Angels say: A huge miracle is coming on your way ? A message from God today

the Angels say that the next minutes

will be crucial for you please do not

miss this important video as the

consequences can be very serious at this

very moment A great miracle is coming to

you big enough to change your whole life

and fill it with unlimited money good

relationships and endless Peace Mark

this video to become the owner of a

miracle God says that you are on the

verge of a great break through you will

become financially independent do what

you love and offer the best for your

family I love you and Proclaim peace

Victory Healing and blessing over your

life you are entering a new season in

which you will experience Victory after

Victory and Miracle after Miracle write

if you need it God says that

tomorrow will be the day when I will

bring you an incredible blessing I will

work miracles to heal you physically

spiritually and emotionally subscribe to

our Channel if you like it God says that

a stressful situation ends peacefully

and safely I am sending financial help

blessings and miracles that will change

your life God is Planning something

amazing for you it could be your dream

job a marriage or a major breakthrough

keep believing keep praying and you will

see how your life will change for the

better write if you are ready God

says that he will make you healthy rich

and successful if you watch this video

to the end you may have suffered cried

and wondered why only you but I will

bless you restore you and redeem you

publicly in the presence of your enemies

God says Dear child I don’t want to see

you suffer please ask for a help and let

me in I want to help your life because I

love you you comment I love you God says

that today I will cover you with healing

blessings love New Opportunities and

benevolence like never before God always

gives the best to those who give him a

choice listen Lord please guide my heart

and guard my mind this week I will do

everything we talked about no weapon

created against you will stand and every

tongue that rises up against you in

courts you will cond down wri t e

for confirmation the Angels say that

tomorrow morning W will receive a

miracle that will solve your financial

problems and put you in such a position

that you will never have to ask or

borrow money again the rest of the week

will bring great Miracles and even

greater blessings do not worry about

anything but in any situation by prayer

and supplication with Thanksgiving raise

your petitions to God God says thank you

we know that God arranges everything for

the best for those who love him and are

called according to his plan God says

that changes are coming I will create

opportunities to meet with you

unexpected blessings will come to you

nothing can stop the blessings that are

on the way the grass will wither the

flower will wither but the word of our

God will stand forever WR

if you believe in it Proclaim it out

loud I’ll never stop waiting for

miracles I’ll never stop hoping and

praying because God is faithful and

knows what I need the wages of sin is

death but the gift of God is eternal

life in Christ Jesus our lord God says

that you will laugh again trust again

and love again if you abide in me my

words will abide in you ask for what you

want want and it will be given to you

w for confirmation Jesus says that

you are on the verge of a breakthrough

and a gracious return every voice that

speaks against your destiny will be

silenced every good gift and every

perfect gift descends from above from

the father of the heavenly bodies which

do not change like a Fickle Shadow your

week of Contrition is over this week

money will fall into your life like rain

you will touch a large amount of money

and soon win a big lottery pricee right

to State this God I don’t want to

just live and die I want to live in a

world of joy and fulfill my destiny God

heard your prayer last night he felt

your anxiety confusion and pain he saw

your tears and shared your situation

with your parents children and Friends

he will bless your family there is one

God and one mediator between God and

Humanity Christ Jesus write

if you believe in Jesus God says he

feels your pain but my child your burden

is behind you he will bless you soon

Lord enter into my mind and help me to

rest knowing that you will be fine the

pain will end the tears will stop and

the door will open God says that nothing

can stop the blessings that will come to

you get ready for blessings and be ready

for a miracle W RIT

t to get your Miracle Christ defeated

the enemy years ago so no weapon

created against you will succeed God

says that soon you will be telling a

different story a story of success

healing Health abundance prosperity

love happiness peace and great joy Lord

I am so grateful for all the blessings

you have given me what God has prepared

for you is meant only for you it cannot

be stolen borrowed or copied write

, if you believe in it God is

telling you to prepare for a gracious

return to your life in his name expect

good news and the supernatural this is

your season of blessings and Graces you

have a lot to do don’t worry about those

who are not for you if God is with you

it doesn’t matter who is against you the

Lord is faithful he will strengthen and

protect you from evil right

if you believe in it God says I’ll

save you you will not Fool by the sword

but you will come out alive because you

trust in me says the Lord You Are My

Lover you are my child and I love you

you’re stronger than you think dear God

I try to follow you but sometimes I act

like I don’t know you forgive me because

I really love you and I know that your

word is the truth dial

, to confirm God says I know you

maybe you’re tired but you trust me not

only on Sundays but every day of your

life if you live for for me and not for

yourself you will experience an

abundance of blessings everything in

your life will soon take a positive turn

don’t give up so many good things will

come into your life God says you can

achieve a lot but if you are not

committed to your work you will not

succeed give all your plans to me and I

will bring them in line with what I see

is the best in your life dial

if you believe Lord calm my heart I

pray that you will free me from the

worries and fears that arise in my head

when I go to bed save me from worries

and disappointments be a protective all

around me and my family protect us from

All the Troubles of the night if I lose

hope today may I always remember that

your plans are better than my dreams in

the name of Jesus Amen if you like this

video don’t forget to leave your remind

And subscribe to the channel to always

be in the faith share it to change

someone’s day may God always be with


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