“Baby and Bulldog, Born on the Same Day, Share an Adorable Bond and Think They’re Brothers!”.3linh


French Bulldogs are renowned as “companion breeds” that thrive on close connection with their owners.

They’re known for their sweet nature and make wonderful companions, and this holds true even for babies. Babies and puppies share a unique ability to offer unconditional love, and when a baby and a dog born on the same day grow up together, it results in an overwhelming dose of cuteness.

Ivette Ivens, a mother and photographer based in Chicago, can attest to this firsthand as she witnesses the heartwarming bond between her son, Dilan, and their French Bulldog pup, Farley, who share the same birthday. Dilan and Farley are inseparable, engaging in activities like bathing, sharing meals, and taking naps together. Through her camera lens, Ivette captures the extraordinary connection between these two inseparable pals.

Originally from Radviliskis, Lithuania, and now residing in Chicago, Ivette shares, “Farley is always by our side, following Dilan wherever he goes. He plays patiently with Dilan and refrains from snoring while they nap together. It’s genuinely a loving connection – pure, unconditional, irreplaceable, and unbreakable. I’m convinced that Dilan believes they’re the same species because they walk at the same level and are both in the phase of exploring everything by chewing. My little Dilan is a contented baby, always cheerful, but for some reason, Farley never fails to make him burst into laughter. I adore witnessing their companionship.”

Dilan and Farley not only share a birthday but have been inseparable since the puppy became a part of their family five months ago.

Ivette shares, “I’m always scrolling through images of various animals online, secretly hoping to have them all one day. When I saw Farley’s birthdate, I felt it was destiny. Farley assists me a lot, too. He cleans up after Dilan when he eats and tenderly licks Dilan’s neck if he’s upset, which never fails to make him laugh heartily. It’s incredibly endearing. Farley is gentle and occasionally a bit clumsy – we must remember that he’s still a baby himself. I capture these moments spontaneously throughout the day. There’s no need for additional inspiration or ideas when you witness this ‘out-of-control’ cuteness happening around the clock.”

“It’s honestly the most loving connection – pure, unconditional, irreplaceable, and inseparable.”

“Farley is very gentle and occasionally clumsy – we must remember he is still only a baby, too.”

“My little Dilan is a chilled-out baby, always happy, but for some reason, Farley really brings out his laughter. I love seeing them together.”

“He cleans up Dilan’s mess after meals and always licks Dilan’s neck if he cries, making him burst into laughter.”

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