a God who is by your

side holding your hand and guiding your

steps trust in me trust in your own

inner strength and know that you are

stronger than you imagine I know life’s

journey isn’t always easy you’ll face

challenges that’ll test your faith your

courage and your

determination you may encounter moments

of Doubt pain and despair it might feel

like the weight of the world is on your

shoulders like every step forward is a

tough battle but even in the darkest

moments there’s a light shining within

you a light that never goes out no

matter how dense the darkness around you

that light is your hope your resilience

your ability to rise again even when all

seems lost I know it may seem hard to

see beyond the difficulties you’re

facing it may feel like the sun will

never shine again like happiness is just

a distant dream but I’m here to tell you

that no matter how tough your path is

there’s always a reason to hope you may

be grappling with financial problems

facing difficulties in your

relationships dealing with illnesses or


losses every challenge you face is an

opportunity to grow to become stronger

and wiser remember you’re not alone on

your journey I’m always by your side

holding your hand and giving you the

strength to keep going trust in me and

trust in yourself you’re stronger than

you imagine and you’re capable of

overcoming any obstacle that comes your

way sometimes life may seem like an

unrelenting storm but remember after the

storm comes the calm every challenge you

overcome every tear you shed every

obstacle you face it all shapes you and

prepares you for a bright

future when you find yourself facing a

difficulty take a deep breath and

remember that you’re a warrior ready to

face whatever life throws at you keep

your faith keep your hope hope and never

give up on your

dreams always keep in mind that the

power of your faith and your connection

with me will bring Miracles into your

life Faith is like an anchor that keeps

you steady even in the fiercest storms

when you trust in me and my guidance you

find an inner strength that transcends

any obstacle value the blessings you’ve

already received in your life every

moment of joy every shared smile every

achievement reached these are all gifts

that I have placed in your path

recognize and appreciate these blessings

for they are what illuminate your

journey and strengthen your soul never

underestimate the love of the people

around you your family your friends

those who Stand By Your Side in good

times and bad they are my instruments of

love and care in your life value these

relationships nurture them with care and

gratitude for they make your journey

more meaningful and your burden lighter

know that even in the loneliest moments

you are never truly alone I am always

here listening to your prayers wiping

away your tears and surrounding you with

my unconditional love trust in me trust

in your faith and know that you are

loved beyond words may your faith be

like a Burning Flame illuminating your

path and warming your heart may the

blessings you have received be like

stars in the sky guiding you through the

darkness and showing you the way to the

light and may the love of the people

around you be like a warm embrace

reminding you that you are loved valued

and worthy of all the happiness in the

world no matter how dark the world may

seem around you there is always a reason

to smile a reason to believe and a

reason to be grateful amen

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