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my dear child I come to you with a heart

overflowing with love and a deep desire

to connect with you in this very

moment I see the longing within your

soul for greater success strength and

prosperity and I want you to know that I

am here to bestow these blessings upon

you I want to extend my congratulations

to you for taking firm steps and

approaching me with faith your trust in

me warms my heart and I want you to

understand that I have been watching

over you in every moment of your life I

have shielded you from illnesses and

dangers perhaps even those you are

unaware of if you hold fast to my word

you will witness doors opening and

provision flowing abundantly from the

windows of Heaven open your heart to

Faith not just for this moment but for

all the moments to come for I will

always be with you do not stray onto

Paths of dis obedience and do not let

foolish ideas take root in your mind

your presence here today is not solely

due to my love but also to your

unwavering Faith your belief in my

promises has brought you under the

protective shadow of my grace open your

eyes and come to me daily to hear my

message in this month I will reveal the

special purpose I have for you you are

valuable to me to my work to your family

to your children and to your friends

your heart carries a special Mission but

do not rush into projects without my

guidance consult me before making

decisions for I desire to bless you in

my way do not covet the blessings of

others or imitate their actions I have

prepared unique gifts treasures and

talents specifically for you waiting to


uncovered these blessings are on their

way but you must remain steadfast in my

word and pray presence to receive what

is rightfully yours do not waste your

days comparing yourself to others take

your place and your dreams will come

true your desires will be fulfilled and

your leadership will

prosper I will ignite a desire within

you to live to fight and to work prepare

yourself to conquer the land I have set

before you but embark on this Conquest

with my word in your heart do not take

take a single step without consulting me

for all that is your part will be

achieved with strength and bravery no

matter where you are treat people with

Grace and be an example of love and

simplicity do not chase the fleeting

Fame of this world for it leads to

emptiness do not boast about your

possessions to seek temporary Applause

for true satisfaction comes from me

alone while others may have souls filled

with loneliness and deceit yours will be

filled with my Everlasting Love if I

bestow great blessings upon you do not

flaunt them where envy and danger lurk

do not risk your family for the sake of

false Applause and do not invent titles

for yourself guard your heart for this

is my solemn warning to you you may

choose to ignore me or dismiss my

message but know this my word will be

fulfilled it is planted in your soul and

will not return

empty soon it will Sprout and your life

will change I bless protect and prosper

those who remain loyal to me who do not

ignore or abandon me it is my will that

you prosper in all things just as your

soul prospers through my holy word I do

not ask for the impossible I want to

hear your prayers your repentance and

your desire for

change I am opening your Supernatural

vision and touching your spirit with my

powerful anointing feel my presence I am

here everything I speak to you will come

to pass seek me in my word and ask for

miracles that may seem impossible you

will see that your faith and loyalty

have not been in vain come cry out to me

and I will answer you I will reveal

great and hidden things to you with

powerful blessings that will astonish

you write it down now and declare your

belief in me

this is a month of blessings a month of

prayer it will be a beautiful time of

joy and reflection but I urge you not to

miss a single word of this message this

is a month to hear my word every day so

it is etched in your

soul and comes alive when You Face

problems conflicts threats rumors

attacks and doubts do not fear or be

discouraged for I will always be by your

side to offer my help I am not distant

or hidden if you stumble at any point

your sincere repentance and simple faith

will bring you back to the Blessed path

know that my love is true and my

presence in your life is real you will

never be able to deny it even when

adversity tries to defeat you or

confusion clouds your mind the flame I

have ignited within you will never be

extinguished I love you and you will

always know it I forgive you and offer

you a fresh start these truths are

written and sealed and you will hear

them every morning you have a mission to

fulfill there is no turning back no

sitting idly waiting for someone else to

motivate you I want to reveal to your

heart the significance of My

Sacrifice I gave my life on a cross and

bore all your punishments in my body I

suffered for you in in faith I have come

to take away your guilt so that you no

longer feel defeated you have an

inheritance Ting you in this life I have

blessings and peace in abundance for you

let these words sink deep into your soul

and guide you on your journey I love you

unconditionally and I am with you

always my beloved child I have planted

you in a place of boundless love where

you are to feel loved and protected day

and night regardless of the

circumstances I am uprooting the

loneliness that has taken root in your

heart that Hollow feeling in your

stomach and that ominous sense of

impending doom my glory surrounds you

speaking words of love and sweetness to

heal your wounds to comfort you and to

lift you toward a powerful future do not

weep for those who do not appreciate you

nor reserve a special place in your soul

for those who have caused you pain if

they choose to leave let them go if they

wish to return contemplate it carefully

and exercise caution do not trust just

anyone who opens their arms to you I am

not asking you to live in isolation I

care about your heart and your romantic

life let me orchestrate things in my way

do not rush my decisions or demand

immediate answers learn to Value

yourself recognizing the Holy Spirit

within you guiding Your Heart Like A

Gentle dove

in this emotional message hear the

assurance that you are deeply loved

valued and protected by a higher

power understand that even in

challenging times there’s a source of

strength and love that will never

waver embrace your faith as a powerful

force guiding you through life’s journey

stand strong trust the path set before

you and believe in the promises of a


future when you finally come home to me

in the heavens you will understand the

journey you’ve traveled but for now

experience a taste of heaven right here

on Earth know that my love for you is

boundless brighter than a thousand suns

surrounding you in radiant white

light I long to bless you love you and

protect you trust in me and let me take

care of you your life rests securely in

my hands allow me to arrange the pieces

of your life bringing people into your

path it was never my intention for you

to walk alone burdened by needs or

overwhelmed by fear fear no one do not

cling to Earthly possessions with faith

doors will remain open and even Miracles

are within

reach go and tell each member of your

family that I love them with all my

heart place your hands on their

shoulders look into their eyes and speak

these words God tells you he loves you

and I love you too let tears flow if

they wish without shame today the

Journey of restoration and healing

begins in your home Divine and

Supernatural blessings are drawing near

receive them with gratitude come back

tomorrow I wish to speak to you again

you will hear my voice once more filling

you with peace with my love eagerly

await you your path will be lined with

successes and blessings I have a plan

for you and no opposition can thwart it

you’ve heard the call there’s no need to

scavenge for crumbs your blessings await

and your enemies will flee I am clearing

your path of obstacles and conflicts

seize this moment do not lock yourself

away weeping for a past that is

gone stop yearning for false Embraces

and false loves embrace the sense of

being loved and protected by a super


God I am not asking for material wealth

what touches my heart is your faith and

sincerity you desire change to live life

as it was meant to be lived making the

most of every moment and using your

talents and resources to bless

others here in my presence people will

find the strength to rise again leave

the past behind choose your own destiny

and if you need help know that I am here

to lend you a hand you will no longer

yearn for false loves instead you will

embody love self-control courage and

honesty confront figures from your past

and walk through the fires of previous

trials without fear for I Am by your

side today in my Holy Name face these

challenges and in my Holy Spirit conquer

them tell me with faith that you

believe activate your faith let your

soul resonate with my word and remember

my holy

promises when adversity looms know that

I am with you empowering you to conquer

answer me who is with you the most the

most high God omnipotent the King of

Kings the Lord of lords Majestic in

power and authority empowering you to

conquer I want to hear your voice feel

these words rekindling your faith and

igniting the flame of your desire them

with the ink of Hope and Faith let your

past be a stepping stone not a stumbling

block rise courage you soul for today is

the dawn of your Triumph extend your

hand to me and together we shall walk

toward success and

blessings your chains are shattering and

despair is fading away the torment and

memories that once haunted you are

coming to an

end return tomorrow and I will continue

to pour out living water from the the


rock my holy spirit will fill you and my

love will surround you

supernaturally know that my love for you

knows no bounds and my blessings flow

endlessly over your life your family

your work and your home Embrace this

promise and find peace for I am with you

every day enveloping you in my presence

my Legions of angels watch over you and

my Holy Spirit guides you today to

tomorrow and for all eternity let

distractions fade away and be filled


Tranquility for I am flooding you with

security let words of strength flow from

your lips not just for yourself but for

those around you you are a Wellspring of

fresh holy and Living Water a source of

Hope in the desert Reviving Lost Dreams

have faith for I have the final say and

my diagnosis is perfect in every

situation you face

I will open doors for you and support

you hold on to life and open your heart

to me let it overflow with love for you

were born to live surrounded by my

Divine Light not to dwell in darkness

step into the sunlight there is a light

at the end of the tunnel of Darkness you

are now free from everything that once

held you back despair loneliness

contempt and empty words hold no power

over you anymore do not dwell on the

past f for your soul is pure your mind

is at peace and your heart is ready for

a new life filled with

joy Abundant Blessings are on the

horizon and the windows and doors of

Heaven are wide open because of your

faithfulness prepare yourself to witness

Miracles wonders will unfold before your

eyes my power is manifested in homes

that seek me with humble and grateful

Hearts I do not change I’m constant yes

yesterday today and forever I have a

covenant with you that I will never

break I have given you my Holy Spirit

and I will fill you with Supernatural

gifts I cherish your heart and your

family and I’m pleased with your

attitude and your thankful Spirit your

blessing is approaching swiftly open

your heart to Joy for it will become

your reality the miracle you’ve been

awaiting is on its way have

confidence just as you faced seemingly

insurmountable obstacles before you

shall overcome you are destined for

victory not defeat seek me and know me


deeply in this world there is no love as

pure and immense as mine open your heart

to receive my boundless love and let it

fill you with peace and joy you are not

alone in this journey I am with you

every step of the way guiding you

protecting you and showering you with

blessings embrace my promise prise and

find peace for I Am With You Always

allow my healing forgiveness to envelop

you completely transforming your past

into a promising

future within your soul I am igniting a

fire that will illuminate everyone

around you especially those whom you

cherish deeply observe how their

countenances change when they gaze upon

you the radiance emanating from your

eyes is the potent anointing of my Holy

Spirit bestowed upon you out of Grace

and love immerse yourself in my word

seek me in prayer and as you delve

deeper into this spiritual realm feel an

increasing desire to seek me

more in dreams I shall reveal my will to

you employ this precious gift

responsibly I grant you a glimpse of

Heaven not to boast loudly but to walk

humbly treat others with dignity for

they are your kin

be a genuine and sincere friend and each

time you exhibit love and kindness

towards someone I shall plant a new

Supernatural seed within your soul it

shall flourish abundantly yielding fresh

Miracles healing and

strength witness the beauty when your

family friends and Brethren seek me in

harmony my Holy Spirit cannot dwell

amidst rejection and Perpetual Discord

it saddens me to hear some claim to love

me yet speak ill of others

permit me to work powerful miracles in

your life and respond with faith

kindness patience and

humility always hold a positive view of

others wishing in your heart to employ

these gifts to create greater blessings

know that you deserve the best for the

best is already yours I love you deeply

that is the undeniable truth and this

Sacred Love cannot be rested from you

you you are worthy of the greatest

blessings because my love for you is

boundless and

unchanging this Divine love is a gift

that cannot be taken away from you it

surrounds you uplifts you and guides you

through life’s journey Embrace this love

and let it fill your heart with peace

and joy as you continue to walk in faith

and seek my presence you will experience

the fullness of my love in your life

rest assured that my love for you will

never fade it is an eternal flame that

burns brightly guiding you through every

trial and

Triumph so stand firm in the knowledge

of my love and Let It Be the Anchor that

steadies your soul in the midst of Life

storms of course let me provide more

detail on the boundless love that

surrounds you and how it manifests in

your life imagine this love as a radiant

warm light that envelops you completely

from the depths of your soul to the

outer most reaches of your

being it is a love that knows no bounds

transcending time and space reaching out

to you in every moment of your

existence this love is not just a

passive Force but an active presence in

your life it guides you along your path

nudging you gently in the right

direction when you falter and rejoicing

with you in moments of Triumph it

Whispers words of encouragement to your

heart reminding you of your inherent

worth and

potential in times of darkness and

uncertainty this love is your steadfast

companion shining brightly to dispel the

shadows and illuminate the way forward

it is a source of comfort and Solace

wrapping you in its Embrace and

reassuring you that you are never

alone but this love is not just for your

own benefit it calls you to share its

light with others as you bask in its

warmth you become a vessel of of love

and compassion radiating its healing

energy to those around

you your words and actions become imbued

with kindness and empathy touching the

lives of all who cross your path and as

you journey through life This Love

Remains a constant presence unwavering


unconditional it is a love that knows no

limits no boundaries no end it is the

very essence of your existence the

foundation upon on which you build your

life so Embrace this boundless love dear

one and let it guide you protect you and

fill you with its infinite

grace for in its embrace you will find

true peace joy and fulfillment now and

for all eternity certainly let’s delve

it deeper into the nature of this

boundless love that surrounds

you this love is like a gentle yet

powerful current that flows through the

fabric of the universe connecting all

living beings in a web of divine

compassion it is the very essence of

existence itself the creative force that

breathes life into every living

thing at its core this love is pure and

unconditional transcending human

understanding and Earthly


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