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my dear son amidst the challenges you

face at this moment I want you to know

that difficulties are a sign of great

things to come when I reserve something

extraordinary for you opposing forces

strive to their fullest but do not worry

I am by your side fighting alongside you

I encourage you to shift your focus from

fleeting pleasures and distractions of

this world and seek me with an open

heart true happiness lies in having a

deep relationship with me while while

the offerings of the world often leave

one empty and disappointed I do not want

to see you suffer any longer turn to me

share your sorrows and find comfort in

my loving embrace it is normal to feel

nervous and insecure but remember that

my love for you is constant I am always

here to guide and support you rest my

son knowing that I am your attentive

protector no harm will come to you under

my watchful care trust in my presence

for at this very moment I hold you close

I understand that following me may bring

ridicule and harassment from others but

I urge you to be strong do not let the

words of others divert your Devotion to

me remember that pain and suffering are

temporary and I will reward your

faithfulness I will give you the

strength to persevere you know dear son

that I am always with you until the end

of time you will never be alone on your

journey through obstacles I will always

be by your side guiding you and sh

powering my love upon you write Amen in

the comments and receive my blessings

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