BE PREPARED – WITHIN 3 DAYS…। God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my precious child I am with you in this

Valley shadowed by

Darkness I see the Unseen forces arrayed

against you the powers and

principalities that seek to

oppress their Whispers And accusations

assail your

ears their ominous presence weighs heavy

upon your spirit do not fear for greater

Am I who lives within you the light of

my presence puts to flight even the

deepest Gloom

fix your thoughts on me now turn your

gaze to behold the radiance of my face

here in quiet communion with me you find

refuge and strength no more striving in

your own power against forces that will


overwhelm instead rest in the power of

my might which raised Christ Jesus from

the grave do not be afraid I am with you

the enemy has no power except what I

allow his schemes and whis Whispers

shall come to nothing before the light

of my glory fix your thoughts on me

beloved one on the radiance of my

goodness allow my peace to guard your

mind to still the anxious beating of

your heart you need not combat the

darkness in your own fragile strength

simply abide in me for I have already

won the victory on your behalf The

Savage wolves that Circle you waiting to

devour have been commanded to heal at my


their teeth are dulled their jaws bound

shut with unbreakable cords the vultures

Gathering to Feast upon your flesh

instead find their beaks sealed by my

hand no weapon formed against you can

ever hope to

prosper I demolish demonic altars raised

up in defiance strongholds that exalted

themselves against my knowledge crash to

the ground as sinking sand curses meant

to bind you snap like flax cords thrown

into fire

the plans of the enemy prove powerless

to prevent one jot of my word concerning

you coming to pass thus I extend to you

again the invitation to enter my rest

around this Oasis spread palm trees Lush

with shelter and shade still wat Sparkle

inviting you weary Sojourner to drink


fill in this Haven all the venomous

accusations hurled at you lose their

sting watch as I transform every false

and condemning word into bread to feed


soul child lift your downcast eyes to

gaze fully upon me now in all my glory

and light look no more at the churning

chaos that yet nips at your heels let

not fretful tomorrow Rob peaceful today

of its Joy here in this Haven I pillow

your head soothing you with songs of

Deliverance until calm displaces all

turmoil within Rest in Me for soon and

very soon I lead you out from this

Wilderness into the land prepared for

you a broad place of promise and

plenty there your heart and flesh Will

Rejoice without constraint in my

goodness every last vestage of darkness

and despair shall flee before the

Brilliance of my arising over your

life even now the Shadows shrink back as

Senus of dawn permeate the Eastern Sky

the Gloom of night passes away on Angels

Wings overtaken by irresistible currents

of light and life and

love your soul B numbed by Icy blasts of

condemnation now begins to thaw and sing

in this warmth of my extravagant mercy

and favor streaming upon you lift your

vision Beyond present troubles beloved

child an unprecedented outpouring of my

spirit fast

approaches a wave of Awakening poised to

crash mightily over parched souls and

revive my slumbering church and shift

Nations you have a critical role to play

in the swelling Crescendo of my glory

blanketing the Earth this coming

Collision of beauty and

Brokenness this unprecedented Collision

Of Darkness and Dawn serves as a

Launchpad catapulting you into new

Realms of authority and

influence powers of Hell tremble in

light of the wave I am about to unleash

through your willingness and radical

obedience hold fast servant of the most

high as I expand your capacity for

greater workings of my spirit for I

declare that the knowledge of my glory

will indeed cover the Earth as the

waters cover the sea my faithful child

the fevered ranting against you serves

only to spread me everywhere through

your life even the Venom of the enemy

becomes medicine to heal as I Infuse

peace and vision now to calm your soul

amid chaos iotic times walk on in

confidence that I will perfect all that

concerns you soon and very soon the fire

and fury of this present Onslaught will

pale before the Pure White Radiance

beaming perpetually upon your face as

you behold me meanwhile beloved Warrior

hold fast to me with unshakable

confidence in my goodness and Sovereign

power rest under shelter of my mighty

Wing until Deliverance lifts you up On

Eagle’s Wings my precious child did I

not promise to never leave or forsake

you then refuse to yield space in your

thoughts to the lies pedal against you

my word to you stands forever settled in

the heavens the deceptions of Hell carry

all the substance of vapor thrust them

from your mind cast those tormenting

Spirits far from you in my name for too

long the enemy has imposed his Twisted

narrative on the landscape of your life

seeking to sabotage your destiny and

make you desert your post but watch now

as I the Lord over all arise to scatter

your foes before the lightning flash of

my sword on your behalf my War Angels

Blaze Trails of fire through strongholds

of Injustice and oppression until all

ground is regained and every usurped


restored the violent Furious thrashings

stirred up by demonic rage serve only to

confirm this season’s birthing pains as

breakthrough looms imminent be clenched

now in inter ession to Aid Heaven’s host

in enforcing my kingdom come into

Earthly domains still held hostage by

evil the systems and structures exalting

themselves against my rule even now

Teeter and Lurch toward inevitable

collapse as my Endtime Army marches

forth and you beloved Saint marked with

my seal will exercise authority to pull

down to uproot and tear down to build

and to plant in alignment with Heaven’s


decrees through your lips I declare

Divine utterances that serve to frame

the World Systems of

Tomorrow by my spirit’s enablement you

will loose chaos into enemy encampments

and establish order amid societal

breakdown the deepest night melts before

the sunrise so every Darkness yet

clinging to your path dissolves as you

walk in the warmth of my

flame press forward with fixed gaze into

the brightness of your emerging future

soon you will emerge Walking Tall for

the glory set upon you for now turn

aside from the churning anxieties within

your soul and find shelter resi and

refreshment in me allow my perfect love

to displace tormenting fears I immerse

you in cleansing healing restoring

empowering Waters until once again you

rise up to ride the Raging flood tides

of my

spirit well able am I I to steer your

course steady and true even amid storm

toss Seas of upheaval keep company with

me here in the secret place beloved

child while the Winds of Change gust

violently about you in quiet communion

your roots plunge ever deeper into my

steadfast nurturing love as you drink in

more deeply of my spirit’s life and

power buds of new giftings and callings

emerge even in Winter’s

barrenness soon you will burst forth on

the stage of this world showcasing

multifaceted aspects of my Splendor and

Beauty through your unique expression of

all that I am the trials closing in

around serve not to limit but to launch

you farther into Destiny than ever you


possible beloved child did I not promise

streams in the Wasteland and that

Wilderness awaits transformation into

Springs welling up pools of refreshing

then lift your tear stained face to

behold visible demonstrations even now

of my spirit moving and ministering to

you in power out of this present

Darkness will emerge incandescent Glory

transforming grit into

gold my precious one why do you yet

stagger under burdens never meant for

you to carry this load of false

responsibility and misplaced obligation

weighs heavy on shoulders already

sagging shake off the pack now to Stand

Tall again firmly rooted in my

unconditional love the harsh and

condemning voices echoing through your

mind speak lies seated by the evil one

pay them no heed for they arise from the

abyss instead tune your spiritual ears

to hear my gentle Voice singing Over You

Melodies of grace and truth that set you

free from Twisted

expectations even now the Noose of

people pleasing and performance loosens

its strangling hold over you

broken I remind you you again that only

my opinion carries lasting weight and

significance my perception alone defines

your identity and determines your

destiny you belong to me so reject

outside claims seeking to exert

ownership thus I call you again simply

to rest securely In My Embrace The

clamor of urgent obligations Fades as

you yield striving to abide here with me

other voices grow distant their

Authority diminished in light of my love

no need to figure everything out today

precious child tomorrow awaits with

mercies all its own for now let my

presence soak into your soul until every

anxious thought dissolves

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