A sign that God has HEARD your prayers…

if you have been trying to get closer to

God recently you know maybe you are new

to believing in him or you are coming

back from a life of sin and you feel as

though your relationship with God just

isn’t there or it just isn’t growing I

want you to know that your relationship

with God is actually growing you just

don’t see it yet you can see what you

don’t realize is the moment that you

pray and you seek God it’s already been

done the seed has already been planted

into you God has heared your prayers and

he sees the effort that you are putting

into seeking him there’s a quote that I

want to reply to this and it’s what if

you are doing it right you are just not

doing it enough no I am not saying you

have to pray times a day but you got

at least so him that you are consistent

with the way you are living as well as

how consistent you are with seeking him

you pray for a couple days and then you

just give up on him but here’s a Bible

verse that I want you to take in Mark

it says seeking the kingdom of God

is like planting a mustard sea it is

like a mustard seed which when it is SE

on the ground it’s smaller than all the

seeds on Earth but when it is you it

grows up and becomes greater then all HS

when you see God the change he starts

working on you is like a mustard seed

you can’t even see it then as you keep

seeking as you keep praying as you keep

being consistent with living through his

word and you start actually watering the

seed Watering your soul next thing you

know eat the plant growing everything is

growing you are growing and you start

seeing more and more blessings in your

life Matthew chap ask it it will be

given to you seek and you will find

knock and it will happen to you if you

believe in God then you make sure that

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amen if you believe in God

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