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my precious children I come to you today with an Urgent Message burning in my heart a rallying call to action that can

no longer be ignored or delayed for far too long many of you have allowed the

blazing fire of my Divine Purpose to smolder and fade content to linger in

the complacency and comfort of this temporal world but I say to you now the

time has come to shake off the shackles of inertia and careless disregard you must step forth boldly

into the Glorious Destiny I have meticulously prepared for each of you I know the bone wearying fatigue that

weighs heavily upon your souls the ceaseless trials and tribulations of this Fallen World have left you battered

bruised and questioning whether your efforts hold any true consequence in the grand tapestry of Eternity but take

heart my beloved ones for I Am The Great I Am the god of infinite possibilities

before whom nothing is impossible your struggles your

setbacks your wavering moments of doubt and fear they are merely fleeting Vapors

temporal obstacles dwarfed by the Eternal weight of Glory that awaits those who persevere Faithfully in my

name open your eyes and gaze upon the state of the world that surrounds you a

world enshrouded in impenetrable Darkness where the noxious fumes of

hatred Division and open Rebellion against my truth pollute the cultural

atmosphere a broken world where the innocent are ruthlessly violated and the

heart-rending cries of the oppressed echo through streets like a haunting refrain this is decidedly not the world

I lovingly crafted for my cherished creation no you my dearly beloved

children you are called to be the radiant light that pierces through the smothering Shadows the beacons of hope

that guide the lost and wandering Souls back into the warm embrace of my infinite love but to fulfill this sacred

calling you must act swiftly and decisively operating with an unwavering

conviction and sacred sense of urgency that blazes brighter and hotter than the fury of a thousand Noonday Suns for

every precious moment squandered in complacency is a moment where the forces of Darkness gain greater footholds a

moment where more souls slip par perly further into the clutches of Despair and eternal separation from me their

creator do not be deceived by the illusion of time my children it is the

cruestv a mere fleeting breath in the vast expanse of eternal

glory the once in an eternity opportunities that stand before you today may have vanished like the Morning

Mist by tomorrow’s Dawn the souls you you could have eternally impacted the

Destinies you could have forever altered May remain untouched and unrealized

withering from lack of care upon the vine call to mind the poignant parable

of the talents where the foolish servant who chose to bury his master’s precious gift in the ground was severely

rebuked while the wise servants who boldly invested and multiplied what had been entrusted to them were richly

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