“BE PREPARED FOR STRANGE HAPPENINGS” – JESUS |God message for you today Divine Whisper

my beloved

Child In This Moment inhale the very

essence of who I

am release the burdens Weighing on your

soul the worries fears and distractions

breathe them

out now receive the message I have for

you today know that the words I give

will not always be easy or Pleasant to

hear but they will always build you up

give you courage provide guidance and

lovingly correct you when

needed for you are my precious ones my

people broken and poured out

for I declare over you this day New Life

the path before you is yours to walk

will you choose my perfect desires and

calling despite the thick Darkness

blanketing the Earth you belong to me I

have chosen you your Worth to me is

immeasurable from the very throne room

of Heaven I skillfully formed you with

my own hands for a specific purpose in

this time and season on the earth no

more wasting time on trivial matters no

more entertaining things I have declared

lifeless today I make all things new for

you once again embrace the renewed Mind

and Spirit I am developing within you

simply rise up and embody the blessing

and gift that you already

are don’t strive or strategize to become

something be who I have already made you


be I am presently separating the genuine

from the counterfeit in your midst many

claim to stand with you but their hearts

are far from you do not be dismayed for

I am adding to your numbers raising up

true voices to partner with my appointed

prophetic people for my

purposes hold back for now until I tell

you to engage when I give the command

you will arise with focus and precision

your efforts will hit the mark for it is

my spirit moving and operating in and

through you orchestrating all things to

align with my

plans can you not discern it I Am

shifting you connecting you guiding you

into situations and relationships that

may surprise you do not Define how

things should be according to your

limited perspective

declare things that are not yet manifest

as if they already are let my peace

govern your mind and heart disregard the

pessimists and naysayers trying to

dislodge you from the position I have

placed you in you are my deliverers and

judges in the earth anointed by me in


hour you who were far off and have been

brought near I will never abandon you or

leave your side you are securely within

my circle of protection prepare yourself

I’m sending you out to Herald the

message of what I am doing in the earth

boldly Proclaim my name everywhere you

go and in all you

do when darkness seems to be increasing

set your Gaze on things above I am your

helper I am the maker of the heavens and

earth do not cower in dread at the chaos

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