In This Moment God is saying to you

today my little one you possess all the

grace required for this day you possess

great strength power and resolve for me

nothing you encounter will be too much

you will overcome every hurdle persevere

through every test and emerge from every

adversity stronger than you were


I am remaking everything you are the joy

of my heart and the apple of my eye

everything is working toward your

benefit I haven’t abandoned or forgotten

you I was aware of your prayers make

sure you’re looking at me refuse to

listen to the demotivating speech of the

enemy your moment of Triumph is rapidly

approaching proceed as you are now won’t

worrying about anything I’ve already

fixed it is set in the Heavenly domain

and will materialize when the time is

right in the Earthly realm so celebrate

now that it’s

finished you’ve been doubting yourself

lately wondering if you truly capable of

accomplishing the things I’ve given you

the desire to undertake allow me to

remind you that with Christ anything is

possible never let fear stop you from

pursuing your

goals recall that you are not alone and

that you will succeed you’re capable of


this Lord says typ pal and if you’re

looking for my Guidance the almighty

said behold gain the ability to rise

above your current situation this

requires you to spend concentrated time

with me the person who triumphed over

the world the entire fabric of this

planet at is perishing is intertwined

with the very fabric of trouble and

misery my life in you is the only thing

that can give you the power to tackle

this NeverEnding stream of troubles with

a positive attitude your worried mind

and heart will find calm as you sit

peacefully in my presence I beam

Serenity unto

you through a gradual process you were

liberated from the chains of worldly

existence and elevated above your

surroundings as a result of gaining my

perspective on your life you are able to

differentiate between things that are

significant and those those that are not

important rest in my presence and know

that you will be filled with delight

that no one can take away from you there

is a complex relationship between

waiting trusting and hoping which might

be compared to Golden Threads that are

linked to make a sturdy

chain the most important component is

trust do as a result of the fact that

the answer from my children is the

object of my greatest desire the act of

waiting and hoping contributes to the

strengthening of the center thread and

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