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my beloved child I see the longing in

your heart the cries of your soul and

the prayers that have poured from your

lips know that I am here not by chance

but by Divine Design responding to your

deepest needs in these moments my Holy

Spirit surrounds you bringing strength

and comfort to your life you’ve sensed

my presence my desire to speak to your

heart and I’ve been preparing you in

countless ways my message is written

within the pages of your Bible shine

brightly before your sincere heart today

you’ve opened your heart to me

rekindling the Covenant we share you

offer me your faith trust in the

fullness of your hope and trust that I

hear your please let go of the weight of

anxiety that might make you think your

words do not reach the heavens from the

very day you cried out an angel departed

from my Celestial Throne holding the key

to your Liberation you are a special

Soul engaged in a Celestial battle for

your life the adversary seeks to drag

you down to wish for your failure but my

heavenly armies wage war against these

forces of evil the challenges that have

befallen You Are Not Mere coincidences

they serve a purpose I call on you to be

vigilant and wise cautious with your

words share your innermost thoughts with

care for the enemy seeks to devour you

to exploit your vulnerabilities and to

break your faith with lies and deception

your future is a tapestry of Wonders and

miracles while you may face trials for a

season know that your problems are not

Everlasting they will fade away the

burdens that weigh you down will lift

and those who have hurt you may return

seeking forgiveness but remember your

faith and trust must remain Anchored In

Me Alone even when others promise you

the world hold fast to the knowledge

that only I possess the power to bless

and protect you from evil I am the

source of truth I never fail nor do I

deceive should you place your trust in

empty promises from deceitful Hearts

your blessings will dissipate like the

wind and some may never return so this

is your moment anchor your faith in my

powerful and Eternal Word unchanging and

steadfast throughout all time the hour

of decision approaches choose my love my

affection and embrace it fully make a

solemn commitment to meet with me every

morning to listen and immerse yourself

in the word that has illuminated your

path and given you purpose fear not when

you come before me for I long to hear

your voice no matter your state or

emotion my doors are wide open and my

ears attentive come before the sun rises

it is the perfect moment to bring me

your desires and feel my loving Embrace

speak to me openly for your words Echo

your thoughts and and reserving a place

for me in your heart is a fragrant

offering share your dreams your needs

your frustrations and your doubts tell

me everything for I am your friend the

one who truly understands and

comprehends you the storms of adversity

may have shaken you leading to

unexpected times of anxiety the Lash of

contempt and cruelty may have bruised

your soul leaving you breathless

yearning for peace my word is yours and

you shall receive it I will fill your

heart with strength in the midst of

Trials you will find Tranquility when

you are weak you will find your strength

in me and when you falter fear will not

consume you cling to my promises when

your burdens become overwhelming come to

me never forget that I am with you and

do not let doubt rob you of the

blessings that await you I bless you

because I love you and I have chosen to

do so I am your father your creator I

know what is best for your future your

family your spiritual life and your

heart if you ask for Prosperity I’ll

erase your debts be grateful for now you

live in Freedom your bank accounts may

be empty but no one will come to collect

from your door if you seek abundance I

will provide honorable employment and a

means for your household do not complain

I’m providing you with the opportunity

to earn your sustenance do not be afraid

I will open doors for you go where I

live lead for that is where you will

prosper with dedication and integrity I

desire to shower you with Abundant

Blessings for I want you to learn to

manage them wisely if you combine your

grateful heart with the wisdom you gain

you will receive marvelous things I also

desire peace in your home let the

Miracles you witness nurture your

spiritual growth but do not fixate

solely on material possessions focus on

Heavenly matters but above all maintain

Ain an attitude of gratitude in your

hearts this is the first step toward a

supernatural life these are the keys

that open the door to a season of divine

abundance your dedication gratitude and

commitment to bless others bring joy to

my heart I want you to hear these words

directly from me you bring me joy I

cherish the way you seek me Delight in

your prayers and your expressions of

gratitude your courageous Spirit brings

me joy your name resonates in the

Heavenly Realms you are an example of

Faith persistence and

loyalty remember these words etched into

your soul when doubts and discouragement

attempt to assail you I am the one who

heals you prospers you and lifts your

life from the depths I unfold you in

love and mercy and I open the door to a

world of the

supernatural it is my will that your

prayers are answered but it is also my

command that you hold them dear I am

pleased with your your prayers your

loyalty your gratitude keep moving

forward keep being who you are and

remain steadfast in the spiritual realm

come into my presence daily listen to

the messages that strengthen you and

share them with your family remember

this when you close your eyes in

gratitude and prayer I place my hand

upon your head and pour my Supernatural

blessings into your life so please tell

me that you receive them with profound

gratitude I am your all powerful God and

I want this to be crystal clear to you I

love you I do not fail you and nothing

nothing is impossible for me if I have

called you to strive and be courageous

it is because I will truly help you

succeed these are not empty words and I

desire your faith your heart your life

your desires your commitment and your

loyalty above all else I want to occupy

the foremost place in your life and I

want your thoughts to send enter on my

word each morning let your heart leap

with joy as you hear these messages

learn to discern these words written

with love and spoken with power do not

settle for Twisted messages that deceive

with falsehoods and empty promises only

my sheep recognize me and you are one of

them you feel my presence in your heart

and every morning my voice speaks to you

I eagerly await your prayers I listen

intently your gratitude moves me and and

as soon as your lips part in prayer my

angels hasten to your side working for

your blessing I am arranging all things

in their rightful place everything is

aligning Hearts will soften opinions

will shift and those who have judged you

will come to respect you this is the

work of my Holy Spirit surrender your

life into my hands let me guide you I

know what is best for you and I am still

working things out you will lack nothing

I desire your growth your maturity your

happiness I am your all powerful

heavenly father and I love you I bless

you I will not fail you please respond

to me by giving me your life your

loyalty your gratitude and your faith

this is my Earnest desire perhaps you

will face a thousand conflicts and at

times you may feel on the brink of

fainting but my Holy Spirit dwells

within you filling you with strength so

you will never lose your faith keep

advancing unwavering for I am with you

nothing is impossible for me rest your

faith in my written word with it you can

conquer Giants and drive enemy armies

away you have expressed your desire for

a life of peace and I assure you though

challenges may arise my promises will

never fail you the daily struggles you

encounter cannot steal your happiness or

emotional stability contrary winds can

no longer Cloud your thoughts and life

surprises cannot embitter your feelings

these words have bestowed upon you

spiritual maturity mental fortitude and

emotional stability now you understand

that your future is not determined by

your feelings you possess the power to

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