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my beloved child listen closely grasp this and learn I am your God your Redeemer the

one who absolves your missteps and purifies your soul who has vanquished your accusers and delivers you from

despair placing songs of praise upon your lips I am present you know this when you

kneel and Converse with me miraculous Deeds occur I will uphold you through the

tempests even as Fierce winds assail you you will find refuge in my love shielded

from the Devourer assaults you are not nor shall you be a captive to

despondence if now you feel desolate if you see no reason to persist cling tightly to me ignore the assaults of

others never let go of me do not be swayed by fear there is no one in the

universe who loves you as profoundly as I do or who possesses the might to rescue you and liberate you from the

repercussions of your sins from the harsh and cynical assaults of false

friends from the humiliations inflicted even by your kin today they may assail you aiming to

bring you down but I will Elevate you amidst them and soon they will come to

respect you they will regret their actions against you shedding tears and

you will offer forgiveness as I do you are victorious is through faith a

beloved child of the most high enveloped in my boundless love graced with my

mercy and surrounded by my compassion Remember You have overcome

daunting challenges before you have faced Mighty foes and emerged stronger after every battle you

know the rhythm of struggle of growing weary falling and Rising again each time

returning to my presence to be renewed and to re joice in Triumph you have tasted victory let that

flavor Empower you in your current struggles with the sword of the Holy Spirit and the words I plant in your

heart today fight not as one who has never known courage but as one who is

invigorated by Divine Assurance let my touch chase away the shadows of doubt that cloud your vision

feel the spark within you pushing you to pursue your dreams and to cherish those you hold dear

know this you are never alone you are cherished and valued beyond measure rest

against me let go of the hurtful thoughts that whisper abandonment and isolation those are lies for I am ever

with you accept my words and feel my comforting Embrace now you will not

falter or be overcome by your trials in all things trust me hand over your pain

and I will bring solace If Tears Must Fall let them fall in my

presence I am here ready to listen share your burdens give me your feelings of

defeat and I will replace them with hope and courage every day every moment I am by

your side offering comfort and strength affirming your worth my love Shields you

and my mighty hand protects you today you rise from Victory to Victory you

confront your adversaries leap over barriers and Conquer Evil bolstered by

my word that fills you with formidable strength at Journey’s End come to me

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