ALERT “MY CHILD ARE YOU IGNORING ME?” – JESUS | God’s Message Today | God Helps

my beloved child I the Lord yearn to connect with you

deeply I long for you to recognize my presence without hesitation to discern

my voice with unwavering certainty I am God dwelling within you

and working through you it is by my grace that you are equipped and empowered to exercise your unique gifts

and talents wisdom knowledge all gifts flow from me in the book of Acts it was

my power at work in and through Believers enabling them to overcome timidity break free from their

limitations and boldly proclaim the gospel to the world I am the voice that Whispers

between your thoughts the Insight you could not conjure on your own I am the wisdom guiding you in

unfamiliar tasks the knowledge beyond your natural understanding as your everpresent

comforter I accompany you wherever you go preparing the way ahead and

supporting you from behind attune your heart to my still Small

Voice learn to recognize the signs and wonders I use to communicate with you

the peace and joy I impart Focus your thoughts on what is excellent kind

praiseworthy and admirable for that is where you will find me if a thought or

impression lacks these qualities it does not originate from me allow me to be the

guiding force in your life training you in the way you should go it is I who enables you to walk in

prosperity and health delivering you from hardship and fulfilling my plans I yearn for you to invite me into

every aspect of your being every corner of your heart mind and body that you

have yet to surrender when you find yourself in distress I am the one who leads you out

and into the promised land encompassing your spirit soul and Body in times of

struggle and heartbreak I draw near to comfort you when you cry out to me for

help I am the one who answers I am just as close to you on the

Mountaintop as I am in the valley it is your role to execute my

plans and purposes on the earth I will dispatch angels to surround you protect

you and deliver messages of strength I constantly call out to you drawing you

closer to me the world may not recognize me because they do not know me but you

my child have the privilege of knowing me intimately allow my heart to beat in

unison with yours my thoughts to intertwine with your own you have been

given the mind of Christ granting you access to these thoughts and plans of

mine I Am With You Always even to the end of the age and I will never Lead You

astray or deceive you many may know of the father and the son Jesus Christ but few truly

understand me however you are called to have a deep understanding of who I am I

was present at the beginning hovering over the formless void before creation I am grieved by the lies and

misconceptions perpetuated by the world about me or the lack of understanding about my

nature but you my child have been raised up for such a time as this to help

manifest the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth I have equipped you for the calling I have placed on your

life now I invite you to cooperate with me to learn all you can about my

character and ways I am gentle loving and faithful bringing peace and

self-control the fruit of the spirit you exhibit is a result of my work in you

allow me to cultivate and mature your spiritual fruit when you find yourself in a

challenging season trust that I am with you and that you are seated with me in

Heavenly places possessing my very thoughts purposes and

intentions you are a chosen Warrior raised up for the last days equip

Yourself by learning to operate in the Supernatural until it becomes natural for

you my beloved child from the moment I formed you in your mother’s womb I knew you were special to me when times get

tough don’t give up hope keep putting in your best effort and I will give you the strength to persist and the resolve to

overcome your perspective will shift and you’ll be filled with new energy and drive any sense of failure will be

overpowered by the strength I provide you will rise up in my name and experience Triumph blessing and love

your life Journey will become a shining example of my power and awesomeness

you’ll be a bright light amidst the darkness positively impacting many lives

people will seek you out drawn to the glow of my love that emanates from you

you’ll motivate and Inspire those longing for a life of Plenty I’m going to fill your life with

so many blessings that your soul will feel utterly content and fulfilled today I want to embolden you

to stand tall let go of the fears and lies that have held you back

tune into my voice and allow the truth I speak to liberate you from every deception the evil one has

spread the enemy’s falsehoods have only caused anxiety and self-doubt almost

convincing you to abandon everything you’ve diligently worked towards but now is the moment to rise up

and walk with me by my side you can once again dream big and reach for the stars

your worries will vanish and you’ll achieve all that you set your mind to take this journey with with me my

precious one and things will be forever changed for the better don’t be frightened draw near to

me always remember that I’m right there with you ensuring that everything

unfolds according to my good plan for your life I’ll show you the way to the land

of abundance where my love overflows and my grace

abounds simply have faith in me and trust the words I’m speaking to you now

I will chart your course I’ll guide you to Lush Green Pastures and reveal the

path to the doorway of blessing stay watchful and prepared so

that when the door opens and your big break arrives you’re Poise to seize the wonderful opportunities coming your

way as you do this all your hopes dreams and aspirations will become

reality so put your trust in me believe my words and cling tightly to my

promises don’t lose heart or become discouraged when you don’t see results right

away hold my hand and keep on trusting day and night I am constantly

with you quietly working behind the scenes to pour out my blessings on you

always remember I cannot fail my timing is never too early or too

late I always act at precisely the right moment often catching you by surprise

pay no attention to the enemy’s deceitful Whispers telling you that success is Out Of

Reach I rebuke him as a liar and a coward place your full confidence in me

not in the things of this world the offerings of the world are short-lived and

fleeting but what I provide is eternal and genuine so when trials and challenges

come your way don’t run from them meet them headon with Faith and

Hope hope see problems not as roadblocks but as chances to develop greater strength

wisdom and bravery remember I created you in my image to be my courageous child I’ve

empowered you to defeat every evil scheme have no fear about what the future may bring put your trust in me

and let my plan for you unfold I will give you strength along with the courage and wisdom you need for

everything to turn out well walk closely with me and I’ll Lead You Down Paths of

Peace Grace and abundant blessing making sure all your endeavors are

successful the time has come for you to receive wonderful blessings I have heard your prayers from

Heaven my precious child listen intently to my words and

let them penetrate deep into your being your hard work has not been for

nothing the trials and challenges you’ve endured have demonstrated your courage courage faith and

perseverance today I Proclaim that your time has arrived the season to reap the

Harvest you’ve diligently labored for get ready to receive incredible marvelous blessings in your life as the

time has come for you to enjoy the fruits of your hard work and dedication this is your appointed time

when your heart’s longings will be satisfied and you’ll experience wonders beyond anything you could have imagined

you’re on the verge of seeing an amazing Harvest come to fruition I know the path to get here was

difficult marked by trials and adversity there were times when doubt and fear loomed over you but you held

unwaveringly to your faith in my promises diligently striving towards your

goals today I bring you a message of Hope and reassurance those who place their trust

in me will never be let down but will witness the display of my love and divine power utterly transforming their

lives into a brilliant future have no doubt about the blessings that are about to overtake you because I

am always at work to bring about your good my presence illuminates your

way I’ll guide you to new opportunities that will Blossom along your journey to success and

fulfillment just believe in me the doors that seemed closed for so long will

swing wide open unleashing blessings that surpass your highest hopes always

remember the victories you’ll celebrate are the direct result of your prayers

faith and persistence a living proof of your steadfast spirit and

commitment that’s why I urge you to treasure my word let it strengthen you

to conquer any obstacle within its Pages you’ll discover the power to rise up and gain

understanding making sure that each step propels you closer to your destiny always keep in mind that

challenging times are opportunities for growth they’ll shape you into a shining

example of perseverance never forget that those who sew with tears will reap with gladness

so don’t hesitate to press onward move forward with determination and unwavering Faith because the rewards in

store for you will far exceed anything you could imagine and flood your heart with joy

prepare yourself for a future overflowing with opportunities and blessings where your life will radiate

like the morning son and Inspire everyone around you now that you know about the

blessings that are about to Spring forth I encourage you to remain alert and watchful don’t quit when faced with

difficulties and don’t let your faith waver when things don’t go according to plan keep progressing with resolve

because it’s in these very moments that you you must actively put your faith into practice and entrust everything to

my care as you do I’ll take care of your problems and provide for your needs

always working for your ultimate benefit remember my love for you is

immense and the faith you place in me will be abundantly rewarded I am with you always

interceding on your behalf you can rely on me in every situation even when you can’t understand

what’s happening in your life never forget that for those who love me I work all things together for

their good my beloved trust me

completely because the blessings that are about to enrich your life are far greater than you can possibly

imagine so get ready because the faith you’ve sown in my name is about to yield

an abundant incredible harvest in this moment of Victory keep your faith strong

as it is the key to continually reaping the fruits of blessing don’t give in to adversity instead persevere and be brave

always believing in me then you’ll see how my love and care surround you bringing protection peace

and prosperity to every area of your life my precious child I want you to

know the depth of my love for you today I’m here to Proclaim blessings

prosperity and Triumph over for your life put your faith in me for I am

committed to blessing you and making all that you put your hands to succeed today I ask that you absorb

these words with a receptive and open heart pay close attention as they will

bring Comfort to your spirit and direction to your path remember that I am your God and

Heavenly Father the one who created all things and watches over your soul my

love love for you Knows No Limits and my devotion to you is unwavering and

genuine right now in this season of your life I want to remind you that you don’t

have to shoulder heavy burdens by yourself trying to handle numerous issues and worries alone can leave you

exhausted stressed and weak that’s why I’m inviting you to place everything in

my capable hands you have no need to conceal anything from me as I I

understand your innermost thoughts and sincerest hopes place your complete trust in me your God and

provider even in moments when you may not be aware I am always looking out for

you let me guide your life and give you the wisdom to Steward the blessings I

will bestow upon you my desire is to bless and prosper every facet of your

existence as you trust in me my beloved child doors of blessing will swing wide open

and the Very Windows of heaven will shower down spiritual abundance filling

your soul with joy and peace trust in me and I will bless your efforts your plans and your

aspirations my blessing will accompany you at every turn even in the face of

challenges as you place your trust in me you will witness how I multiply and

prosper all that you put your hand to it is my my heartfelt wish to see you

flourish and for your life to radiate brilliantly growing ever brighter until the day reaches its

fullness I know that life in this world can be difficult and filled with uncertainty you may encounter trials

that test your faith but remember no matter what challenges you face I will

never abandon you trust in me and the plans I have for you for I am constantly at work on your

behalf and for the the good of all who love me don’t worry about tomorrow or be anxious about today for with me your

future is secure I have destined you for victory not defeat simply trust in me

and I will direct your path keep in mind that true prosperity and success are not found only in

material possessions don’t become fixated on worldly riches instead make it your

priority to seek my kingdom and my righteousness first cling to my words and treasure them in

your heart for I promise you that everything else you need will be provided for

you I will satisfy the deepest longings of your heart I will bring to fruition

all that you have dreamed of and desired as a reward for your diligence it is my desire to bless you

so that you can become a Channel of blessing to others freely sharing what you have received by grace and always

being generous so my precious child come and find Rest In My Embrace I will be your

strength I will grant you wisdom and courage don’t hesitate to entrust every

aspect of your life to me have faith in me and I assure you that difficult times

will not overwhelm you when you see challenges on the

horizon don’t lose heart for they will strengthen your faith and remind you of

your complete dependence on me whenever you face hardships trials or

obstacles call upon me and I will answer I will impart wisdom and guidance

to help you overcome any adversity open doors that appear closed and guide you

to opportunities that will enrich your life in unexpected ways once more I urge

you to surrender everything to me your finances dreams and desires watch as I bless your work and

all that you undertake remember I am the true owner of all things and my provision is intended to

bless and prosper you in every area of your life I will make sure that all goes well

for you there will be Harmony in your family relationships health and

emotional well-being you will love and be loved in

return I will be with you always reminding you that my love for you is

all-encompassing and touches every as aspect of your life trust in me and allow me to guide

you my beloved child I will lead you along paths of righteousness and into places of

abundance I will never forsake you for you are my most cherished

treasure don’t be afraid of what lies ahead for I have wonderful plans in store for

you walk with me in faith and obedience and you will see how I transform your

life and fill it with Incredible blessings I am your God your father and

your provider trust in me and you will thrive on your

journey let these words resonate deep within your heart and bolster your

faith witness my love manifested in the blessings that will flow into your

life never doubt me or my words believe them and cherish them in your heart

cultivate a constant attitude of gratitude for what you have and for what is Yet to

Come gratitude will open your eyes to the abundance that already exists in your life and enable you to receive even

more of my blessings keep moving forward my child trust in my promises work diligently and

with wisdom most importantly never allow life circumstances to Veer you away from my

path or let the distractions of the world influence you use your gifts and talents to excel in

your work and business demonstrating integrity and generosity in all that you do as you do this you will see the work

of your hands Prosper blessing you and increasing in every dimension of your

life my precious child I know life can be overwhelming at times The Daily Grind

can consume your thoughts and energy leaving you feeling drained and disconnected from what truly matters

but I invite you to pause for a moment to step away from the chaos and

noise and listen to the message I have for you in this quiet

space allow my words to sink deep into your heart let them take root in the very

core of your being for they have the power to transform your life in ways you never

thought possible trust that what I’m about to share with you comes from a place of

pure love and unwavering commitment to your well-being first and foremost I want you

to know that my plan for you is good it’s a plan that will bring you Joy

fulfillment and abundance in every area of your life despite the challenges and

obstacles you may face I have equipped you with the strength and resilience to overcome them

all each struggle is an opportunity for growth a chance to develop unshakable

faith and trust in my [Music] Providence in your professional life I

will open doors that seemed locked and impassible I will guide you towards

opportunities that align with your unique talents and passions enabling you to thrive and make a positive impact in

your field your efforts will be rewarded and your projects will flourish

under my watchful eye the relationships in your life will be filled with genuine supportive people

who have your best best interests at heart I will surround you with individuals who will encourage you

uplift you and Stand By Your Side through thick and thin cherish these connections for they

are a reflection of my love and care for you your physical health is also a

priority to me I will Infuse your body with vitality and strength enabling you to tackle each day with energy and

enthusiasm as you treat your body as a sacred Temple you will experience A Renewed sense of well-being and

Harmony but above all else I want you to experience true peace in your

spirit as you draw closer to me you will find a calmness that surpasses all

understanding this peace will anchor you during life storms and provide a constant reminder of my presence in your

life Embrace this connection for it is the foundation upon which all other blessings are built

my promises to you are unbreakable and eternal they are not mere words but a

sacred Covenant between us hold fast to these promises allowing them to be a

source of comfort and reassurance in times of Doubt or fear trust in my faithfulness for I will

never leave you nor forsake you I know that the world may try to Define you by your past mistakes or

present circumstances but I see you through the lens of my uncond conditional love no

matter how far you may have strayed or how unworthy you may feel my grace is

sufficient to cover all your shortcomings my Mercy is a Wellspring that never runs dry always ready to

embrace you and restore you to wholeness you are my beloved child created with a

purpose that is Uniquely Yours don’t ever underestimate the

incredible potential I have placed within you your life has meaning and your

destiny is intertwined with my grand design embrace your identity as my child

knowing that you are fearfully and wonderfully made when the journey gets tough and you feel like giving up

remember these words speak them aloud with conviction and authority and I will fill you with the courage and

determination to keep moving forward my strength is made perfect in your weakness and together we will

overcome every obstacle and reach the Glorious future I have prepared for you so my child keep pressing

on even when the path seems long and the destination feels Out Of Reach trust

that I am with you every step of the way I am your biggest cheerleader your

unwavering support and your constant companion I Delight in your progress and

celebrate every Victory no matter how small as you continue on this journey

remember to walk in faith and not by sight fix your eyes on me the author and

finisher of your faith and let my love be the compass that guides your every

decision when you align your heart with mine you will experience a life of

purpose joy and fulfillment beyond your wildest

dreams thank you for taking the time to listen to my heart today now go forth with confidence

knowing that you are never alone my love surrounds you my grace empowers

you and my plans for you are always good embrace the adventure that lies

ahead and never forget that you are my treasured possession walk in the Assurance of my

love and watch as I unfold the beautiful story of your life each chapter may bring its own

challenges but it will also reveal new depths of my faithfulness and provision trust the process for I am

using every experience to shape you into the person I created you to be and when

the world tries to pull you down or make you doubt your worth remember that your identity is rooted in me you are not

defined by your successes or failures your strengths or weaknesses you are defined by my love

for you a love that knows no bounds and never fails so my precious child hold your

head high and walk with purpose you have a unique role to play in this world and I have equipped you with

everything you need to fulfill it don’t be afraid to step out in faith

to take risks and to pursue the dreams I have placed within your heart I will be

with you every step of the way guiding you protecting you and cheering you

on as you navigate the ups and downs of Life remember to keep your heart open to

my voice I speak to to you in The Quiet Moments in the Stillness of your soul

listen for my whisper and Let My Words bring Comfort guidance and

direction I will never lead you astray for my plans for you are always rooted

in love and wisdom and when you face trials and tribulations remember that they are

temporary they do not have the power to Define you or derail your destiny

instead they are opportunities for you to grow in faith to develop perseverance

and to showcase the beauty of my grace in your life trust that I will use even the most

difficult circumstances for your good and my glory so my beloved hold fast to these truths let them be the anchor for

your soul and the foundation upon which you build your life as you walk in obedience to my will and Trust in my

love you will experience a life of abundance purpose and unshakable peace I

am with you always and I will never stop working on your behalf my love for you

is steadfast and unchanging and my commitment to your well-being is

unwavering rest in the security of my promises and know that your future is

bright and filled with hope thank you for being my child for

trusting me with your life and for allowing me to guide you on this incredible

journey I am proud of you and I excited to see all that we will accomplish

together remember you are loved beyond measure and you have a purpose that only

you can fulfill embrace your unique identity walk in faith and trust in my

goodness I am with you every step of the way and together we will create a story

that will leave a lasting impact on this world I love you my precious child and I

am cheering you on every single day keep your eyes fixed on me and watch as I unfold the beautiful plans I have for

your life your best days are still ahead and I can’t wait to see all that

you will become my precious child as you navigate through life

remember that I am always with you guiding your steps and illuminating your path when You Face challenges and

uncertainties lean into my presence and trust that I will provide the strength wisdom and discernment you need to

overcome in a world filled with noise and distractions it is essential to cultivate a listening heart create space

in your day to quiet your mind and spirit allowing my still Small Voice to

speak to you whether through the pages of scripture the beauty of nature or the

whispered promptings of your heart I will make myself known to you when you encounter trials and

tribulations resist the temptation to succumb to fear or despair instead fix

your eyes on me the source of your hope and peace I will never abandon you or

Leave You To Face your struggles alone I am your refuge and your Fortress

your everpresent help in times of trouble as you grow in your understanding of who I am and how I work

you will begin to recognize my handiwork in every aspect of your life from the intricate details of your daily

experience iences to the overarching story of your journey my fingerprints are evident trust that I am weaving

together all things for your good and my glory I have gifted you with unique abilities passions and experiences that

are meant to be used for the benefit of others and the advancement of my kingdom do not shrink back from the

calling I have placed on your life but step forward in faith knowing that I will equip you with everything you need

to fulfill your purpose in a world that often promotes self-reliance and

individualism remember that you were created for Community surround yourself with others who will encourage support

and challenge you in your faith be vulnerable and transparent

allowing others to speak into your life and offering the same love and grace to those around

you as you navigate relationships whether with family friends or

colleagues let my love be the foundation extend forgiveness freely

even when it feels undeserved seek to understand before being

understood be quick to listen slow to speak and slow to anger let your words

and actions be seasoned with kindness compassion and Truth when you stumble or

fall short do not wallow in shame or condemnation I am a god of Second

Chances and my mercies are new Every Morning bring your Brokenness and

failures to me and allow my grace to wash over you healing and restoring you

from the inside out as you encounter those who are hurting marginalized or

oppressed let my heart of compassion flow through you be a voice for the

voiceless a defender of the weak and a light in the darkness let your life be marked by

generosity selflessness and a willingness to sacrificially love others just as I have

loved you when the demands of Life threaten to overwhelm you remember that I am your

source of rest and renewal take time to recharge in my presence allowing me to refresh your

spirit and renew your strength trust in my timing and my

provision knowing that I will supply all your needs according to my riches in

glory above all fix your eyes on the Eternal hope that is yours in Christ

this world with its trials and tribulations is not your final

destination I am preparing a place for you in my eternal Kingdom where every tear will be wiped away and every sorrow

will be turned to Joy so take heart my child and press on in

faith I Am With You Always even to the End of the Age my love for you knows no bounds and

my plans for you are good trust in me lean into my presence and

let your life be a Living testament to the transforming power of my love



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