on this blessed morning I want to invite

you to a special moment of connection

reflection and gratitude today as we

bask in the blessings of this day let us

dive together into the powerful practice

of morning prayer it is the key to

unlocking the doors to a day filled with

blessings and

prosperity throughout this video I

invite you to follow along with every

detail of this prayer with an open mind

and heart for each word each moment of

silence carries with it the power to

transform Our Lives after all morning

prayer is not just a ritual it is a

sacred encounter with oneself and with

the Divine it is a moment to establish a

deep connection with the universe to

Express gratitude for the gifts of life

and to manifest our highest desires so

prepare to open the doors to happiness

peace and abundance in your lives

together let us receive the blessings of

this new day with arms and hearts wide

open witness how morning prayer can

illuminate the path ahead

morning prayer for a day of blessings

because every moment is an opportunity

to seow love compassion and prosperity

in Our Lives May this blessed morning

let us recognize the abundance that

surrounds us and express our gratitude

for every gift received May our hearts

overflow with appreciation for every ray

of sunshine that lights our path for

every shared smile for every experience

that shapes and strengthens us for it is

in gratitude that we find the key to

unlocking the doors to prosperity and

happiness in our lives may we cultivate

gratitude like a garden watering it

daily with our prayers and positive

thoughts for where there is gratitude

there is always room for more blessings

to flow

abundantly as we prepare to begin this

new day I invite each of you to reflect

on the transformative power of faith for

it is faith that sustains Us in times of

adversity that guides us through life’s

Crossroads that leads us to believe in

the extraordinary even in the face of

the seemingly impossible may we nurture

our faith like a flame burning in our

hearts Illuminating our paths and

dispelling the shadows of fear and

uncertainty for where there is Faith

there is the certainty that we are not

alone that we are loved and protected by

a higher power that permeates everything

I invite each of you to open your hearts

and express your deepest desires and

aspirations for it is in the sincerity

of our prayers that we find the power to

manifest our highest dreams may we

clearly visualize what we wish to

attract into our Liv lives sending our

requests to the universe with confidence


determination for where there is Clarity

of intention there is the potential to

create a future full of blessings and

achievements May each word spoken in

this prayer resonate like a mantra of

love and abundance attracting into our

lives that which we truly deserve in

this moment of communion and connection

I invite each of you to reach out your

hands in a gesture of solidarity and

compassion for it is in sharing that we

find the true meaning of life in the act

of reaching out out to others and

offering our support and unconditional

love may we be instruments of peace and

hope in this world spreading the light

of divine love with every step we take

for where there is compassion there is

the certainty that we are fulfilling our

mission to serve and Inspire those who

cross our path Lord God on this blessed

morning may we feel renewed and

invigorated in Body Mind and Spirit may

we Face the challenges of the day with

courage and determination knowing that

we are guided and protected by a higher

power May every step we take be blessed

every word we speak be filled with love

and every thought we cultivate be

positive and

constructive for it is with faith

gratitude love and compassion that we

open the doors to a day filled with

blessings and

accomplishments my beloved father allow

me to dive even deeper into the presence

of the Divine that dwells within me for

it is in this Sacred Space of the heart

that we find the true essence of our

connection with the universe may we

allow ourselves to be guided by the

inner light that guides and sustains us

even in the moments of greatest Darkness

for it is in the unwavering faith in our

own Divinity that we find the strength

to overcome any obstacles that may arise

in our path may we remember the

importance of nurturing our soul with

positive thoughts and

feelings for it is in cultivating love

and gratitude that we find the antidote

to the adversities that may arise on our

journey may we fill our hearts with the

beauty and kindness that permeate the

world around us choosing to always see

the best in every situation and every

person for it is in recognizing the

light that dwells in all beings that we

find true peace and Harmony in our lives

as we prepare to face the challenges of

this new day may we do so with the

certainty that we are loved and

supported by a divine presence that

permeates all may we fully trust in the

wisdom of the universe knowing that

everything happens at the right time and

in the right way for our growth and

evolution may we surrender to the higher

will that guides our steps trusting that

we are always exactly where we need to

be for it is in the total surrender to

the flow of life that we find true

freedom and fulfillment in this moment

of reflection and communion I ask that

the Lord grant us to receive the

blessings that the Universe has reserved

for us on this day for it is in

receptivity and humility that we find

the key to unlocking the Abundant flow

of Grace and prosperity in our lives may

we allow ourselves to be flooded by the

torrent of blessings that is offered to

us at every moment opening our hearts

and Minds to receive all that the

Universe has to offer us for it is in

the full acceptance of what is that we

find true peace and contentment in our

lives on this morning filled with Divine

promises we are called to renew our

faith and strengthen our connection with


credor it is on this blessed morning

that We Gather in communion seeking

guidance and protection from above to

face the challenges of the day that

begins in a spirit of humility and

gratitude a let us lift our hearts to

the Divine and allow its light to guide

and Inspire ose dear friends on this

blessed morning may God strengthen your

faith in the transformative power of

prayer for it is through sincere and

fervent prayer that we connect with the

Divine and receive the blessings we so

earnestly seek may we set aside sacred

time in our lives to communicate with

the Creator sharing our dreams

aspirations and concerns for where there

is prayer there is also the certainty

that we are never alone that we can

always rely on the love and protection

of our heavenly father lift your prayers

on high not only for yourselves but also

for all the Sons and Daughters of this

world who are in need of Love healing

and peace may we be instruments of

divine will on Earth spreading the light

of love and compassion wherever we go

May our prayers be like seeds scattered

in the wind which germinate and flourish

bringing hope and renewal to every heart


touch in this final part of our morning

prayer let us reflect on how we can

carry with us the blessings and presence

of the Divine throughout the

day for it is not enough to Simply begin

the day with prayer we must cultivate

this Divine Connection in every moment

in every breath in every thought and

action when we rise in the morning and

take time to connect with the Creator we

are laying a solid foundation for the

rest of the day morning prayer fills us

with peace confidence and gratitude

reminding us that we are Are Not Alone

on our journey throughout the day when

we encounter challenges and adversities

we can turn to our faith and the

certainty of divine love that sustains

us to maintain this connection with the

Divine throughout the day it is

important to cultivate awareness of

God’s presence in every moment we can do

this through small rituals of gratitude

moments of silence and reflection and

practices that help us remain centered

and in tune with the Holy

Spirit furthermore we can share the

blessings we receive through acts of

kindness and compassion towards others

when we reach out to others and offer

love and support we are true instruments

of the Divine in this world manifesting

its presence and love in tangible ways

therefore let us Embrace each new day as

an opportunity to grow in our faith and

in our connection with the Divine let us

walk with confidence knowing that we are

guided and protected by the infinite

love of the Creator and may we be

sources of light hope and inspiration to

all who cross our path so be it amen May

the peace and blessings of the Divine

always be with

us I thank you for joining us in this

morning prayer and allowing the light of

divine love to illuminate your hearts

may this moment of connection and

reflection strengthen your faith and

Inspire your journey share this video

with those you love so that together we

can spread blessings and hope through

the world may we continue to meet in

this Sacred Space of communion and

spiritual growth watch the next video

that will appear on the screen and may

it guide you in your quest for a life

full of blessings and accomplishments

thank you and may peace be with



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