ALLOW MY BEACON TO LEAD YOUR WAY | Today’s Message from God

my dearest one lean in and listen to my Whispers the promises I’ve made are as

steadfast as a fortress impervious to storms when I speak it’s like the unwavering Dawn dispelling the darkness

those longed for blessings they’re flowing towards you like a river to the Sea every prayer you’ve poured out I’ve

held close seeing your steadfast Faith even amidst the grumbles of others your

gratitude amidst challenges fills me with joy know this the blessings you’ve

yearned for are on Route and they’ll surpass your wildest dreams those burdens weighing you down will dissipate

like Mist under the morning sun your trust in my promises set in motion the perfect response tailored just for you

some falter when answers delay but no I Delight in answering prayers you seek what you need yet I have boundless

blessings in store I’m weaving a tapestry of Grace for your future and those you hold dear my gifts are not

fleeting bring enduring peace and joy I forged a bond with you inscribing my

affection onto the very core of your being wiping clean your missteps as though they never occurred when you’re

in my presence you’ll discover Solace akin to a tender Embrace here within My

Embrace lies restoration for your soul and an unending Wellspring of fortitude

so long as you hold fast to your faith and await patiently the Fulfillment of my pledges release any lingering

bitterness that may hinder your progress and banish all doubts seeking entry into your thoughts pay no heed to those who

deride your convictions for they fail to grasp the potency of your beliefs should

weariness or apprehension ever weigh upon you simply converse with me and I shall imbue you with the resilience to

persevere I shall shower upon you blessings akin to a gentle downpour bestowing them with a tenderness and

benevolence reminiscent of a parent cradling their child I eagerly await The

Melody of GRA itude emanating from your heart yet always bear in mind never approach me with an air of arrogance or

entitlement many may turn away from me yet my affection for them remains steadfast patiently awaiting their

return I comprehend the frustration that arises when circumstances diverge from

your expectations but this is all part of the voyage you pray I answer you take a

stride forward yet sometimes encounter obstacles along the way

encounters with individuals who seek to impede your progress may arise and at

times it may seem as though my assistance is delayed nevertheless I shall unveil to

you that circumstances are not as dire as they may seem your blessing awaits

just around the bend eager for your grasp to receive the Bounty I have in store for you you must relinquish any

apprehension or skepticism that has hindered your advancement tests and trials befall you for I yearn to witness

The Valor within you I desire to witness how you confront disappointment will you

persist in trusting me with a heart brimming with gladness or will bitterness seize control squandering the

time allotted to you I seek a spirit Resolute and sincere A Heart devoted to

me regardless of the vicissitudes of Fate I long to witness a faith so

precious surpassing even the most gleaming gold a steadfast loyalty that remains

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