A Cry for Compassion: Abandoned Pooch Left with a Diaper Bag and a Plea.3nlinh


Having a paralyzed dog or cat is not simple for any pet owner due to their specific demands, and sadly, many crippled animals are abandoned by their owners. Lunita was one of these dogs, abandoned on the streets of Salta, Argentina, but her story is one of hope and love.

Lunita, a sweet little dog, was discovered lying face down on the pavement, tied to a rail near a dog grooming establishment. Her hind legs were connected to a rusty wheelchair, and next to her lay a bag of diapers and a letter with her name, age, and a heartbreaking explanation. Her previous owners couldn’t keep her and left her without food or drink.

Fortunately, a compassionate dog grooming staff member noticed Lunita’s plight and immediately contacted the rescue group LUBA Salta. Two dedicated volunteers rushed to her aid, checking her health and taking her into their care.

Lunita was brought to a shelter and eventually placed with a loving foster family. The volunteers shared her story on Facebook in the hopes of finding her a forever home. It wasn’t long before a compassionate family from the U.S. reached out and offered Lunita a permanent home.

However, despite their good intentions, things did not go well for Lunita in her new home. The family struggled to care for a disabled dog, resulting in Lunita contracting a severe staphylococcal illness. It took immense effort and medical care to nurse her back to health.

Thankfully, another U.S. family stepped in and welcomed Lunita into their home. With their support and her newfound health, Lunita blossomed into one of the happiest dogs anyone had ever seen. She played with her doggie sister, moved around with a custom-built wheelchair, enjoyed trips to the park, played in the snow, and even celebrated birthdays.

Tragically, just a month after celebrating her 11th anniversary, Lunita fell ill and had to be rushed to the ICU at University Medical Hospital. She fought valiantly for her life but, surrounded by her loved ones, she peacefully passed away.

“I will never forget her and how much she meant to me,” Lunita’s mom posted on Facebook. “She impacted my life forever. I loved her so much.”

Lunita’s journey was one of resilience and love, and her last year of life was undoubtedly the best. Let us remember and honor this incredible dog. Share her story with your friends and keep her in your thoughts. Rest in peace, dear Lunita!

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