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dear child I know that somewhere in the

world you have dreams to fulfill while

you sit quietly and think and listen to

me every day today I am going to give

you the power to fulfill these dreams

that power can be in any form of your

financial mental and physical well-being

listen to me carefully today even if you

do not like my messages but after

listening to them you will feel the

power that you will get then without

thinking anything ignoring every problem

of the world just keep listening to this

message carefully with a pure heart and

one of your big wishes would have come

true I am God and I love you it’s just

that simple I want to be with you and I

want to help you I want to help you live

a life that is filled with love and

friendship you can have these things in

abundance if only you will let me help

God is saying to you today I have given

you everything in this world that

matters your family your friends your

money even your health but the most

important thing of all is the love of

God for you you are my beloved child you

are a gift for me and I want you to be

happy I have made it possible for you to

know me through my word and through my

son Jesus Christ and now I am asking

that you believe me when I tell you God

loves you the Bible says that we must

believe the gospel if we want to be

saved it is true because Jesus died on

the cross for our sins so that we would

be forgiven by God and accepted as his

children forever but if we do not accept

this truth with our hearts then we will

never receive eternal life or enter

Heaven my love for you is not dependent

on whether or not you agree with me or

feel comfortable with my decisions my

love for you is not based on your

performance as a person but rather on

your potential as an individual who can

make a difference in this world if you

believe in God you are worth more than

anything else in this world World

worthiness is not determined by your

actions or character traits but rather

by your potential and ability to do good

things you have a purpose here on Earth

and that purpose is greater than any

other person could possibly imagine I

have loved you very much I am still

loving you as much as ever and I will

continue to love you even when we are

not together I know the times have been

hard for you because of my absence but

know that I am with you in spirit always

and that my presence is more important

than anything else I want you to know

that when I am with you things will be

easier for you and the people around you

you will feel my presence more strongly

and it will help guide your decisions

toward what is good for me and for

others when someone hurts or disappoints

me I want them to know that there is a

safe place for them to go in their heart

where I can be there for them too when

someone loves me unconditionally no

matter what happens in their life then

they are truly blessed God says you are

not alone my child I am here with you

always you do not have to face the world

alone I am with you and I want to help

you in all that you do your life is

important and it matters deeply to me

Jesus is your Savior and Lord and he

came into this world to die for your

sins so that you could live with him

forever in heaven I am the god of

Abraham Isaac and Jacob I am the god of

your fathers and I am not a god of the

dead but of the living

I have loved you with an everlasting

love I draw you with unfailing kindness

I have created everything that exists my

creation has no beginning and no end I

am the one who created everything that

exists there is nothing that can be said

about my creation except that it exists

there are things in your life that are

not perfect but there are also things in

your life that are perfect the things in

your life that aren’t perfect may make

you angry angry upset or sad but they

don’t make you imperfect they just give

you something to work on to become more

perfect the things in your life that are

perfect do not make you imperfect they

make you happy the key is to focus on

those things and let them fill up your

heart with joy and happiness I want you

to trust me and my will for your life

trust that I have a plan for your life

and that plan includes your feelings and

emotions I want you to understand how to

handle your feelings so that they don’t

become overwhelming I want you to learn

how to communicate with others so that

they hear what you are saying and

respond in a way that is helpful for

both of you this involves listening as

well as talking since sometimes the

other person may not be able to express

their feelings clearly or may not even

know what they mean by something they

say or do I want you to learn how to

forgive yourself when things don’t go as

planned but also when things go right as

well in other words when life doesn’t

turn out exactly like we thought it

would God is saying to you I love you I

want you to know that and I want you to

be happy and I want your life to be full

of joy you are loved you are cherished

you are treasured beyond measure by God

by your family by your friends and by

all those who love you it’s okay to feel

afraid of failure it’s okay to feel

unsure about the future but there will

be a day when you’ll look back on this

moment with regret and wish that you had

made different choices the road ahead

may be full of twists and turns but it’s

pave with people who care about you and

support you along the way there will be

people who love you care about you grief

for your loss when it happens and help

carry on the memory of your life after

death God loves you more than anyone

else in the world he wants to show it by

sending his son Jesus Christ to die for

your sins on the cross because of this

he will forgive you and make you clean

again all that is left is to believe in

him and ask him to forgive you just

believe in me and I will forgive your

sins I want to thank you for the way you

live your life and for the example that

you set for others you’re not perfect

but I know how hard it can be to be

perfect that’s why I love you so much

you may not always realize it but I’m

watching over your life every day even

when you don’t see me or hear me and

when things aren’t going well in your

life I’m there too to help make things

better when something bad happens I’ll

be there to hold your hand through it

all and help take away the pain and

suffering that comes with it if there’s

anything at all that I can do to help

make your life better just ask me my

child I am not asking you to do

something spectacular I am giving you my

gift of love love me and I will love you

love your neighbor as your yourself do

this and you will be happy you may have

struggled in your past but God has been

there with you since the beginning of

time he has promised to be with you

every step of the way he will never

leave you alone and he won’t let anyone

come between his people and their

relationship with him God will never

leave you alone because he loves you

unconditionally and has a plan for your

life that is bigger than anything else

in the world there are two things that

you must must do and two things only you

must love God and your neighbor as

yourself if you do these two things you

will have a good life and go to heaven

when you die your neighbor is anyone

whom God has given the gift of faith in

Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior God’s

love is so great that he sent his son

Jesus Christ to Earth so that we could

be saved from sin and join him in heaven

forever Jesus died on the cross for our

sins so that we can be forgiven and live

with him forever in heaven when you are

in the middle of a storm it’s hard to

see the light at the end of the tunnel

you can’t see how you’re going to get

through it or how you will be able to

stand up again but when you look back

and think about what happened before the

storm when things were easier and more

peaceful you realize that those times

were just like this one there was no way

out nothing but Darkness ahead well

here’s why

because God has blessed me with many

blessings in my life and so far he has

always been true to his word he has

always kept his promises he has given me

many gifts that others have taken away

from me but he always comes back for me

with love and mercy and when I remember

these things about him when I look back

on all of my experiences with him then

things start to look brighter again you

must forgive me for what I did to you I

I am sorry for what I did and I will do

better next time I am the one who brings

the sunshine into your life and even

when you think that I have left I am

still there to give you life’s joy and

happiness this is the reason why I am

saying to you my friends live in a way

that pleases God for if you do this you

will become my true friends and I will

be your God beloved children in my will

I have given you freedom I have given

you your choice and I have told you what

is right wrong but I will also allow you

to make mistakes in this world because

if there were no mistakes then there

would be no learning in growing and

without growth and learning there would

be no life you must learn from your

mistakes and grow from them so that when

the time comes for the next choice you

can make it better than the last one I

want you to know that whatever you do I

will be with you and I will never leave

you I have heard your prayers and I have

seen the tears in your eyes you are a

child of God and he loves you very much

if only I could give you everything but

there is only one thing I can give you

my presence do not be afraid of what

people may say about you I am with you

and will guide you through this

life you must learn from your mistakes

and grow from them so that when the time

comes for the next choice

you can make it better than the last one

I want you to know that whatever you do

I will be with you and I will never

leave you I have heard your prayers and

I have seen the tears in your eyes you

are a child of God and he loves you very

much if only I could give you everything

but there is only one thing I can give

you my presence do not be afraid of what

people may say about you I am with you

and will guide you through this life God

‘s love for us is unconditional he does

not love us because we are good but

because he is good he loves us because

we are his not because we deserve it or

have done anything to earn it I have

always loved you my love for you is

unconditional infinite and forever your

life is not your own it belongs to me

and I have entrusted it to you to care

for and protect you have a mission a

purpose in life that Only God Can

fulfill God wants to reveal this love

for you by giving you a new heart a new

way of thinking and new desires he wants

to change your mind about yourself so

that you will believe that he loves you

as much as he says he does he wants to

give you the desires of your heart so

that your goal in life will be to please

him rather than yourself or anyone else

God’s plan for your life does not

include sin or Disobedience it includes

obedience and faithfulness on your part

so that he can get Glory from the

workmanship of his hands the purpose of

all things is working together for good

I love you I want to give you everything

that is good for you and I want to help

you grow in the way I know is best I

have chosen a family for you just like I

had chosen all of

creation my children are going to be

your brothers and sisters and they will

help each other as much as they can they

will not always agree with me but they

should be able to work together as a

family you are my child and I am so

proud of what you’ve done so far you

will do more than survive you will

Thrive and because of this I want to

give you all the resources that you need

in order to succeed at life I can give

you the world or I can give you me but

if you choose me you must be willing to

do my will and that means giving up your

own desires and following me I will not

abandon you I will never leave you alone

I will always be with you even if you do

not want me there I love you so much

that I want to help you find a way out

of this crisis and restore your

relationship beloved child in the

tapestry of your life I see the threads

of your dreams desires and aspirations

woven intricately today I am here to

empower you offering the strength to

manifest these dreams whether they

relate to your financial stability

mental fortitude or physical well-being

trust me as you listen to my words even

if they may initially seem

unconventional or challenging there’s an

ineffable power that you’ll feel a force

that transcends understanding when you

heed my message let go of every worldly

worry and absorb this Guidance with an

open heart therein lies the Fulfillment

of your significant aspirations I am

your God an embodiment of unwavering

love my desire is to walk alongside you

to Aid you in living a life brimming

with affection companionship and

fulfillment these gifts are yours

abundantly if you allow me to guide you

reflect on this truth I’ve bestowed upon

you all that truly matters in this world

your family friends finances Health

these are the treasures I’ve bestowed

upon you however the Paramount gift of

all is my boundless love for you you my

cherished child

are a precious offering to me and my

deepest wish is for your happiness

through my word and my son Jesus Christ

I’ve enabled you to know me to

understand that I love you

unconditionally the scriptures Advocate

believing in the gospel to attain

salvation Jesus’s sacrificial act on the

cross paved the way for your forgiveness

and eternal acceptance as my cherished

child but embracing this truth accepting

it sincerely within your heart heart is

Paramount for eternal life and a place

in heaven your worth transcends human

understanding it’s not bound by actions

or traits but by your potential to

spread goodness you possess a Divine

Purpose that surpasses all worldly

comprehension Embrace this purpose for

it’s grander than any Earthly ambition

know this my love for you isn’t

contingent on your Accord with my

decisions or your comfort it’s not

reliant on your performance

but on the potential that dwells within

you capable of making the transformative

impact your worthiness stems from the

ability to manifest positivity and

kindness in this

world though you may not always perceive

it I am forever watching over your life

even in moments where my presence may

seem elusive I am there ensuring things

work in your favor in times of adversity

I hold your hand alleviating the pain

that life’s trials often bring remember

you need only ask and I shall provide

assistance my child I am not seeking

Grandeur from you rather I offer the

most precious gift the gift of

unconditional love love me and I shall

reciprocate endlessly love others as you

love yourself and in this love you’ll

find true contentment your past

struggles haven’t deterred my love for

you I’ve been your constant companion

over overseeing your journey since time

the memorial I promise to never forsake

you I’ll forever Stand By Your Side

guiding your path there’s a divine plan

I’ve crafted for you an expansive Vision

that surpasses any worldly ambition your

life’s blueprint necessitates two simple

actions love for me and love for others

in this simple yet profound act lies the

essence of a fulfilling life and an

eventual Ascent to heaven

those who share your faith in Jesus

Christ form the circle of neighbors I

speak of Encompass them in your love as

you do for yourself my love for Humanity

extends to Jesus Christ who sacrificed

himself to save you from sin opening the

gates to an eternal Union with me in

heaven Jesus’s crucifixion is the

Pinnacle of forgiveness granting eternal

life In My Kingdom amid life storms

Darkness May Cloud your vision obscuring

the half ahead however recalling moments

of Tranquility before the Tempest

reveals a pattern light emerges from

Darkness trust in my faithfulness and

Clarity will soon illuminate your way

remember I’ve endowed you with countless

blessings unwaveringly adhering to my

promises despite setbacks I return with

boundless love and mercy guiding you


tribulations these reminiscences should

brighten your outlook forgive me for any

past transgressions know that I

acknowledge my imperfections I strive to

rectify my actions and evolve

continually I am the beacon of light

that brightens your life offering joy

and happiness even amidst adversity my

friends lead a life that aligns with my

will for therein lies the path to True

friendship with me I grant you Freedom

of Choice aware that mistakes will shape

your growth Embrace these ER they Foster

learning and progression essential for

life’s Evolution your prayers resonate

within me I’ve witnessed your heartfelt

tears you are my child and I cherish you

deeply if I could bestow everything upon

you I choose to gift you my unwavering

presence fear not the judgments of

others for I am your Guiding Light

steering you through life slaughtering

my love knows no bounds it isn’t

contingent upon your action

it transcends comprehension stretching

infinitely and eternally your life a

vessel entrusted to your care by me

Bears a mission an obligation to nurture

and protect your journey isn’t solitary

I’ve created a family for you a

community Bound By Faith these Brethren

your siblings shall extend their support

forging a family unified despite

disagreements unified under my love my

pride in your achievements knows no

bounds you’re resilient and destined for

greatness surviving isn’t your fate

thriving is therefore I’ll equip you

with every resource for triumphant

living choose me over the world and I’ll

guide your steps towards fulfilling my

purpose my promise to you never will I

abandon you I’ll remain your unwavering

companion even when you turn away my

profound love yearns to mend the Fishers

in our relationship ship offering a path

to Restoration amidst life’s trials

heavenly father I come before you today

grateful for the gift of your son Jesus

Christ in the moments of my life I seek

his guidance his love and his profound

wisdom to illuminate my path Jesus the

light of the world I open my heart to

you thank you for your unconditional

love and boundless Grace which offers

solace in times of Str struggle and

Jubilation in moments of Triumph your

presence is a Beacon of Hope radiating

warmth and comfort amidst life’s

challenges grant me Lord the strength to

emulate your kindness compassion and

forgiveness in my interactions with

others may I extend the same love and

understanding that you bestowed upon all

Humanity Jesus your teachings inspire me

to embrace humility to love

unconditionally and to walk steady

steadfastly in the path of righteousness

as I navigate the complexities of Life

guide me in embodying your values and

sharing your message of love and

salvation with those around me I

Surrender my worries fears and

uncertainties into your caring hands

knowing that you hold the ultimate power

to provide peace and healing strengthen

my faith Lord so that I may continue to

walk in your light spreading love and

compassion Wherever I Go gracious and

loving father as I come before you today

I am humbled by your presence and the

gift of your son Jesus Christ in the

midst of life’s challenges and joys I

seek the guidance and Grace that only he

can provide Jesus my Savior I am in awe

of your boundless love and sacrifice

your life on Earth serves as a testament

to compassion forgiveness and unwavering

Devotion to humanity I am grateful for

your teachings which resonate deep

within my soul shaping my character and

actions Lord grant me the wisdom to

discern your will and the courage to

follow in the footsteps of Jesus may I

walk in his example extending

kindness understanding and mercy to

those I encounter on my journey Jesus

you are the ultimate source of Hope and

strength I Surrender my worries burdens

and uncertainties to you trusting in

Your Divine Pro idence fill my heart

with your peace and let your comforting

presence be my Guiding Light through

life’s trials help me dear Lord to live

a life that reflects your love and grace

may I share the message of your

salvation with compassion and humility

becoming a Beacon of Hope for those in

need thank you Jesus for your unending

love for your sacrifice and for the

promise of eternal life through faith in

you may your presence continually shape

my thoughts words and deeds gracious and

almighty God I humbly come before you

recognizing your infinite mercy and

boundless love I thank you for the gift

of your beloved Son Jesus Christ whose

life teachings sacrifice and

Resurrection have illuminated our world

with hope Redemption and eternal Grace

Jesus my Savior and Redeemer I stand in

awe of your Selfless Love and

sacrificial offering for Humanity your

life exemplified compassion humility

forgiveness and unwavering Devotion to

fulfilling your father’s will your

teachings echo through time guiding us

towards righteousness and encouraging us

to love one another as you have loved us

Lord Jesus grant me the wisdom to

comprehend the depths of your teachings

and the courage to embody your

principles in my daily life help me

mirror your compassion kindness and

mercy to all those I encounter

irrespective of their circumstances or

differences in moments of Doubt grant me

unwavering faith in your divine plan

when light’s trials seem insurmountable

bestow upon me the strength to endure

reminding me that your presence amidst

adversity is my greatest Solace fill my

heart Jesus with your boundless peace

and abiding Joy guide my steps my

thoughts and my actions

that they may reflect your grace and

exemplify Your Love grant me a spirit of

humility that I may serve others

selflessly just as you did during your

time on Earth Lord I yield my worries

fears and uncertainties to your loving

Embrace trusting in Your Divine

Providence grant me the discernment to

recognize your voice amidst the clamor

of the world and the resolve to heed

your call even when it challenges me

thank you Jesus for the depth of your

love that led you to the cross the

ultimate sacrifice for our Salvation may

your presence be a guiding star leading

me ever closer to you and inspiring me

to live a life pleasing in your sight in

your Holy Name Jesus I offer this prayer

seeking your grace guidance and


love join us on an inspiring Journey

towards greater wisdom and spiritual

fulfillment subscribe to our Channel

today and let’s embark on this

transformative path together

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