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dear beloved

child in the Embrace of my love I see

the depths of your struggles and the

weight you carry yet let not your heart

be troubled for my love for you knows no

bounds it is a love that surpasses

understanding A Love That Remains

steadfast through every trial and

tribulation as you seek solace in my

arms remember that gratitude is not just

a feeling but a way of life it has the

power to transform even the darkest of

nights into mornings filled with hope

Embrace gratitude as a beacon of light

Illuminating the path ahead and guiding

you through the storms of life in your

moments of waiting hold fast to the

promises I have spoken over you for

though the journey may be long and the

road may be steep I am with you every

step of the way trust in my timing for I

am working all things together for your

good align your heart with mine dear

child and let my will be your guide

share your hopes your dreams and your

fears with me and I will grant you

Clarity and direction for in

surrendering to my plan you will find

true freedom and fulfillment even in the

midst of chaos remember that I am the

unchanging Rock upon which you can build

your life my goodness knows no bounds

and my provision is abundant take refuge

in my presence and find strength in the

knowledge that I am always by your side

as we journey together let us not walk

alone but in the company of others who

share in our faith and our hope join

hands with your brothers and sisters and

together let us spread the message of

love and compassion to all who are in

need With Every Beat of your heart with

every breath that you take know that my

love for you is unwavering and eternal

so go forth dear child with confidence

and courage knowing that I am with you

always until the end of time prepare to

embrace Divine blessings today by typing

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